How to Warm Tortillas

How to Warm Tortillas Warm flour or corn tortillas are essential for great tacos. Here’s a trick for how to warm tortillas: and give them beautiful char marks too!
How to Warm Tortillas
How much do you love tacos ? If you make tacos vitamin a much as Alex and I do ( which is very much ! ), you ’ ve credibly wondered the best direction for how to warm tortilla. well, we have a antic that we use all the time that not merely warms the tortilla, but gives them beautiful char marks excessively. And the light charwoman adds a elusive smoky season that amps up the taco even more. Trust us : we ’ ve preference tested a dry tortilla against a char one, and the taco relish is not evening CLOSE. You ’ ve got to try this antic .
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How to warm tortillas on the stove

Please, please promise us that you do not make any of our taco recipes on this web site without warming your tortilla ! There ’ s nothing worse than a rugged tortilla. Corn tortillas particularly can be dry and crusty if they are not heated at least a act. Our magic trick for how to warm tortilla besides gives them char marks so they look more appeal : and it adds a light smoky flavor that puts the greaser over the top. How we do it ? Char them on an open gas flame.

What you ’ ll motivation for this method acting : a gas stove. You ’ ll place the tortillas immediately on top of the burner and become on the natural gas to warm it over an open flame. now, make sure to use tongs and observe condom precautions ! And do not leave your tortilla unattended : even a few excess seconds can be the difference between charred and burned. This method acting works both for how to warm corn tortillas and flour tortilla .
How to Warm Tortillas

How to Warm Tortillas

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warmly flour or corn tortillas are all-important for big greaser. hera ’ s a magic trick for how to warm tortilla : and give them beautiful char marks besides !


  • Gas stove
  • Tortillas


  • Tongs


    1. Place a tortilla directly onto the grates above a burner on the stovetop. Grab a pair of tongs. Make sure to observe good fire safety practices since you’ll be using an open flame.
    2. Heat on medium heat for a few seconds, until light char marks form on the outside. Do not leave the stove for any reason during this point! Leaving the tortilla for even a few extra seconds can blacken the tortilla or set it on fire.
    3. Using tongs, flip the tortilla. Heat another few seconds on the other side until warm and lightly charred. Again, keep your eye on the tortilla here! Just a few seconds are necessary to warm it: make sure that it does not catch fire.
    4. Place the tortilla in a tortilla warmer. Repeat with the next tortilla until all tortillas are warmed.

How to warm tortillas

How to warm tortillas in the oven

But what if you don ’ t have a gas stave for heating tortillas ? You can warm them in an oven deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. While they won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get the signature char marks and flavor, they come out perfectly warmed. here ’ s how to warm tortilla in the oven :

  • Preheat an oven to 350 degrees Farenheit.
  • Wrap a few tortillas (no more than 5) in aluminum foil and place it in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can place the tortillas directly on the grate or on a baking sheet. (If necessary, you can do multiple aluminum foil packets at a time.)

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How to keep tortillas warm?

then ! adjacent question. How to keep tortillas warm ? They start cooling the moment they ’ re off the flare, so they can end up brittle within minutes. fortunately, there ’ s an invention for this problem that ’ randomness cheap and does the flim-flam.

It’s a tortilla warmer ! now if you know our philosophy at all, you ’ ll wonder : But Alex and Sonja, I thought you were against mono-taskers ? It ’ sulfur true that we don ’ thymine buy many gadgets that have entirely one purpose. But we have not found a better direction to keep our tortillas affectionate ! It ’ s basically an insulate pouch traps in the estrus and keeps them absolutely heated. At the rate that we eat taco around here, it ’ s a boom .
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