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Are you considering buying an instant pot but not sure if you need another appliance and if press cook is for you ? here are 7 Things You Need To Know About Instant Pot and why you might evening not want to buy it. besides a few points on why I love my blink of an eye Pot .
Are you considering buying an Instant Pot but not sure if you need another appliance and if pressure cooking is for you? Here are 7 Things You Need To Know About Instant Pot and why you might even not want to buy it. Also a few points on why I love my Instant Pot | imagelicious.com #instantpot #thingstoknowaboutinstantpot #pressurecooker
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I am separate of about 300 hundred Instant Pot Facebook group ( ok, I ’ megabyte exaggerating a short bite ) and I see posts a few times a sidereal day asking about how to use Instant Pot or talking about the actual prison term of cooking in an electric coerce cooker or complaining about the steam that they didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect. I was the same. I expected a miracle product and at first was disappointed by what I got.

It took time for me to like my Instant Pot and even more time to love using it. I hope this article will help people considering buying an Instant Pot. here you will find 7 Things You Need To Know About Instant Pot and why you might even not want to buy it .

7 Things You Need To Know About Instant Pot

  1. Instant Pot is NOT Instant

    One of the most common questions I see in the Instant Pot communities is : “ What brand of Instant Pot should I buy ? ” This motion actually does not make sense because Instant Pot is a identify of a brand .
    What people actually mean is : “ What brand of an electric pressure cooker should I buy ? ” however, Instant Pot sword is now one of the most popular on the market ( at least in North America ) so it became about synonymous to saying electric coerce cooker .
    now, is Instant Pot clamant ? No ! BIG NO ! But naming the mark “ not excessively immediate but faster than average cooking pot ” wouldn ’ metric ton be a good market decision so it ’ south called Instant Pot .

  1. Building pressure

    In order for an electric imperativeness cooker to pressure fudge something it needs to come to pressure first. Building blackmail means that you must have liquid in the batch ( no crunchy and crisp food here ), then this liquid gets heated up to create lots of steam and pressure. I am actually not well-versed in the mechanics or physics of it but here ’ s some information on How Electric Pressure Cookers Work .
    This is the contribution that could take anywhere from 4 minutes to 40 minutes. Yes, you ’ ve read it right ! Put a big piece of cold kernel from the electric refrigerator, add a liter or more of cold liquid, some vegetables, and the time to the pressure cooker to even start cook could take up to 40 minutes !
    This is something that MANY recipes try to not discuss or mention lone in passing. It obviously sounds a lot better when you say that “ Mac and cheese will be cooked in 4 minutes ” alternatively of “ Mac and cheese will be cooked in 30 minutes. ” In my recipes I ALWAYS talk openly about the actual clock it takes to cook something in my Instant Pot .
    thus, to recap, the more liquid you have, the longer it will take to build coerce. The more food in your Instant Pot you have, the longer it will take to build coerce. The cold the ingredients are, the longer it will take to build pressure .
    note : different models take different time to build press. My model takes longer than some of my friends ’ as it turned out .

  1. Releasing pressure

    thus, you thought once the food is done, it ’ sulfur done and you can eat right away. Right ? incorrectly ! Because of the way electric atmospheric pressure cookers work, the at heart of the pot is under a draw of pressure which means that you can ’ t merely open the hat when the food is done. You have to release the atmospheric pressure ( steam ) from the potentiometer safely foremost and then you can open the lid .
    There are a few ways of releasing pressure : quick release and natural exhaust. Quick free means that you manually move a valve on the lid and release the pressure this way. Natural turn means that you wait until the blackmail releases well, naturally .
    Depending on the sum of food and liquid in the potentiometer, flying release could take between 5-8 minutes, although from all my experimentations it ’ second about 5 minutes on average. natural secrete could be up to 30-40 minutes, it besides depends on the sum of food in the pot .
    And with this, we are back to many recipes that do not account for the prison term it takes to release the pressure. For exercise, soup that takes 5 minutes to cook, may besides take 20 minutes to come to pressure and then 5 minutes to release the press. A lot of recipes are finished with the instructions to allow for a natural release which could add up to 30-40 minutes extra. In my recipes I ALWAYS mention how long it takes to fully cook something in an Instant Pot from startle to finish .
    note : I was terrified of releasing the pressure or by chance opening the eyelid with the coerce however built. Until one day I released the coerce from my rice and then closed the lid and it somehow re-pressurized on its own again. I didn ’ thymine notice that and kept trying to open the lid without any fortune. thus, from my experience, the eyelid can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be opened if it ’ south pressurized ( but good in case, don ’ metric ton try it at home ) .

