How to warm tortillas: 4 methods to make store-bought tortillas better.

I ’ meter constantly trying to recreate the greaser I buy at my local taco truck, but I ’ m foiled by the tortilla. ( Okay, I don ’ t have a huge vat of lard to make real carnitas either, but one day ! ) Unlike the fresh-off-the-griddle handmade tortillas served at the hand truck, I ’ molarity limited to store buy, which frequently break when I add the occupy. not to mention, they don ’ t taste about a good .
One way to fix the issue is to make your own homemade corn tortilla. It ’ s easier than it sounds and, well, like those carnitas, one day I plan on trying the recipe at Muy Bueno. In the interim, though, a simple magic trick to make boughten tortillas tastier and more flexible is merely to warm them before serving. To find the best method acting for how to warm tortilla, I tested four techniques. Try them out for yourself, and trust me : You ’ ll never eat a coldness tortilla again .
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1. How to warm tortillas in the microwave

This method is amazing if you ’ re in a haste ; it ’ mho quick, effective, and laughably easy. Stack up to five tortillas and wrap them with a damp composition towel or dish towel. place on a plate and zap for 30 seconds ( or fewer if you have a ace brawny microwave ). By that prison term, you should uncover damp, fictile tortilla .
note : the moisture from the newspaper towel or dish towel is important ; without it, the microwave will dry out the tortilla .

2. How to warm tortillas in the oven

If you ’ re fudge greaser for a big group, you can ’ thyroxine go wrong with the oven method acting. Like the microwave, it ’ sulfur super efficient, but has the total benefit of making your kitchen smell like a tortilla factory. Wrap stacks of up to five tortillas in aluminum foil and bake the packets at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes .
I admit that this method acting doesn ’ t yield the most coherent results — my top tortillas are always a little crisp, while the bottom tortillas are gentle and damp — but careful wrap should make them more uniform .
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How to make homemade corn tortillas at Muy Bueno

Homemade Corn Tortillas at Muy Bueno

3. How to warm tortillas in a pan on the stove

Homemade tortillas are traditionally cooked on a griddle, so re-warming them on the stave may be the most intuitive method. Bring a non-stick pan or cast-iron frying pan to high heating system, and then throw on one or two tortillas — however many fit. You ’ ll know it ’ south clock to flip when the tortilla develops brown spots on the surface side.

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt at Serious Eats recommends dipping the tortilla in water to create some soften steam action. I loved this method acting on the non-stick pan, but steer clear if you ’ re using cast-iron ( it stuck to the frying pan and set off my fume dismay ! ) .

4. How to warm tortillas over an open flame on the stove 

I borrowed this simple method from Food52, and it ’ s a good one. Using medium heating system, place a tortilla directly on top of the flame of your natural gas burner. Once the tortilla starts to get a few embrown spots, flip it and toast the other english. This approach does require careful attention since you ’ re working with, well, fire, but it makes the tortilla soft and limber on the inside and crisp around the edges. precisely the manner a tortilla should be .