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Cook | San Tan Valley, AZ | Sep 4, 2016 severe party boss, disorganized and ineffective work environment

I started working for Pizza Hut in March of 2015 as a cook. Since then, I have always done cook and prep. Every single cook in the kitchen has been trained by me and I have trained people on prep as well.
A typical day at work:

I’ll show up at midday. If my manager is scheduled for 10:15, she’ll show up some time closer to 12 and then pretend she forgot to clock herself in. I come inside, my GM says “Hello, how are you?” like clockwork. I tell her “hey”. We do this every day, and if I do not complete the ritual, she gets very upset.

I clock in, making sure to write down my time because I don’t want my manager to “fix” my hours.

I begin my shift and help complete the sauce and cheese list (pre-made pizzas before the evening rush). During this time period, if I am with the GM’s sister or her friend (both are employees), they will take regular smoke breaks ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours, often without letting me know. Because of this, the sauce and cheese rarely gets finished.

My GM will typically FaceTime on her iPhone at her desk, use Skype, browse Facebook, gossip, and look at “memes” on her phone (I’m completely serious). She pretends to stay busy, often by moving desktop icons and typing out the manager log for periods of time that are obscenely longer than they should actually take. She does this while reminding us that we are strictly forbidden from using our phones or wasting time during our sh


Smoke breaks?


General Manager


output Worker | South Padre Island, TX | Mar 29, 2019 Worked over 3 years at SPI Pizza Hut

First off, the company cuts a lot of hours so we hardly have enough help during the busiest months at SPI (which is March-August). Because of this, one person is usually expected to do about 4-5 jobs at once, and they probably won’t get out until around 3am on most nights if they’re closing. There’s hardly any opportunity to make overtime hours either because they hire just enough people to be able to continuously rotate shifts so that everyone CAN’T get a lot of hours to begin with.

Secondly, there’s A LOT of traffic during holidays and most of the summer, so there’s going to be a ton of orders that might be +2hrs late. Plus, the company usually only puts 2-3 drivers for the dozens of deliveries that go out. We also have no control how the delivery and pickup times are shown online, so it may show only a 30min delivery time online when, in reality, it may take about as long as I said previously. Customers will have no idea about this either, so they will call to complain about it and expect discounts, refunds, and/or free orders. The call center who also takes our orders for us, over the phone, will tell the time that it says online, unknowingly lying to customers about our store’s delivery times.

Thirdly, our credit card system is whack because if a customer orders over the phone and wants to pay with a card you have to use regular credit card machines to type it out which might not sound so bad except it only shows the last digit you typed and since it’s over the ph


Nice coworkers, tips for drivers


Lots of cleanup, late hours, opportunities to make overtime limited, worker shortage


Customer Service Representative | Longmont, CO | Jun 24, 2014 severe work, atrocious pay !

I was working at pizza hut as a customer service rep, answering phones, running the front area and greeting the customers.
My General Manager was very rude and unprofessional.
She had no work ethic and was very lazy most of the day and she put all the work on me even if there were 15 other crew members in the kitchen.
On a regular day, I was supposed to be mainly responsible for answering phones and greeting customers, serving their food and dropping wings but on a regular day at THEIR kitchen I was responsible for helping the person making the pizzas (Cause no one else would help)
Putting them in the oven, cutting them, dropping wings, saucing the wings that were cooked, answering the phones and taking orders, serving food and taking orders for the Dine-In guest, checking bathrooms and cleaning tables every hour, cleaning dishes cause no one else would during dine-in rushes and I almost never had cleaned cups, silverware, pizza spatulas or plates for the guests even if my shift just began, before leaving home, I was responsible for cleaning the entire front, both bathrooms, and folding silverware but there was someone who was there before me who did nothing so I had to clean the mess that was building up from the morning when pizza hut opened to the night when it was time for me to leave (Which was a pretty big mess).
ALSO, The GM put me through a lot there and only paid me 7.89! I was getting paid the lowest out of everyone in the kitchen but doing managers duties mos




No breaks, No helpful faculty


shift Leader | Eagle, ID | Jun 10, 2012 Working at Pizza Hut I discovered that I could challenge myself with day by day goals at bring it was gratifying and rewarding.