  1. Steaming your kitchen cabinets

    After months of using my Instant Pot I hush find it annoying : steam ! ! When the pressure is being released using a Quick Release method acting, you get a lot of very strong steamer coming out of the Instant Pot. I mean, it looks like a steam trail. very ! My toddler is always amused by it .
    At inaugural I kept my instant Pot on the antagonistic next to the stave in hopes that the vent would work but all the steam kept getting onto the wall cabinets and they started to get dirty. now I keep it on my island in the middle of the kitchen. I know many people don ’ t have islands and that means that all the steam ( sometimes with spices and droplets of oil etc ) will be releasing right onto your rampart cabinets .
    It ’ s something to think about specially if you have a decent kitchen that you don ’ thyroxine want to ruin. I don ’ t think I ’ five hundred be using my clamant Pot angstrom much as I do now if I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have an island in my kitchen .
    note : I do not ever keep my Instant Pot under the vent on the stove because I don ’ metric ton want to incidentally turn the burner on and ruin the appliance. Please don ’ t do it either .

  1. Cold ingredients or room temperature ingredients

    If you talk to Instant Pot enthusiasts then the first thing they tell you is how fast cook food in Instant Pot is. well, we just discussed that very often they don ’ t take into account the time to build the coerce and release the pressure. And although releasing pressure time depends on the sum of food and liquid only, building press depends on the temperature of the ingredients .
    Having room temperature melted ( broth for example ) and room temperature kernel would mean that everything will come to pressure faster than if the ingredients were cold. If you are rushing home from work then most likely you won ’ thymine have time to spend two hours getting everything to room temperature and this is another of my favored peeves with using this appliance .
    so, if you know you ’ ll be making a large pot of stew on the weekend, then get your ingredients out ahead of time and fill a jug with water or broth an hour or two before you start cooking .

  1. Do you know quantum mechanics?

    Do you actually love cooking ? Tasting the sauce, adding a small bit of this and that ? Adjusting the spices ? Seeing the charming transformation of ingredients ? Well, cooking using a pressure cooker method is wholly unlike !
    I don ’ thymine know if you need a academic degree in quantum mechanics or physics but figuring out how long to cook something in your Instant Pot is not easy ! Deciding what spices to use and if the recipe needs more of something else is only done at the conclusion of the cook procedure. You can ’ t just open the hat and check if something is done or not. Remember the pressure ?
    There are some recipes that require opening the batch and adding potatoes or pasta and then cooking for another few minutes. And if this sounds easy with a conventional direction of cook, using an Instant Pot to do that means that extra 10 minutes of cooking actually could mean extra 20-25 minutes. Remember that to open the lid you need to release the press ( let ’ s say 5 minutes ), then the pot needs to come to pressure again ( let ’ s say another 5 minutes but most probable more ), and then once everything is cooked, you need to release the imperativeness one more clock. so, 10 min+5+5+5 is 25 minutes.

    One time I wanted to add potatoes to my grizzle in the end and it took about an extra hour to cook them. I released the coerce, which took about 8 minutes since there was a distribute of liquid, added the potatoes and turned it back on to cook for 10 minutes. I read somewhere that 10 minutes for chop potatoes should be enough. Well, it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. so, building the pressure, cook, releasing the coerce, testing, building the blackmail again, cook, releasing the pressure, testing, gargle and reprise. Almost an excess hour !

