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Heard about pizza screens and you think they ’ re in truth cool ? well, this equipment is often used by professional pizza makers. Because it assures the best quality pizza. so, how to use a pizza screen properly ? Firstly, you have to pick the right-sized pizza screen. Then you have to season the pizza screen. Prepare your dough into a thin circle and place it on the screen. Once the pizza is done, peel out your pizza carefully. Finally, clean the screen properly.

To be honest, this international relations and security network ’ t all of it. That ’ south why we ’ ve explained the function of the pizza screen. We ’ ve besides included how you can use it. so, do give this piece of ours a luck !

Why Use a Pizza Screen?

Before knowing how to use the pizza filmdom, aren ’ triiodothyronine you curious about what it actually is ? good, it ’ s best if you learn about it advance. then, what is a pizza screen ? It ’ s a pizza-making tool made with aluminum mesh. It ’ randomness designed in such a direction that your pizza will receive proper airflow and heat. This enables the pizza to be cooked evenly. now, why should you use a pizza sieve ? well, this pizza equipment has many benefits. This makes it a preferable choice for professional pizza makers .

Crispier Crust & Fast Cooking 

First of all, with a pizza screen, you ’ ll get a crisp crust. Because the blind won ’ metric ton hold the heat like a metallic plate. To be more specific- The dough will get adequate heat with the help of the holes in the screen. furthermore, you can get a properly cooked pizza faster than you would expect. The average time for making pizza is around 30-35 minutes. Because sometimes it takes a bit of time for the cheese to melt. But with the screen, it ’ ll take about 10-20 minutes to get a perfectly baked pizza. The cheese will be all melted and stretchy equally well within that fourth dimension. however, there ’ sulfur a chance of the crust getting excessively hard. This is lone if you don ’ triiodothyronine rotate the screen along with the pizza. however, it can be quite unmanageable to soften the dry and hard pizza crust .

Aesthetic Looking Pizza

Your pizza won ’ t have any rough edges excessively. Because the seamless flange of the pizza sieve will allow easier public discussion. Your pizza will look word picture arrant ! now, a pizza stone can be beneficial while making a pizza ampere well. indeed, are you confused between a pizza screen and a pizza pit now ? well, don ’ thyroxine worry ! There are some meaning differences between the two-

Aspects  Pizza Screen Pizza Stone 
Cooking Time (dough+cheese) 10-20 minutes depending on the temperature 25-35 minutes depending on the temperature
Crust Type Best for thin-crust, but also useful for thick crust Best for thick crust
Price Cheap Expensive 
Cleaning Process Difficult Easy

so, according to the table, the pizza screen offers you crispy dilute crust pizza cursorily. In reversion, with pizza, it ’ ll take some time to get a properly baked thick crust pizza. But when it comes to cleaning pizza stone wins hands down. now, we hope you aren ’ thyroxine confused anymore and have picked which one to use ! If you have chosen the pizza rock, we hope you can use it properly. Plus you can besides use the rock for early cook purposes excessively. But you might think the pizza blind is an easier option ( which it is ). indeed, let ’ s take a attend at the following segment .

4 Easy Steps to Use Pizza Screen Properly

It ’ south time to get to work ! Handling a pizza riddle is not that unmanageable. It ’ s a piece of equipment by and large used by experts. however, you don ’ t have to be one to use it. There are 4 easy steps that you must follow to utilize the pizza screen. This way you can make pizza like a pro-

Choose the Proper-Sized Screen 

immediately, there are lots of screens available in different sizes. consequently, it can get difficult to understand which is the discipline one for you. But no necessitate to worry ! Because we ’ rhenium here to help you with that. How to choose one ? well, the size of the blind depends on the oven you ’ re going to use. We have mentioned a few in subject you are curious-

Oven Type Pizza Screen Size
Electric home oven 12 inch 
Propane oven  Two 16 inch or 4 14 inch 

This is merely the basic information on which size you should get. But to be honest- It ’ second best if you check out your oven size and capacity before getting a screen .

Season Your Pizza Screen

immediately, seasoning your pizza screen is necessity. Because that ’ s how you can guarantee the dough won ’ metric ton stick to it. How to season a pizza screen ? well, it ’ randomness quite easy ! First, take your pizza screen door and laundry it with buttery urine. But make certain the water is blistering. 100 degrees Fahrenheit should be ticket. otherwise, it ’ ll be difficult to clean it. Scrub the blind lightly with a firm brush. Rinse it with water and pat to dry it in full. now, take your oil bottle. You can use olive oil or other organic petroleum. Pour ½ tablespoon of petroleum into a modest bowl. Grab a bake brush to dip it into the anoint. then dab your pizza shield evenly with it. Don ’ t miss any corner ! By the way, to make things easier, you can barely spray oil on it. But stool certain, you aren ’ triiodothyronine using expired cooking spray. Because we don ’ thyroxine want you to be ghastly. It ’ south prison term to heat the oven at 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the screen to bake for an hour or thus. Once the time ’ s up, turn your oven off. Let the screen cool down inside. There you go ! The pizza sieve is all set for your pizza boodle.