Opening store and making sure all food and dough prep was ready for revenue for the day. When closing I was responsible for cash drawer counts, night deposit, inventory count done nightly done also. Answered phones, took customer orders entered them into the computer system correctly. I then made the customers order properly and efficiently when pizza came out of the oven I cut up the slices according to the pizza size and placed the order in a delivery bag with the correct ticket or served the customers in the dining room or counter. Supervised 5 employees on the weekends when we had more customers. (4-delivery drivers / 1 cook / 1 waiter-counter employee) My manager and area manager went out of town and left me in charge of the store for 4 days. I managed and maintained an orderly, efficient, high spirited, and genuinely content, Pizza Hut crew. I also was responsible for dishes, keeping vegetables cut/stocked and also to maintain a well stocked prep table for the cook. I was also responsible for making pizza sauce, pasta sauce, and dough proofing. The toughest part of my job at Pizza Hut was having to deal with customers and try to resolve their complaints or issues while trying to manage store operations also. I felt inadequate at times because I felt I didn’t have enough time to deal with each customers issue or complaint properly. When I was scheduled to work alone during the first half of the day I felt like I was not meeting my personal standards of customer care beca


free personal pan pizza for 8hrs worked, good tips, had reward cards we would use to recognize each others achievements and abilities, for which we received prizes


being only person working on a busy day cooking, counter, tables, phones, cutting, and packaging delivery orders also, my hourly pay was less than minimum wage and i had to work twice as many hours to pay bills


senior Shift Leader | Lewisville, NC | Mar 23, 2021 Middle world

So been with the company for 8 years and Pizza Hut its self wasn’t too much who I dealt with but the franchise I am apart of does get included in the fun and competitions they do. But I believe it’s been a great job from the beginning. Started as a driver at 19 with nothing better to do, and it was great, not as great as it is now, but it was a fun job. ALWAYS understaffed. Practically trained to deal with understaffing while being told to dream about being staffed like Chick-fil-A. As an employee it’s not bad. As long as you’re staffed. If understaffed, and on a time limit, not the job for you. Always expect to work later if you’re a good worker, and a good helper. There are always things to be done, so if you need the time stay busy and you can get your time. But if you’re part time make sure you make that known big time or you will be taken advantage of. As management you can see two different sides. Under staffed and made to do everything on one side. But on the other you can be set with a great manager who provides staff or they help themselves. All management positions are part time as well so if your store is staffed be okay in other positions, or request less ours so you only work as management. Management/drivers have all the love in the company. They are who make the company live. As a driver mainly dishes and wingstreet, but learning to do everything will and can result in UNLIMITED hours. I would work someone 24/7 if they can and were willing to do everything just


Great benefits. Great teams. Fun environment


Limited hours. Manipulation. Stress. Little help.


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Driver | Joliet, IL | Apr 1, 2020 They ‘re not into protecting assets

My daily routine usually starts by clocking in and retrieving $20 in change for customers while I am on deliveries. If there is no deliveries, I keep myself busy by doing dishes, folding boxes, or finding something to clean. When the deliveries start rolling in, I stay on and off the road for a few hours, taking orders on the phone and helping customers with transactions at the counter.

When the rush starts, employees seem to slow down, and I am left looking for missing food items for my delivery. Employees rarely stick around long enough to master their position, so I am often stuck picking up slack which Includes dropping wings in the fryer, running to the cooler to get cookies, and breadsticks to put in the oven. This has been a normal everyday occurrence for the 2+ years i have been employed here.

Other drivers do not seem to care about their in-store duties. There is often too many drivers, and not enough deliveries, which leads to drivers standing around and chatting while I’m trying to remain busy by doing dishes.

After three to four hours into my shift, the manager begins to send drivers home. I am the closing driver 5 days a week, so when all drivers are gone I am left with the entire night of dishes. It is a nuisance, but it makes the night go by faster.

