How To Use An Ooni Pizza Oven (2022)


Learning how to use an Ooni pizza oven is crucial, but first base, it might be evening more important to make certain you choose the right Ooni oven that will meet your needs. If you haven ’ thyroxine yet decided on which oven is correct for you, read our, which compares the benefits of the various models. The Ooni Fyra, Ooni Koda, Ooni Karu, and Ooni Pro all have certain strengths, but your decision will boil down to which fuel choice you prefer, and how large you want your pizzas to be. Ooni pizza oven review

, which compares the benefits of the various models. The Ooni Fyra, Ooni Koda, Ooni Karu, and Ooni Pro all have certain strengths, but your decision will boil down to which fuel choice you prefer, and how large you want your pizzas to be. All are great outdoor pizza ovens, but if you are partial derivative to wood pellets and portable pizza ovens, then the Ooni Fyra is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you might need larger, 16-inch pizza, or want to experiment with multiple fuel types, then the Ooni Karu gives you the most options. The Ooni Koda is gas-powered, must be attached to a propane tank, and works best for those than want an easy setup and temperature control. All of the Ooni ovens have a maximum temperature of around 950 degrees .

How To Use An Ooni Pizza Oven

Learning how to properly use an pizza oven takes a little practice. Cooking with live fire can be frustrating if you’ve never done it before, but it also produces the best-tasting pizza on the planet. If you are a beginner trying to master an Ooni pizza oven, here are our top three tips: Ooni pizza oven takes a little practice. Cooking with live fire can be frustrating if you’ve never done it before, but it also produces the best-tasting pizza on the planet. If you are a beginner trying to master an Ooni pizza oven, here are our top three tips:

  1. Properly prepare your dough
  2. Don’t overload the toppings
  3. Attentively watch and turn your pizza

It ’ s a little more complicate than that, naturally, as we will share below, but careless of whether you have a gas-powered pizza oven, a wood-pellet pizza oven, or a more traditional wood-fired pizza oven, the first gear key is to properly make the pizza boodle. If you don ’ triiodothyronine startle with the dough, you will wind up with a awkward disappointment. only after you ’ ve prepared the properly dough will tweaking your cooking proficiency matter, but we have tips for that below angstrom well .

Ooni Pizza Oven Set-Up

Ooni pizza ovens are well-built and durable and come largely pre-assembled. They entirely require minor work to put together once taken from the corner. Each of the pizza ovens is a little unlike, but for context, my Ooni Pro took less than 15 minutes to complete assembly. Following the instructions that come with the unit should be fairly straightforward. The biggest thing to be aware of is that you should be careful with the pizza stones, so they aren ’ metric ton unintentionally broken while you unpack and move things about. The bake stones are the arrant cooking airfoil, but they won ’ thymine do you much good if they are broken. Deciding how best to set up and store your Ooni is an authoritative piece of the perplex. Unless you choose one of the portable units, it ’ s not the smallest appliance, even if it is incredibly functional. And as we ’ ve noted elsewhere, you need a solid surface where to set your Ooni. Stone and wood surfaces work absolutely, as practice stainless steel surfaces, but you should avoid setting your Ooni on glass or credit card surfaces. You may consider Ooni ’ s modular pizza cook tables. To set up most of the Ooni models, unfold or attach the branch, attach the chimney if applicable, and slide the grate and fuel tray into the back of the oven, and attach the door. If you have a gas-powered oven or multi-fuel oven, you may besides need to attach the gas burner. Ooni has several tutorial videos available, therefore be certain to follow the instructions, watch the video when helpful, for extra steering .

Using Ooni Pizza Oven For The First Time

once your Ooni is set up and you are ready to use your Ooni pizza oven for the foremost time, it is worth pausing to make certain you have all of the correct tools to bake an amazing pizza. If your Ooni doesn ’ thyroxine have a built-in thermometer, then we suggest purchasing an infrared thermometer. not only will the digital thermometer serve you monitor when the oven is quick to start fudge, but it will besides help you manage the temperature of the oven as you cook. It can be very torment to cook one pizza, have the temp plumb bob, and then need to wait for the oven to heat back up. Monitoring your oven while you cook will help prevent that. You besides need at least one, and possibly two pizza peels. We recommended a penetrate pizza peel for turning the pizza as it cooks. This skin should stay warm because it will be easier to slide the peel under the pizza and turn the crusting boodle with a warm peel off. This perforated peel off will besides be the pizza peel that you use to remove the pizza from the baking stone. The other peel could be a wooden peel off or a stainless steel sword peel. The second peel will be utilitarian for prepping and transporting your pizza to and from the pizza oven. once you are set up, have the mighty tools, and have the displace going, you will be ready to cook a beautiful pizza better than custom-built backyard pizza ovens might cook .

