Banza Just Released Frozen Chickpea-Crust Pizzas — But Are They Healthy?

Each merchandise we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the link included, we may earn commission. When it comes to pizza, the erstwhile proverb “ if it ain ’ triiodothyronine broke, don ’ t specify it ” most surely applies. The combination of chewy crust, salty tall mallow, and garlicky marinara sauce, all tied in concert with a odds and ends of blue and crunchy toppings, is arguably faultless.

But nowadays, chickpea-pasta stigmatize Banza is distinctly saying to hell with that cliché by releasing its own line of freeze pizzas made with a chickpea crust ( Buy It, $ 50, ) — the first of its kind, per the brand. The innovative pizza crusts, made from a elementary blend of chickpeas, body of water, tapioca, cocoa butter, olive vegetable oil, and spices, meaning they ‘re both gluten-free and vegan. The crusts are sold both sans toppings for a DIY pizza night *and* as ready-to-eat frozen pizza, including Four cheese, Margherita, and Roasted Veggie. ( refer : healthy Pizza Crust Recipes Using Veggies and Whole Grains ) On their own, the plain crusts pack two grams of fiber and four grams of protein per slit, but when piled with toppings, they ’ re a nutritional powerhouse. Just half of the Four Cheese pizza ( Buy It, $ 8, ), for example, contains five grams of character and a whopping 17 grams of protein — 17 percentage of the Recommended Dietary Allowance ( RDA ) for roughage and more than a third base of the RDA for protein, per the USDA. “ Nutritionally, I would recommend the Banza pizza, ” says Keri Gans, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N, a dietician and Shape Brain Trust extremity. “ It has a bang-up sum of heart-healthy fiber and satiating protein — love it. ”Banza Chickpea-Crust pizza

Banza Chickpea-Crust pizza

credit : Banza One downside, though, is the pizza ‘s saturated fatness content. One serve of the Four Cheese proto-indo european contains 10 grams, or half the USDA ’ s recommended daily intake for saturate fat, which isn ’ t all that surprising given how a lot tall mallow is piled on top, says Gans. “ I wouldn ’ metric ton let the saturate fat dissuade person from having this pizza, ” she adds. “ I would, however, make surely that they ’ rhenium mindful of how a lot saturated fat they ’ rhenium having elsewhere throughout the day. The rationality for that concern is that saturate fatness has been associated with an increased risk for heart disease. even when you ’ re younger and it ’ s not american samoa much of a concern, it ‘s never besides early to start prevention. ”

Compared to the cauliflower-crust pizza shaking up the grocery store, Banza ’ s aren ’ metric ton all that different, nutritionally speaking. Take Caulipower ’ s Three Cheese Cauliflower Crust pizza ( Buy It, $ 7, ), for exemplar. The pie boasts 20 fewer calories and four fewer gram of saturated fat per serving than Banza ’ s ultra-cheesy, 410-calorie version, but it besides offers less fiber and protein. basically, neither pizza is hands-down better for you than the early. “ If I had to recommend one over the other, I ’ d be going strictly on what person enjoys, ” says Gans. While Banza does have a little branch up on traditional freeze pizza in some respects, it ‘s not a wildly healthy choice. For exemplar, a one Amy ‘s Cheese Pizza ( Buy It, $ 7, ) contains 40 extra calories, roughly 500 more grams of sodium, and less than half the measure of fiber as Banza ‘s Four Cheese, though Amy ‘s adaptation has less saturated fat and a few extra grams of protein. Again, the deciding gene should all come down to your tastebuds. “ If you don ’ thymine like the taste of these alternate pizza crusts, you don ’ t have to feel guilty about having a regular piece of pizza, ” says Gans. ( P.S., you ‘ll want to sprout up on these other nutritionist-approved freeze pizza besides. ) Banza Chickpea Crust Pizza

Banza Chickpea Crust Pizza

accredit : Megan Falk But based on my initial taste tests, Banza ’ sulfur pizza are sure to satisfy. The chickpea crust was audibly crisp and had visible layers ( much like the lamination you ’ five hundred see in a puff pastry boodle ), which gave it a lighter texture than I was expecting. The Margherita was topped with heaps of satiny mozzarella, and as a sauce gal, I appreciated the dense layer of marinara blanketed by the cheese. The bell peppers, caramelize onions, and spinach weren ’ t overshadowed by the three — yes, three — types of cheese used in the Roasted Veggie pie, mean I could pick out all the individual flavors in every taste. If I had done a blind tasting between Banza ’ mho pies and regular wheat-crust ones, my pizza-attuned tastebud wouldn ’ triiodothyronine have been able to pick out the chickpea version, no matter how hard they tried. Since the ‘zas were insanely delicious, I did what any athirst 20-something would do : Wolfed down an stallion pie all by myself. contrary to what my stomach made me believe, the modal woman probably shouldn ’ metric ton consume a wholly Banza pizza, which can have up to 820 calories and closely hit the commend daily utmost inhalation saturated fat per proto-indo european, says Gans. “ We all like to finish individual pies, but individual pies can be misinform, ” she says. “ For the average person, the part size is half a pie, not the full pie, so I would suggest having a adult flip salad on the side of it to help fill you up. ” Duly noted. While I ca n’t say I ‘ll choose a gluten-free chickpea-crust pizza over a flour-based one every time an inevitable crave strikes, Banza ‘s pizza have earned a rightful point in my deep-freeze for the foreseeable future. Keeping the supplies for a english salad in my electric refrigerator, though, is another narrative .Banza Chickpea-Crust pizza

Banza Chickpea-Crust pizza

credit : Banza