Why Microwave Popcorn Is An Absolute Health Nightmare

If you or person you know is calm eating microwave popcorn, listen up ! I can ’ t tell you how many countless times I used to eat microwave popcorn when I worked in an office. My co-workers would buy one of those packs from the vending machine in the pause room and pop that chump right into the microwave and the unharmed shock would smell DELICIOUS ! I precisely couldn ’ t avail myself. It was the one thing in the peddle machine that constantly had to be refilled week after week – way before the cold peanuts .
I ’ m so gladiolus I stopped that habit, when I finally gave up my use of microwaves, because let me tell you, this material is atrocious for your health and here ’ second why…

The Bag

The bag about all microwave popcorn varieties come in is lined with perfluorooctanoic acidic ( PFOA ). This chemical is the same toxic stuff found in teflon pots and pans. It can stay in the environment and in the human torso for retentive periods of time. This chemical when heated has been linked to sterility, cancer and other diseases in lab animals. No long term studies have been conducted on humans, but the EPA lists this message as a carcinogen .

The Contents

hera ’ s a snapshot of several popular popcorn brands and the ingredients they contain .
Popular Popcorn Brands
even though there are no sources of genetically modified popcorn kernels being produced ( that ’ s saved for other varieties of corn ), there are respective other GMO ingredients in the mannequin of oil or emulsifiers to be found in these popcorn flavors. GMOs have never been tested long term on human beings and are linked to a skid of health issues that are rising in this country. All of these brands do not use organic corn either, so you can be sure they contain harmful pesticides .
Brands like PopSecret and Jolly Time still use trans fat, which is considered one of the most deadly fats available because it is associated with 20,000 kernel attacks a class and over 7,000 deaths according to the CDC .
Proply Gallate that is found in PopSecret is one of those ingredients that ’ randomness being phased out in the rest of the worldly concern, but hush being used here for a preservative in food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It ’ south linked to all sorts of health issues like skin rashes, stomach issues and breathing problems .
TBHQ that is found in Smart Balance, stands for “ Tertiary Butylhydroquinone. ” It ’ s a dead giveaway that you shouldn ’ thyroxine be eating this, if food companies have to use an acronym for a long chemical name on the ingredient pronounce .
TBHQ is a chemical made from butane ( a very toxic gas ) and can only be used at a pace of 0.02 percentage of the entire petroleum in a product. Why is there a terminus ad quem to this ? possibly because eating only 1 gram of this toxic preservative has been shown to cause all sorts of issues, from ADHD in children, to asthma, allergies and dermatitis to dizziness and even has caused stomach cancer in lab animals .
Limiting TBHQ to a certain share, is the lapp logic the FDA made when allowing a product to still contain 0.5 grams of transfat and be labeled “ transfat free. ” If you are consuming processed foods, eating at fast food restaurants or chains that use processed foods you are consuming an clog of preservatives and other chemicals. The collection of eating all these different preservatives and man-made chemicals at once has not been studied by the food companies or the FDA for base hit .

The Hidden Ingredients

even though natural flavors and artificial flavors are listed on the component label of microwave popcorn, we have no way of knowing what ’ s actually in these ingredients. Food manufacturers won ’ triiodothyronine order you and they hide things in there like MSG, oregonian ’ south anal glands and diacetyl butter flavoring. What ’ sulfur so wrong with a little moment of artificial butter season ? Well a batch. This stuff is seriously toxic, which forced Conagra Foods to remove it from their Act branded Microwave popcorn recently because it causes lung issues in workers. This component is besides linked to brain issues which cause Alzheimer ’ sulfur Disease besides. Dr. Mercola reports :
“ Researchers conducting test-tube studies revealed that diacetyl has respective concerning properties for mind health. not lone can it pass through the blood-brain barrier, which is intended to help keep toxins out of your mind, but it can besides cause brain proteins to misfold into the Alzheimer ’ s-linked phase known as beta amyloid. It besides inhibits mechanisms that help to naturally clear the dangerous beta amyloid from your brain. 1
It ’ mho not known at this time whether eating diacetyl-containing foods ( it ’ s used not entirely in microwave popcorn but besides in other nosh foods, baked goods, favored foods, some debauched foods and other food products ) increases your risk of Alzheimer ’ sulfur, but the find that it may contribute to brain plaques linked to Alzheimer ’ randomness at identical first gear concentrations is concerning, to say the least. “
Orville Redenbacher ’ s label explicitly says they do not use this flavorer anymore, but there are popcorn varieties that still do, so watch out, if you see the words “ artificial flavor ” on the label of any refined food, back up far away !

Make Your Own (It Takes 5 mins!)

Making your own popcorn from scratch is therefore easy and you can avoid all of these health pitfalls. If you need to take some to the office or where ever you are going ( like sneaking it into the movie theater ), I recommend making it in advance and throwing it in a reclaimable udder .
This recipe takes 5 mins. The extra 2 minutes ( over microwave popcorn ) is clock decidedly worth committing to .
I call this recipe “ Superfood Popcorn ” because it contains three perplex ingredients :

  • Coconut oil that is great for your metabolism
  • Hemp seeds that are full of omega 3 fatty acids
  • Red palm oil that contains the highest amounts of vitamins A and E of any plant-based oil

I have to say, the red decoration petroleum took this popcorn from about an 9 to an 11 on a scale from 1 to 10. It looks and tastes like delectable comforting butter ( and the color matches that movie theatre popcorn without all the add chemical ingredients ). besides, the add texture of the cannabis seeds combined with sea salt is thus beneficial and crunchy .
I made a bowling ball of this last week and it was celestial ! It ’ s badly amazing – I can ’ thyroxine delay to hear your reports .
Please note bolshevik handle anoint is different from palm kernel oil ( that is grown in SouthEast Asia and killing orangutans ). red palm vegetable oil comes from Ecuador and harvested sustainably. Dr. Oz does a great job of explaining the deviation between red palm yield oil and decoration kernel oil here if you ’ d like to learn more .
Food Babe ‘s Superfood Popcorn Print Prep time 5 mins Cook meter

5 mins total time 10 mins writer :

Food Babe

Serves :



  • ¼ cup dry popcorn kernels
  • 1 and ½ teaspoon coconut oil
  • 2 tsp red palm oil
  • 1 tbsp hempseed ground
  • ¼ tsp celtic sea salt


  1. In a pot, stir together coconut oil and popcorn kernels and heat pot on stove to high
  2. Cover pot with lid and let popcorn pop until you hear less popping per second
  3. Once popcorn is done popping, remove from pot into a bowl
  4. Using a blender or food processor, blend hempseed and salt until fine
  5. Top popcorn with melted red palm oil and hempseed salt mixture

Notes ***Please buy all organic ingredients if potential. *** 3.4.3177

And by the way, it ’ s pretty amazing the chief executive officer of Nutiva John Roulac, would say outright in a news program interview that the end goal for his ship’s company is to see “ Monsanto go bankrupt ” – I love voting with my dollars to support him and his party .
If you know person who is however consuming microwave popcorn, please do your function and share this post with them – particularly if they are your co-workers 🙂 Together we are changing the means our families and friends feed and I love that !
Hooray to healthy popcorn !
Food baby
P.S. Check out this hilarious interview I did on CNN stopping point weekend about trans fats, popcorn and Funyuns. Being on the Don Lemon Show with Alexa Towersey was so fun ! Don was a riot. When you watch it, you ’ ll see what I mean.

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