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With more and more options of pizza crusts popping up at restaurants, it ‘s only natural that one would question what flour do you use for pizza dough. While the type of flour chosen depends on the dash of pizza you ‘d ultimately like to end up with, each flour does have unique traits that can help you create the pizza of your dreams .
Whether you ‘re an at-home pizza enthusiast or a restaurant owner wanting to stay on top of the latest and greatest pizza trends, this pizza flour template will help you decide which pizza dough ingredients to test out on your adjacent bake gamble .
To start, let ‘s talk about gluten .


What Flour Do You Need For Making Pizza? | Bob's Red Mill Blog

When deciding the pizza dough ingredients that will create the perfect pizza for you, it ‘s incredibly significant to understand the differences of each flour. There are versatile flours you can use for pizza dough including All-Purpose Unbleached White Flour, Cake and Pastry Flour, Artisan Bread Flour, Spelt Flour, Cassava Flour and Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour. Each flour creates a different texture, which is dependent on the sum of gluten in the blend. Cake and pastry flour have a low gluten capacity, while early flours like our Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour are completely loose of any gluten. Some flours, like bread flour and general-purpose flour, have a high gluten content. The texture of your pizza dough is normally associated with the sum of gluten found in the flour as gluten creates a stable texture, making it one of the crucial ingredients of pizza dough .
Gluten, a protein normally found in wheat, creates elasticity when wet and is what gives dough its stretchable and chewy consistency. Gluten, with the help of fermented yeast, is besides what helps create the gas needed for the dough to rise. When the dough is kneaded, carbon paper dioxide is released, allowing the boodle to rise. All in all, gluten is what creates that chewy texture in many bread products. This is why most general-purpose flours contain high amounts of gluten, so they can make delicious chewy bread while cake and pastry flours contain less gluten to create a more light and aired baked dear .
now, let ‘s dive into the two most normally use flours for making pizza dough, general-purpose flour and bread flour .

All-Purpose Flour

While general-purpose flour can be used for just about anything, it ‘s a great flour to use when trying to achieve a thin pizza crust. This is because general-purpose flour does not contain as much gluten as other types of flour. Due to its lower gluten content, when it is used along with early pizza dough ingredients, the boodle wo n’t rise ampere high as boodle containing a set of gluten. other things to remember when using general-purpose flour as an component of pizza boodle is that at times it may be harder to stretch out compared to other flours because it tends to tear more easily .
What type of pizza to use it for :
general-purpose flour is one of the best flour for pizza. It is normally used to create thin New York stylus crusts, Neopolitan-style pizza, and deep-dish pizza crusts .
Our general-purpose flour recommendation : Al-Purpose Unbleached White Flour
impertinently milled from certified organic, hard red wheat, this premium organic general-purpose bake flour is perfect for baking delicious pizza crusts. Its high-quality pale yellow flour is unbleached and unenriched and has no potassium bromate added .

Bread Flour

The second most common type of flour used when making pizza boodle, and most people ‘s go-to for homemade pizza dough is boodle flour. Bread flour has a higher amount of gluten and protein than general-purpose flour. The gamey gluten content in this flour creates a very integrated dough allowing for stretching and rising. This structure creates a thick, soft and highly downy boodle with crisp edges. Bread flour is besides a fortune easier to handle than most flours, as the gluten stretches without tearing. It is significant to note that because of the high gluten capacity, pizza boodle made with bread flour can much be incredibly “ bouncy ” and try to bounce back to shape after being stretched out. A beneficial topple is to stretch your dough an inch or so more than the recipe calls for. This way, when you place the stretched boodle on your baking sheet, it will spring bet on to the perfect size .
What type of pizza to use it for :
Bread flour is much used when you want a chewier result. It works bang-up for thin-crust pizza vitamin a well to create a crisp crust on the outside, that is chewy on the inside.

Our boodle flour recommendation : Artisan Bread Flour
A high-quality protein flour, milled from America ‘s highest quality wheat, our Artisan Bread Flour is a darling among craftsman bakers when making pizza dough !

Flours to Use for Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

What Flour Do You Need For Making Pizza? | Bob's Red Mill Blog
Almond Flour is our go-to when creating a gluten-free pizza boodle. Since it is a sanely easy flour to cook with, it ‘s great for first time gluten exempt bakers. Almond flour is besides a low-carb choice making it a authentic choice when baking keto recipes. The high-fat content and low-density of the flour may call for a different proportion than traditional wheat flour recipes ; because of this, we recommend sticking to a hear and true Almond Flour Pizza Crust Recipe, before attempting to make one from incision .
There are versatile pizza boodle ingredient substitutes you can use to make up for the lack of gluten in the flour, like adding a sting of whey protein to the recipe. This will help ensure that your pizza dough retains its structure and does not break or crack when being stretched. Combining the almond flour with a lighter flour like buckwheat flour will besides help add relish and structure of the dough .
Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix is a great choice when choosing a flour to make gluten free pizza. It ‘s wheat-free, dairy-free, whole grain and can even be made without eggs when used in vegan crust recipes .
Made with embrown rice flour, it ‘s the pizza boodle ingredient for those who are sensitive to gluten. This specially designed mix can be swapped in any traditional pizza recipe to create a light, delectable pizza crust. To prepare this boodle, you need three extra ingredients of pizza dough : eggs ( or and egg substitution ), warm water and olive oil. The blend already contains a yeast package, which will help with the lift and brittleness of the crust .
When preparing a gluten free pizza crust, using a designated gluten complimentary mix like this one will take a bunch of guess out of the march. Being that this mix is specifically designed for this aim, you will not have to measure, ersatz, or add anything that is n’t already in the mix. precisely treat it like a distinctive pizza dough shuffle and begin baking !
What flour do your use for pizza dough that ’ s paleo ? Knowing what paleo products you can and ca n’t include in a paleo recipe can get confuse, specially if you ‘re not paleo yourself. Often, when working with paleo ingredients, park problems like dense or muggy boodle happen. No one wants to be troubleshooting their pizza crust recipe the stallion time their bake it. If you ‘re following a paleo diet or cook for one who is, then try out our Paleo Baking Flour ! Our Paleo Baking Flour makes paleo bake bare and takes the guess out of the process. An alone blend of almond flour, coconut flour, tapioca flour and arrowroot starch, it makes it slowly to recreate the love flavors of traditional pizza boodle ingredients in a paleo translation .
What Flour Do You Need For Making Pizza? | Bob's Red Mill Blog
If you go to your local grocery store store, you are bound to see a kind of alternatives to wheat-based flours, one of which is spell flour. Spelt flour is presently making a surface as a wheat alternative and for a good argue ! Embracing the nutty relish and airy texture of spelt flour in your bake goods will create a delectable preference that early flours ca n’t, making it one of the best flour for pizza ! For a delightful whole grain pizza crust, follow this Spelt Flour Pizza Crust Recipe. ideal for both deep dish and traditional pizza recipes, we recommend topping it with other flavorful pizza topping combos like piquant italian blimp, Calabrian chilies and fresh mozzarella cheese.

While spell flour is known as a traditional wheat alternative, it is a shape of pale yellow and does contain gluten, and it ‘s crucial that it is not used as a gluten dislodge option when choosing the best flour for pizza .
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