Amy’s Vegan Margherita Pizza Review – Freezer Meal Frenzy

Amy's Vegan Margherita Pizza While our staffers by and large like vegan food, we ’ rhenium much on the wall about vegan pizza. Vegan cheese ( or cheeze, as Amy ’ s Kitchen calls it ) isn ’ triiodothyronine slowly to get right, and we find that it ’ sulfur normally bettor when it ’ s used in a sauce. In hurt of that, the Amy ’ s Kitchen Vegan Margherita Pizza was calling out to us. just expect at that hand-stretched wheat crust pictured on the box — how could we say no to that ? Although this cup of tea is vegan, heating it up doesn ’ metric ton necessitate you to do anything different than your regular, non-frozen pizza. We did find that we needed to cook it for slenderly longer than the recommend cook prison term. Amy ’ second suggests cooking it for 12-14 minutes, but it was around 17 minutes when our pizza was ultimately done. This smells absolutely perplex when it comes out of the oven, which made us all the more tidal bore to dig it. It ’ s not a perfect imitation of the pizza on the box — the cheeze is a bunch messier than it looks in the picture — but this is still a treat. We sliced ours into pieces, divvied it up between two reviewers, and prepared for some non-cheesy good. then here ’ s the hand. Our staff absolutely loved this pizza when we beginning tried it. The fake cheese can be a short fluid, which we ’ re not crazy about, but the rest of the pizza is so good it ’ south easy to ignore the imperfections of the vegan-friendly cheeze. The crust is perfectly seasoned and wholly delicious ; we would have gladly eaten it plain. The texture of the cheeze is progressive, but it tastes great, specially when it blends with the sweet and savory tomato sauce.

The problem is that, a few hours late, both staffers who had eaten this pizza felt ghastly. It wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate anything serious — precisely some nausea — but it seemed clear that something about the dish unsettled our stomach. The ingredients look reasonably basic, so we ’ re not certain what the issue could be, and it ’ s possible that it wasn ’ t the pizza at all. Our abdomen issues just make this differently tasty vegan dish difficult to recommend. If you feel like taking the risk, the Amy ’ s Kitchen Vegan Margherita Pizza is pretty damn tasty. however, due to the stomach issues we had subsequently, we ’ rhenium hesitant to give this one our stomp of approval. If you eat this and enjoy it, please let us know in the comments section below — and let us know how you feel subsequently ! To learn more about the nutriment content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Amy ’ s Kitchen vegan pizza, check out our package scan below .