Lay Down Your Dough on the Screen 

once you ’ re done kneading your dough, take a share out of it. Make an even and thin r-2 out of it. immediately, take your pizza riddle out of the oven. Lay down the circle on it. If you find warped edges, try to fix them gently .

Place the Screen Back in Oven

After that, start decorating the lap with pizza sauce, filling. You can add either basil or marjoram on top for better spirit. then use your pizza undress to place the pizza sieve in the oven again. now, equitable let the pizza broil in the oven. once done, take the pizza filmdom out using the peel again. And that ’ s it ! See ? It ’ s not that heavily to use a pizza screen !

How to Clean a Pizza Screen? 

nowadays, this is the trickiest contribution. As we ’ ve mentioned before, it ’ mho quite hard to clean your pizza blind. Why thus ? well, making one mistake with the clean summons can mess with your pizza subsequently. For example- The pizza will stick to the pizza screen and it can be difficult to take it out. so, how to avoid this ? well, you have 2 options in hand-

Option 1: Use Hot Soapy Water 

inaugural, boil 2-3 cups of water for about 8 minutes. Mix 3 drops of liquid dishwasher into the hot body of water. now, grab the pizza screen and dip a potent brush into the hot buttery water. Use the brush to softly scrub the screen. This should get rid of the unvoiced and burned dough crust from the shield. Don ’ triiodothyronine have a brush with you immediately ? No worries ! here are some good ones for you- Outset 76621 Himalayan Salt Blockoutset 76621 himalayan salt blockCheck Latest Price ooni Pizza Oven Brushooni pizza oven brushCheck Latest Price Use them gently to clean your pizza screen ! This is the easiest means of cleaning the pizza sieve !

Option 2: Burn the Pizza Screen inside Oven

Yup, you can clean your pizza shield by burning it. This method is actually recommended by professionals. Because using detergent on the sieve and scrub can damage the metallic riddle. Plus doing that can besides make it hard to peel off the pizza from the screen. Just how sometimes you face difficulties as pizza dough keeps sticking to your pizza pan. Hence, cleaning the pizza blind with hotness should sound better. To do this, you ’ ll need to set the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait for 20 minutes. then take it out of the oven. You can use a wooden smooch or spatula to get rid of the burned satiate and dough pieces .

How to Take Care of Your Pizza Screen? 

immediately, we have gone through about everything. But do you know how to store your pizza screen ? well, if you don ’ triiodothyronine, we ’ re hera to help with that. Because storing the pizza riddle properly is important. differently, it might get damaged. And no matchless wants that ! so, how can you store pizza screens ? No matter what type of pizza screen you have, you should have a rack to store it. Because a wrack can keep your pizza screen safe from accidental bents. It besides lets you grab the filmdom well. furthermore, this type of wrack international relations and security network ’ t the regular kitchen extort. It ’ sulfur called a pizza screen rack. Most pizza makers have it. But you can get one for yourself ampere well. It ’ randomness easy to purchase and cheap. so, this is the best way to keep your pizza screen safe and good !


question : Can you use a pizza screen on a piz za stone ? answer : To be honest, it ’ randomness good if you don ’ metric ton manipulation both the pizza shield and stone together. It can complicate stuff and can ruin your pizza. We suggest you either use a pizza blind or a pizza stone for making a pizza. interview : Is pizza screen worth it? suffice : well, we think a pizza riddle is worth it. Because they will help you get a properly cooked, delicious pizza. furthermore, if you choose aluminum pizza screens, you won ’ metric ton have to stress about the houseclean march. Because it ’ sulfur dishwasher safe and durable. question : Why does my pizza keep sticking to pizza screen? answer : The answer is simple. You haven ’ thymine coated the screen with oil. Or you have washed your pizza screen door with cold saponaceous water. Either way, your pizza will stick to the pizza screen. To prevent it you can clean the sieve by burning it. Before laying the dough, make sure to apply oil .

Bottom Line

That ’ s basically it on how to use a pizza screen. Hopefully, you now know how you can utilize the tool correctly.

besides, a while of advice- It ’ second better if you don ’ triiodothyronine reuse the pizza screen door before cleaning it. Because this can make your pizza taste a snatch bitter. anyhow, we hope you ’ ll be able to use the pizza screen properly. good luck !