The cook’s make frequent trips outside to smoke while I am left inside alone. When orders come on the screen i am left preparing while the phone is ringing, leaving customers to hang up or wait until


Server | Caldwell, TX | Jul 9, 2013 Dine-In Pizza Hut

I worked at a dine in/carry-out Pizza Hut. We had buffet Mon- Fri from 11am-4pm, not on weekends or at night. When you come into work, and business is flowing you get sat a table, and the person who sat them usually gets their drink order, as you prepare the drinks the table ordered you give them time to look over the menu, yes its a pizza place but pizza hut also serves wings and sandwiches, pasta, salad, and we have different appetizers just like any other restaurant, so taking the drinks to the table introduce yourself by name and let the table know that you are their waitress, ask if they are ready to order or if they need some more time if they say they need more time ask if they have any questions about specials y’all may be running, and trust me there are ALWAYS specials “Tuesday kids eat free” “Wild Wing Wednesday” you get the picture. Everyone wants to save a little money so I’m sure they will appreciate that. Once they are ready take there order and put it in the computer under “dine-in” and it will pop up for the cooks to make in the back, take the food, refill the drinks, see to the tables every need, and this goes for all you’re tables. You also have people calling and making to-go orders so you have to take over the phone orders as well. Waiting tables is a fast paced occupation, so you have to remember to stay focused and organized and you’ll be fine, and ALWAYS be friendly. After you’re off the floor which means you don’t get sat tables anymore you clean your


Server | Afton, WY | Jun 13, 2017 trial By fire

While almost all of the staff were very friendly and kind, I was being asked to do far too much for the very little they were paying me. Pizza Hut, at least in a quiet small town, will give you as few hours as humanly possible, but the hours you work are a strain on the body and mind. You’re an expendable warm body to corporate, which is expected.

I started to have panic attacks about going to work though because I was being expected to make very few mistakes and I was making a lot because they didn’t even teach me all of the things I needed to do. I had to persistently ASK to be given the paid official​ food safety and wait training courses (neither of which were comprehensive on required duties), which I wound up getting almost a full month into my employment. After that point, I still didn’t know every important detail that only experienced staff could know (the pump labeled Sriracha is for marinara, the broccoli and cauliflower are mislabeled on the map for the salad bar, etc.) and I was actually yelled at for not realizing that I didn’t know something that I wasn’t aware of at all. Most of the managers and shift leaders were kind about correcting my mistakes, but one in particular had their patience worn thin by being overworked and occasionally wound up taking it out on inexperienced hires, as well as leaving petty passive-aggressive notes around the workplace.

Additionally, there was mandated corporate “fun” like having to go in on your day off to participate​


Short shifts, many days off a week (usually), mostly kind staff


Lack of training, no free meals (not even soda), mistake orders have to be thrown away, corporate “fun” and “motivation”, shifts are widely varied from day to day, inconsistent hours, if understaffed you may be the only worker, miserable foot and leg pain, occasional insufferable customers, occasional workplace drama


Delivery Driver | Sulphur, LA | Feb 18, 2018 awful pay with few benefits ; poor management ; and ungrateful customers, coworkers, and managers

Not really the worst job I’ve ever had, but it’s pretty abysmal. It’s difficult to put into words how a company can mess up this badly.

A typical day of work for a delivery driver involves clocking in to find the morning crew hasn’t done the dishes, so the evening and closing crew have to deal with it. This wouldn’t be nearly as bad if most orders weren’t deliveries, but they are. Very often, you’ll find that one or more drivers and other crew members have called in, so this means you have to pick up the slack. God save you if you’re a closing driver and end up closing with only one other crew member, the manager.

Working as a delivery driver at Pizza Hut, I learned that competent management and a competent crew are both very essential parts of a store. Every team member is important; they’re just important in different ways.

The workplace culture is lacking in professionalism in both the good and bad ways. This aspect of working at Pizza Hut is actually very difficult to accurately describe. It somehow manages to be simultaneously laid-back and highly stressful. There are high sales volumes, so there’s that stress, but there’s also lots of personal drama that gets dragged into work, where it doesn’t belong. At the same time, because it’s laid-back, there are many opportunities for camaraderie among coworkers. I made many friends and enemies working at Pizza Hut, and at times before my store manager was let go, I felt like I had a family in Pizza Hut. Then again, bec


Free pizza, some cool coworkers, you get to be the fabled “delivery guy.”


