Can Diabetics Eat Popcorn?

Popcorn is one of liveliness ‘s little nosh pleasures — after all, who could imagine going to see a snap without stopping by the nosh buffet for a small bucket ? While people with diabetes should try to avoid the highly salted and buttery versions, popcorn can distillery be safely incorporated into the diabetic diet.


Popcorn has high roughage and a low glycemic load compared to many other nosh foods, so a long as it is consumed in easing it makes a healthy summation to the diabetic diet.

Nutritional Content of Popcorn

Like any solid grain reservoir of carbohydrate, air-popped and unrefined popcorn is an excellent informant of nutrients for individuals with diabetes. Most “ light ” popcorns contain 80 to 100 calories and 3 grams of character per serving. Because it is made from corn, which is a solid grain, popcorn does not impact blood sugar levels vitamin a dramatically as other sugary nosh foods. In fact, one serve of popcorn has a glycemic warhead that is 2 to 4 times lower than other nosh foods, such as raisins, whole wheat flour crackers, or potato chips.

The Diabetic Portion Size of Popcorn

According to the American Diabetes Association, one diabetic part size of popcorn equals 3 cups of crop up popcorn, or approximately 15 grams of carbohydrates. Because individuals with diabetes can consume between 15 and 30 grams of carbohydrate for snacks, no more than two servings or 6 cups of popcorn should be consumed at one clock time. Most individual, 1 ounce bags of microwave popcorn bags contain approximately 21 grams of carbohydrate, making these portions perfect for individuals with diabetes.

Choosing the Right Popcorn

Individuals with diabetes must be mindful of the type of popcorn they consume because many versions have added fats, sugars and salts. When selecting popcorn at the grocery store, individuals should inspect the nutrition labels for sum fat, trans fat, boodle and sodium. entire adipose tissue and added sugars should be limited vitamin a much as potential, and ideally there should be no trans fat listed on the pronounce. sodium should be kept below 150 milligrams per service because this is 10 % of the recommend daily sodium inhalation.

Giving Popcorn Flavor

Most people add spirit to popcorn by dousing it in salt and butter ; however, these practices are not conducive to management of diabetes, weight or blood pressure. alternatively, individuals with diabetes may flavor their popcorn by spritzing it with butter-flavored spray or olive petroleum. They can besides add garlic or onion powderize to give it a kick without all of the extra strategic arms limitation talks. For those who enjoy kettle corn, sprinkling on a teaspoon of powderize sugar-free sweetening such as stevia can satisfy that sugared crave without all the sugar.

Sample Snack Foods

For a light up popcorn bite, individuals with diabetes can eat a 100-calorie bag of low-fat popcorn. They can besides grab a one-serving bag of the “ light ” kettle popcorn if it is made with an artificial bait. For a completely non-processed bite, diabetics can pop their own bracing popcorn and season it with garlic and onion gunpowder.