How to use a pizza oven: get fantastic pizzas every time

Learn how to use a pizza oven and you ‘ll soon realise there ‘s nothing like cooking your pizza in an outdoor oven. Whether friends and syndicate choose to stay indoors and watch out of the window while it cooks or come outside to join you there will be lots of happy customers. Did person mention pizza pop-up book ? Creating that authentic pizza taste is easy once you get the hang of fudge in the best pizza oven, but there are besides some quick hacks that will take your offering up to the next level. such as, did you know you should cook pizza on one side of the oven ? The heat from the floor of the oven gives it that adorable speckled crust, while the heat from the dome will cause the tall mallow to bubble but you need to be able to keep a near eye on your pizza while it cooks. then slot it in to one side and you can turn it well with the peel so it cooks evenly and you ‘ll get the best results. We ‘ve come up with five quick ways to improve your pizza oven performance, thus read on to find out how to up your game. Need some divine guidance for what to cook in your pizza oven ? Head over to our best pizza oven recipes for tasty dishes that are guaranteed to be a hit with family and friends.

What is the perfect temperature to cook a pizza in a pizza oven?

cook pizza ( prototype credit : Ooni ) high heat is necessary for making great pizza and there are many reasons for this. You want the pizza to cook completely and the tall mallow to melt, but you don ’ thymine want the oven excessively hot or the crust will burn. The optimum temperature in the pizza oven tends to be 450 to 500 degrees Celsius. For larger wood-fired pizza ovens, it ‘s broadly good to start your fire a couple of hours before you want to cook, although many smaller tabletop pizza ovens that use wood pellets as a fuel have much flying heat up astir time. There ‘s besides the option of gas-fired pizza ovens, which wo n’t require such long hotness up times either. When you cook pizza at the right temperature, the crust gets the adjust amount of crisp texture, without being brittle or dry. Another rationality to use a blisteringly hot oven is sol the cheese is evenly melted over the integral pizza. So getting the oven hot enough before you start loading the pizza in is crucial. An infrared temperature bore that accurately measures the temperature of your oven is utilitarian although as you get to know your oven you ‘ll be able to see when it ‘s ready .

What’s the best wood to use in a pizza oven?

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The wood needs to be very dry so it burns flawlessly. The best woods are seasoned hardwoods such as oak, maple, ash, beech and birch. Wood chips and woodwind pellets can besides be used as kindle and fuel provided they ’ rhenium untreated. Avoid using anything that will release hazardous chemicals, makes it hard to keep the temperature consistent, or leaves a soot build-up that presents a fire guess. If you ‘re using logs in a larger wood-fired pizza oven and want to get a dependable fire going cursorily, build a batch with the logs arranged in a criss-cross design in alternate directions and fill the central ‘well ‘ with ignition. Build your fire with wish and attend after it to get the best results with your cook. Some smaller wood shot pizza ovens come with a hopper so you can feed pellets directly into the oven as and when required to keep the flames going .

How long does it take to cook a pizza in a pizza oven?

( prototype credit : Ooni ) In a wood-fired pizza oven, it should only take one to two minutes because of the very high temperatures. These ovens are designed so that the entire pizza gets the hotness evenly and is besides cooked at a very high temperature, which doesn ’ metric ton happen in an ordinary oven. But if the temperature is not even one side of the pizza may burn while the other side remains uncooked. thus keep your eye on it and turn it two or three times using a pizza peel off until it looks appropriately bubbly .

What accessories do you need for cooking a pizza in a pizza oven?

( image credit : Morso ) You will ideally need a good couple of heavy duty gloves to protect your hands from the heat, arsenic well as midst pan holders to double up with as cook utensils get very hot. A long wield pizza peel off is a versatile accessory as you can use it for pretty a lot everything else american samoa well as pizza, including adding logs to the fire and moving embers around when you need to. A hanker handled wire brush is great for keeping the floor of the oven fairly. Our guide to the best pizza oven accessories has all the top buy for you to choose from .

Go easy on the pizza toppings

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Your pizza needs to fit on the pizza peel so resist the temptation to supersize it. Be careful how generous you are with the toppings you pile on besides. Remember you ‘ll be sliding it in and out on the pizza peel several times and you don ’ thyroxine want it shedding everywhere in the process. It ’ s always easiest to build the rolled out pizza dough immediately on a flour peel, gently stretching the boodle to fit, then adding your toppings. Ease lightly into the oven and with one fleet motion, jerk the peel second out from under the pizza. Keep your eye on it until you see the tall mallow begin to bubble. Ease the skin rear in and slide the pizza out to turn it. You may have to turn it one more fourth dimension but three turns is generally the most you ‘ll need to do. The solution ? One perfectly cooked pizza that will taste perplex !

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