slime care

slime care

Here you will find information and helpful tips on caring for your slime!

How do I fix my sticky slime?

Every order includes either a borax packet or a bottle of “ spritz ”. If you purchased and/or received a bottle of “ spritz ” in your order, you can skip to the star steps below !

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1 ) put sludge into a refrigerator while making your activator solution .
2 ) Boil 1 cup of water .
3 ) Add entire borax packet into the body of water, stimulate until dissolved and the liquid is clear. Be cautious when using borax, it is a chemical that can be dangerous if consumed ! Wash your hands before and after handling and only habit with pornographic supervision !
4 ) Allow concoction to cool to avoid burning your hands ! This solution can be stored in a container for later use. Keep out of reach of children and DO NOT DRINK !

*Now it ‘s time to revive your sludge ! Remove the slime from the refrigerator. Keep the awkward sludge in it ‘s container to avoid mess. Add about one half teaspoon of activator to your sludge and knead. Continue adding activator and massage until the texture is smooth and your slime is no longer sticky ! Make certain not to add besides much activator or overactivate your slime !

*Ta-daa your slime is angstrom full as new ! overtime sludge will inescapably become awkward, so save your activator to fix it when it does !

How do I fix my hard or overactivated slime?

If your sludge is overactivated the best way to fix it without changing the texture is to simply wait. Slime naturally melts over time but you can speed up the process by placing it near a heater or in a warm area !

If you do n’t want to wait for your sludge to melt, the best thing to add is glue ! Add glue one teaspoon at a time and massage. This will make the sludge less hard, while entirely mildly changing the overall texture. Make certain to never add opaque glue to a clear slime, or it will no long be clear ! alternatively, adding unclutter glue will preserve the clarity while fixing the hardness .

helpful tip : Some shops tell their buyers to microwave their slime to make it less hard. I never recommend microwaving slime. All microwaves are different and exposing sludge to radiation can be dangerous. There is no way to predict how the sludge will react ! Stay safe and please DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR slime !

helpful tip off : many slimers recommend adding lotion to sludge. however, I do n’t. Lotion “ waters ” down the consistency of sludge and changes the texture. It may act as a irregular solution but personally, I do n’t recommend it .

How do I fix bead fallout in my slime?

Often times, drop side effect happens because your sludge is simply overactivated. If you think your slime is overactivated ( very intemperate and non-stretchy ) consult to the instructions above on fixing overactivated sludge .

Another campaign of bead fallout is dried sludge. This is normally a resultant role of overact.

Other possibilities include: that the lid wasn’t tightened properly or the slime dried out in transit. 

To fix your dried slime, add glue !

Add glue one teaspoon at a time and knead. This will make the slime less hard while only mildly changing the overall texture! Make sure to never add opaque glue to a clear slime, or it will no longer be clear! Instead, adding clear glue will preserve the clarity while fixing the hardness.

Why is n’t my open slime clear anymore ?

Unfortunately, clear slime loses it’s clarity over time. Exposing the slime to dirt (on your hands or surface) will make the slime foggy. This is why it is so important to wash your hands and surface before playing with slime! The better care you take of your clear slime, the longer it will remain clear!

Another reason why clear slime won’t look clear is because it is bubbly! Throughout play, air is incorporated into the slime which is the cause of all the little bubbles! Putting the slime aside to sit without being touched for 2-3 days will allow for the bubbles to rise and pop, therefore making the slime clear again!