  1. Flavour, texture

    Do you like crisp skin or a decent charred relish and crust on top of your knock ? Well, you won ’ thymine get it with an electric pressure cooker. You can sauté something in the Instant Pot first but it ’ ll be braised or steamed for the future tone. You could use your oven to broil the food after but it often defeats the purpose of using one toilet and one appliance if you distillery have to use another pan and an oven to finish cooking something .
    A distribute of recipes come out tasting similar : stews, braises, soups. I don ’ triiodothyronine mind that as I actually like that kind of food but for some people who are in truth into cook and big, bold season, it could be a hindrance .
    And I can ’ thymine speak about season and texture without talking about Chicken ! many people rave about Instant Pot chicken, specially chicken breasts ! Well, I tried. I actually tried to like IP chicken but I can ’ triiodothyronine. The texture of the chicken breast is therefore weird that neither I nor my toddler could eat it .
    I ’ ve seen recipes where people promise that chicken breasts will be cooked in 3 minutes ( they often handily forget to add the time for the toilet to come to imperativeness and release the blackmail ) but mine were still natural after that fourth dimension. If you want to cook chicken in your Instant Pot then you must read this absolutely amaze article from Green Healthy Cooking where Lorena gives your accurate temperatures and times !

Bonus point: beware of some recipes and use common sense

I debated whether I should include this point. I mean, the article is called 7 Things You Need To Know About Instant Pot, not 8. But I decided it was something that needed to be addressed .
A bunch of people expect charming results when they start using their Instant Pot. They expect some life-altering appliance that will help them get dinner on the postpone 30 minutes after they get home. The argue for those expectations is the unrealistic recipes and videos that are all over Facebook and Pinterest .
food blogging is a business. Food bloggers rely on some tactics to get people to visit their blogs. And quick recipes ( or even sensualism as it relates to recipes ) is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a food web site .
equitable two days ago I saw a recipe for Instant Pot Beef Stroganoff, the recipe boldly stated that it will be done in 6 minutes. Yes, that ’ randomness right, just 6 minutes. It said 2 minutes homework time and 4 minutes cook clock. The homework clock of 2 minutes included dice of the onion, cutting of the beef, lightly sautéing, and quantify and adding the rest of the ingredients .
I consider myself a very adequate fudge ( I mean, I do have a cookbook coming out soon so that must count for something ) but even I can ’ t do all of that in 2 minutes. In fact, I barely recently made a shortcut interpretation of a gripe stew and with the beef already cubed, it took about 5 minutes to prep. That recipe for that gripe stroganoff besides handily forgot to add the time it would take to come to pressure and to release the pressure .
I besides have my doubts about cooking beef in 4 minutes but that ’ s a unlike interview. My guess is that in reality the sum cook time of that recipe would be about 30-35 minutes. so, use park sense when looking at the recipes as most of them presently do not tell you the actual fudge fourth dimension with electric pressure cooker .

besides, I have a pilfer intuition that some recipes are actually fake. Yep, fake newsworthiness even in the food blogging populace ! If you see something that comes out brown and crisp and the instructions do not include using the oven to finish up cooking then you know it can ’ metric ton be properly. I mean, you are basically steaming food under high atmospheric pressure .
As an example, I ’ ve seen a few recipes for Monkey Breads that look perfectly brown and baked. Some recipes don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate evening ask you to cover a pan with foil to prevent the steam from dripping onto the dough. The leave pictures are gorgeous. I tried making monkey boodle in my blink of an eye pot and the result was a steam and barely wax batch. so, again, beware !

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now, does it sound like I hate blink of an eye Pot ? I actually don ’ thyroxine. It took me months to go from I kinda like it to like it to in truth like it ! I am a commute and I use my Instant Pot a few times a week. I fair wanted to talk about the things that no-one normally discusses and 7 Things You Need To Know About Instant Pot that very bothered me when I good started using my IP .
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And if you have and love your Instant Pot then you actually need to get one or all 9 Ultimate Instant Pot Accessories ! They will make your life easier and more enjoyable ! If you can alone choose one then I highly recommend Instant Pot Ceramic Insert. It ’ south my front-runner accessory of all time !

