Can You Microwave Tupperware & Is It Safe?

Tupperware and microwave ovens arrived on the kitchen view at reasonably much the lapp time, in the early stages of the 1940s .
Since then they ’ ve become family staples, but can you microwave food in Tupperware, and is it condom to do so ?
The answer to this wonder depends on when you purchased your Tupperware .
In the rest of this article, I ’ ll explain what you need to look for when deciding if your Tupperware should go in the microwave or not.

Is Tupperware Microwave Safe?

Since the early 2010s, all official Tupperware products sold in the USA are complimentary of a particularly problematic chemical : Bisphenol A ( more well-known as BPA ) .
This gorge has been normally used in fictile products for decades. It helps to toughen up the container, and enhance its life as a consequence .
The trouble arises when you heat this material in the microwave or with any other heat beginning for that matter .
Do so and you risk a certain amount of the BPA leak into the food being heated within the container. The MayoClinic article I ’ ve linked above contains more data about the potential shock of this .
As BPA has fallen out of party favor, a surrogate called Bisphenol B has become platitude alternatively. Alas, more concerns have been raised over this message besides .
For these reasons, most plastic manufacturers including Tupperware invalidate using bisphenol chemicals in their products altogether. Consumers don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want it, and the company ’ mho have surely paid attention !
A number of tupperware boxes with lids, containing liquid food

How Do I Know If My Tupperware Is Microwave Safe?

The easiest way to tell if your Tupperware is microwave-safe ? Check the bottom of each detail .
If you can see a logo that looks like a squarely box with a few crinkled lines in it, that means it ’ s microwave-safe .
If there ’ s no logo and you suspect the Tupperware might have been made prior to 2010, it would be better to use the box for cold storage only .
When you ’ re ready to reheat the food, transfer it into either a rightfully microwaveable Tupperware container, or heat it up in a glass or ceramic container rather .

What Plastics Are Found In Tupperware?

The official Tupperware brand makes use of a number of different plastics in its merchandise lines .
The best thing I can do here is refer you to this chart on the caller ’ mho web site. It ’ sulfur besides got some useful information about how to recycle any sets you ’ rhenium thinking of replace .
To summarize things though, the most normally use plastics in the Tupperware scope are :

  • LDPE: “Low Density Polyethylene, used in grocery store bags, most plastic wraps and some bottles.”
  • PP: “Polypropylene, used in most deli soup, syrup and yogurt containers, straws and other clouded plastic containers, including baby bottles.”

Both of these materials are fully compliant with the FDA’s food safety standards, and can be used with confidence in your kitchen !

Is All Tupperware Microwaveable?

Most of us find ourselves using the give voice “ Tupperware ” to refer to all plastic food containers. It ’ s a bit like how vacuum cleaners are jointly referred to as Hoovers .
What does all of this hateful for you if you ’ ra not using the official Tupperware brand ?
beginning, check the intersection listing. That ’ sulfur assuming you remember where you bought the repositing containers from .
few of us keep that kind of detail to hand for long though ! If in doubt, you might prefer to use your containers for storage merely, and re-heat in a different container .
If you ’ five hundred prefer to replace your containers all in all, Rubbermaid is one of the most popular and low-cost alternatives to official Tupperware. Its flagship set is BPA-free and microwave-safe besides .

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Alternatives To Plastic For Microwave Heating?

If you can ’ triiodothyronine look this kind of information up, you can be identical confident that the plastic food container is fine to use for cold storage ( whether that ’ sulfur in the refrigerator or the deep-freeze ) .
It ’ s the heat process that ’ s potentially baffling, and if the incorrectly sort of plastic is present in the container .
From repositing, you can transfer the food to a ceramic or glass dish for heating up. Both of these materials are non-reactive, and indeed can be used in the microwave with confidence.

just be aware that both ceramic and glass ( the latter in detail ) can be heavy, delicate materials to work with. Drop the cup of tea and you ’ ll have a real mess on your hands !

Can You Microwave Tupperware With A Lid On?

Yes, but only in certain circumstances. Modern Tupperware that ’ s designed to be microwaved often features special lids .
These lids have built-in steam vents, which allow a little of the steam imperativeness to escape while the Tupperware is cooking in the microwave .
There are some identical good reasons for using a eyelid when you ’ re microwave food .

  • It prevents foods think sauces in particular from splashing around the inside of your microwave. If this has happened to you, take a look at my guide to cleaning a truly disgusting microwave!
  • The steam and moisture is locked inside the container, resulting in a much tastier meal once it’s finished cooking. Not only that, the food will heat up more quickly, and do so more evenly too.

These benefits become problems, however, if you tightly fit a Tupperware eyelid that doesn ’ metric ton have those steamer vents .
Put the lid on excessively tightly here, and you run the demand same risk of creating a identical messy food explosion inside your microwave .
What should you do if your Tupperware lid international relations and security network ’ metric ton designed for microwave manipulation ? Put it on exceed lightly, allowing some steamer to escape, and give it a good stir center through cook .
That will allow some of the steam to escape, ensure the food cooks evenly, and prevent the worst of the spatter !
A number of tupperware containers containing meal prep foods

Useful Tips For Microwaving Tupperware

I wanted to include a few utilitarian tips that will help you get more out of your microwave Tupperware .

Let Frozen Food Thaw A Little

Freezing food in Tupperware is a utilitarian means of preserving leftovers, but it can be a spot of a trouble to reheat them in the microwave .
Take the container out of the deep-freeze at least an hour or so before reheat, and put it in the refrigerator to slow-thaw a short .
When the food has thawed reasonably, you ’ ll find it easier to break it up with a fork. Do this and the microwave heat will flow through the food more easily .
This helps to reduce the overall cook time, ensures the food cooks evenly, and helps protect the Tupperware from warping as small clusters of food boil against the sides .

Related Questions

There are a handful of other Tupperware-related questions that frequently come up aboard this national .
In this section I ’ ll answer them so you have a beneficial understanding of the best direction to use this thrust !

Can You Put Tupperware In The Freezer?

Yes, you can ! It ’ s a popular way of storing leftovers, when you don ’ t like the idea of eating the lapp meal again in the approach future .
It ’ mho besides utilitarian if you want to do some batch-cooking, and make many meals at once. Just fill your Tupperware containers and then dip into your breed whenever the meal in question takes your visualize .

Can You Put Tupperware In The Dishwasher?

Unless the product list for your located says otherwise, you can put Tupperware in the dishwasher .
Depending on the wash cycles you use and the unfeelingness of your water, you may find the plastic clouds up a little over time .
This is strictly a cosmetic matter. If appliance is more authoritative to you, go ahead and let the dishwasher do the hard work here !

Wrapping Up

I hope you ’ ve found this guide to microwaving Tupperware useful. I ’ ll summarize the key points cursorily :

  • Official Tupperware manufactured after 2010 is safe to microwave.
  • If in doubt, check the underside of each item and look for the microwave-safe logo.
  • If you’re still feeling really cautious, store the food in Tupperware, then reheat it in a glass or ceramic container.

glad cooking !
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