Poor management, too laid back where it matters, poor work hours, poor pay, a high chance of being let down by coworkers, being generally unappreciated, being utterly replaceable, wear and tear on your vehicle, the call center is really bad at their job, personal drama in a professional setting


Delivery Driver | Laguna Hills, CA | Aug 29, 2020 Undertrained, Understaffed, and Uncaring

● Work-life balance
Work-life balance at Pizza Hut was a strain because of the constant, less than 24 hour, change in work scheduling.

● Pay & benefits
My pay and benefits at Pizza Hut were not what I was hoping for the amount of self motviated work, pride, and effort I put into this store. On many occasions I would take it upon myself to do most of what the store would need to take 3-4 in-store employees to be doing to keep the store running at a decent rate.

● Job security and advancement
In terms of job security at Pizza Hut, I think they were willing to hire everyone and anyone. Because of the constant turn around rate they are not picky about their applied candidates. Unfortunately the new hires I encountered during my employment took advantage of the laid back work culture and became just as unenthused about the quality of work they performed as the rest of the employees. I saw this store lose the best performing, dedicated, and reliable employees because of the growing rate of unprofessional, uncaring, and lazy employees and management. You can work here, sit in the back of the office and do just about nothing until you absolutely have to (until closing) and keep your job.

● Management
In general, managers at Pizza Hut were slothful. They cared very little about the quality of presentation of customers orders, cleanliness of the store, equality of work/tasks distributed amongst workers, proper training, and upholding Pizza Huts’ ethics and policies.

● Culture


Jefe de equipo | La Florida, Región Metropolitana | Dec 3, 2018 Pesimo lugar de trabajo

Pizza Hut fue el peor trabajo que tuve.
Pésimo lugar de trabajo, cero compañerismo, ningún apoyo de los jefes, malos tratos constantes entre trabajadores, hay gente que da asco como persona, en el turno de apertura, siempre insultando al resto, gritándole a los demás trabajadores, escapándose del lugar de trabajo y reclamando por que las mandan a trabajar, y no hacen nada en el local, los jefes mediante esta situación no hacen nada, a veces se dedican a dormir en el local, pasan echados o sentados comiendo por ahí, no respetan horario de salida ni la colación de los trabajadores, ni mucho menos dan permiso o no dejan cambiar los días libres si es que uno tiene un trámite, el local tiene serios problemas con su infraestructura, fugas de gas, plaga de moscas, mosquitos y cucarachas, máquinas antiguas en pésimo estado y pésima limpieza, además varias de ellas han explotado, ponen en riesgo la vida de los trabajadores, muchos trabajadores se han terminado quemando por esto y no hacen absolutamente nada al respecto ni cambian las maquinas, además siempre falta algo o algún ingrediente para los pedidos, en los días calurosos prácticamente es un sauna, no hay aire acondicionado, no dan uniforme nuevo ni de recambio, los mismos trabajadores se comen los ingredientes de los productos del cliente, los reclamos son por “esos pocos ingredientes”, las pizzas quemadas (problema del horno viejo y en mal estado que tienen), los
productos fríos y añejos que entregan, y las pizzas todas gra




Todo en ese local es horrible


Server | Milton Keynes | Mar 4, 2020

hapless pay and management at westcroft Pizza Hut

The interview process goes as follows; when you apply there is an online test asking you what you would do in certain situations whilst at work in Pizza Hut then if they get you to come in for a face to face interview they have the answers you put printed out and they go through them with you, they ask you standard questions such as why do you think you’d be good for this job and what could you bring to the team. they also asked me personal questions such as if I have any siblings. Now.. they had about a 2-3 week unpaid trial, here you are doing lots of computer work and test. on certain tests you had to get 100% to pass and move on (don’t worry you get as many tries as it takes) and then you will learn how to take customers from the door to their table, how to clean up after customers had left, how to restock the salad bar, fill up the ice cream machine and lastly how to do the tills and take orders. The pay here is minimum wage I was 15 at the time so I was getting payed £4.35 and they pay you every 2 weeks so if you are working part time maybe 16 hours a week you would be getting £69.60 a week so £139.20 (two weeks). the hours are very inconstantly their isn’t days that you come in every single week. it is random each week so one week you could be working 20 hours or more then the next week you only have 4 hours so you’ll find that your pay will fluctuate A LOT which is not ideal. on my last week I only got payed £30 for two weeks bare in mind so I had no choice but to lea