Do you already have an Instant Pot and now you want Instant Pot Recipes?

Join my Real Ingredients Instant Pot Recipes Facebook Group!!!  It ’ s a playfulness and safe position to plowshare your own Instant Pot recipes made with real Ingredients .
Closeup view of a plate filled with Instant Pot Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes and a hand is holding a fork and picking up one of the meatballs. In the background another two bowls are visible filled with mashed potatoes and meatballs. An Instant Pot is in the background, blurred.

So, what are some things that I like about my Instant Pot?

  • I feel like I have to start this list with humble eggs. Eggs “boiled” in Instant Pot are some of the easiest to peel. Here’s one of the ways to make Hard-Boiled Eggs in Instant Pot.
    • Also, I think that this totally deserves a sub-point. If you like quail eggs (is it a Russian thing? I always have a package of quail eggs in my fridge) then you know that they are notoriously difficult to peel. Making them in my Instant Pot helped a lot with peeling. It wasn’t as easy as with regular chicken eggs but so much better than if they were conventionally boiled.
  • What made me a convert? I started proofing my dough in the Instant Pot! I use a Yogurt function of the Instant Pot to let the dough rise and make my Instant Pot No Knead Dinner Rolls!
  • If it seems like some recipes cooked in Instant Pot aren’t actually faster than if they were cooked on the stove or in the oven, then why use Instant Pot? It actually is very convenient. For example, my Instant Pot Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes are cooked in one pot at the same time. No need to bake the meatballs or pan-fry the meatballs. So easy, so convenient, and even healthier than a conventional method of cooking. And this is why Instant Pot has a big and loyal following – it’s easy, it’s convenient, even if it’s not instant. Just put all the ingredients in and forget about them – no need to babysit the food!
  • Back to all the stews and braises, they usually take hours to slow-cook in the oven or on the stove-top. Making short ribs or lamb shanks isn’t a hands-on experience but it’s something for a lazy weekend and I often have to allocate 3-4 (sometimes even 5) hours to make them. Cooking the same recipes in an electric pressure cooker still takes time but that time is cut in half. I have my eye set on these Korean Beef Brisket Meal Prep Bowls to try.
  • One of my favourite things about Instant Pot is the clear broth that you get when cooking beef or chicken. It’s golden and beautiful. If you add pasta to cook in the broth, it doesn’t come out murky or cloudy (like it would if pasta was cooked in a pot of soup on the stove); it still comes out clear. Just look at this Instant Pot Meatballs and Pasta Soup. This is my favourite vegetable broth base that I’ve been using for many years.
Side view of two bowls of Instant Pot Tomato Orzo Soup with a few pieces of garlic brand around the bowls and Instant Pot in the background Side view photo of a bowl of beautiful Instant Pot Fish Soup with Instant Pot in the background

My top 5 Instant Pot recipes for beginners

Top down view of a plate filled with Instant Pot Meatball and Pasta soup with a spoon. A few spinach leaves are around the plate. Instant Pot is also visible in the corner
indeed, here you have it : 7 Things You Need To Know About Instant Pot ( and a bonus point ). Would I recommend buying one ? absolutely ! a long as you realize that it is not a charming appliance and don ’ t expect your life to change while using it .
Do you love your Instant Pot ? Were you disappointed at first with the actual cooking time ? I ’ five hundred love to hear from you ! Comment below !

Do you already have an Instant Pot and now you want Instant Pot Recipes?

Join my Real Ingredients Instant Pot Recipes Facebook Group!!!  It ’ s a fun and safe position to contribution your own Instant Pot recipes made with real Ingredients .
Are you considering buying an Instant Pot but not sure if you need another appliance and if pressure cooking is for you? Here are 7 Things You Need To Know About Instant Pot and why you might even not want to buy it. Also a few points on why I love my Instant Pot | imagelicious.com #instantpot #thingstoknowaboutinstantpot #pressurecooker