Best Microwave Bacon Recipe – How To Make Microwave Bacon

Bacon is necessary on Saturday mornings and who does n’t want a way to cook it faster ? not entirely is microwaving bacon the fastest way to cook it, but it besides leaves you with less grease to clean up subsequently. No messy skillets and dirt splattered stoves or perilously hot baking sheets to clean up. It ‘s 100 % the way to go. Plus, it ‘s perfect for these Bacon Bourbon Jell-O Shots. Of run, if you have more clock time and want to cook bacon for a crowd our oven-baked method acting is a success every single time .
Can I get crispy bacon in the microwave?
Bacon cooked in the microwave will be a little sting chewy, but it will besides be crisp ! start with cooking the bacon for 4 minutes and cook for an extra moment at a time until it ‘s equally crisp as you like. But remember, the bacon will get crispier as it cools. We like ours after 5 minutes .
How long does it take?

We landed on 4-6 minutes but keep in mind that your cook meter will vary with your microwave electrical power. A higher-end 1,000-watt microwave will probable take 4 minutes or even less time whereas a 700-watt or less microwave will cook slower and not as evenly .
Are there any downsides to microwave bacon?
There are a few trade-offs when it comes to microwave bacon but we feel it ‘s ultimately worth it for the sum ( or miss ) or feat that ‘s required.      
Pros 😎 🥓
– No oil spill – cook bacon without fear of being popped by a stray drop of oil .
– easy clean-up – all of the fat is absorbed by the newspaper towels. Wait for them to cool and toss the paper towels in the trashcan. – healthy – well, relatively. The bacon wo n’t be sitting in excess fat as it cooks. – It entirely takes minutes. – Your firm wo n’t smell like bacon for hours – cursorily cook in the enclosed microwave will contain the fried bacon smell .
– Free up stovetop space – breakfast is already adequate of a juggle act, free up stovetop distance for a pot of tall mallow grits or a frying pan for downy pancakes.

– You can besides do this with turkey bacon !
Cons 😕
– cook time will vary based on microwave electrical power – see our eminence above about cook meter !
– Uses a bunch of composition towels – this method acting requires more newspaper towels than you would typically use to cook bacon .
– periodic stickage from brassy paper towels – the newspaper towels should peel off easily when cooled but this is still a spot of a hassle .
– adieu bacon fat – while this can besides be a pro, it ‘s surely a bunco for those of us who like to save bacon fat. If you want to save bacon fat and cook hands-off, try air fryer bacon alternatively .
Can I cook a lot of bacon at once?
Yes ! You can cook bacon in layers in the microwave. Just remember to place a layer of paper towels between each layer of bacon. We do n’t recommend doing more than 3 layers of bacon at a time. If you have half-sized sheets of paper towel, use two one-half sheets to make each level .
Do I need a microwave tray?
Nope ! A microwave-safe home plate is all you need. Careful as you remove your plate from the microwave as it may be hot. We use the composition towels that are lining the plate to take it out of the microwave safely.

Do n’t stop at bacon ! Put your other hands-off appliances to work to make the ultimate easy breakfast. Try french crispen sticks and hard-bitten eggs in the air fryer to make casual sides for your bacon. Need more madly easy breakfast ideas ? Check out our breakfast and brunch headquarters !
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Editor ‘s note : due to reader comments concerning overcook bacon, we recommend cooking per our recommend sum of 6 strips of bacon in one plump. If you are cooking fewer strips of bacon, a beneficial rule of hitchhike to follow is cooking for 1 minute per piece of bacon. ( Depending on different models of microwaves and their respective heat strengths, it might take less clock time to reach your coveted doneness ! ). The insertion to this recipe was updated on May 5th, 2022, to include more data about the dish .