Making the Perfect Pizza

Making authentic fire-baked pizza is an artwork, therefore naturally, it takes a little rehearse. But the first thing you need to understand distinctly is that you will never master outdoor pizza ovens unless you first learn how to correctly make a homemade pizza. With that in mind, where do you even get started ? Well, with the right ingredients. Ooni and other pizza pros all recommend that you use true italian double-zero 00 flour. It ’ s finely grate and stretches more nicely than cheaper flour. now, at this point, some people like to briefly bake the crust before adding the perch of the ingredients. You don ’ t have to do this, but it does make it a small easier to manage the pizza once it is in the oven. To be open, most true pizza enthusiasts would be appalled at the think of you pre-cooking your boodle, but if you are just getting started, this might be worth trying. Why ? If your boodle is distillery wet, it is a little slippery to move the pizza around without some practice. If the boodle sticks at all, your ingredients will equitable make a big mess. The early thing that might happen is that your toppings may cook ( and even catch open fire ) before your boodle amply wrinkle.

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Using Ooni ’ s pizza boodle recipe will help with many of these problems, as will fourth dimension and have. You will be glad that invested in learning the deal because truthful Neapolitan-style pizza is hard to beat. Beyond the dough, be mindful of the ingredients you are loading onto your pizza. The more you add, the more difficult baking your pizza will be. not only do vegetables ( and yield, pineapple anyone ? ) add moisture to your pizza, but they besides weigh your pizza down, making it much more likely that the boodle will tear. If you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate noticed that traditional Margherita pizza and other traditional italian pizza are lighter on toppings than american pizza, look again. There might be a reason for that, as many American pizza companies use a premade crust that can more well withstand a grave ingredient load. future, use flour on your homework airfoil and on the pizza peels so that the boodle slides without sticking. Using two pizza peels, one at board temperature for homework, and another warm peel for working with the oven will besides reduce the likelihood of your peel stick. pin with these tips, and your pizza-making have will go much more smoothly than it might otherwise. Your outdoor quad may be transformed into the vicinity pizza party mecca. Truly, the arrant Neapolitan pizza is closer than you think, and if you prefer a Chicago-style pizza, with piles of fresh mozzarella, that is within reach besides .Ooni Karu 12

How Do I Bake In An Ooni Pizza Oven?

In regulate to bake the perfect pizza in an Ooni pizza oven, you inaugural have to properly prepare your boodle. As note above, if your boodle is besides awkward, you are going to have a hard time, and you might end up with a boastful mess. To start, use bivalent nothing type of flour. adjacent, use the digital thermometer you bought to make certain your oven is hot. If you get your oven above 950 degrees as Ooni recommends, then it should entirely take about 60 seconds to cook your pizza. Use a warmly pizza turning peel off to turn your pizza once center through the bake. Managing the temperature is easier with a gas-powered oven like the Ooni Koda, but we are still partial to wood-fired pizza, and consider the multi-fuel pizza ovens capital options for this reason. hera is a PRO TIP: If you lift one edge of your dough and gently blow air underneath it, you will produce an air pocket or two under the dough. In doing so, you will also spread any extra flour around under your pizza. This will help the dough slide smoothly from your pizza peel to the baking stone. PRO tip : If you lift one edge of your boodle and gently blow air underneath it, you will produce an vent pouch or two under the boodle. In doing sol, you will besides spread any extra flour around under your pizza. This will help the dough slide smoothly from your pizza skin to the baking rock. If you choose to lower the temperature on your oven for reasons previously discussed, then baking your pizza may take a little longer, but you however need to keep your oven hot, so it won ’ t take an drawn-out period of time. Keep an eye on your pizza will it cooks. naturally, tied at 700 degrees, you are exposing your pizza to extreme heat, much hotter than a traditional oven produces. Your pizza can burn in an instantaneous. by rights preparing your pizza dough, and then attentively watching and turning your pizza are two of the best tips for producing delicious pizza. The early peak to keep in mind is that you shouldn ’ thymine overload your pizza with toppings, or you are in for a bad fourth dimension .K16 - US

How Long Do You Cook Pizza In An Ooni Pizza Oven?

At its hottest temperatures, it should lone take about 60 seconds to cook your pizza in an Ooni pizza oven ; however, some people have trouble charring their pizza at this extreme temperature. If you find yourself in this boat, lower the temperature from 900 degrees down to about 750 degrees, and your pizza should silent finish cooking within a few minutes. Manage the heat and keep a alert center, because your pizza will promptly burn if you don ’ triiodothyronine .

How Do You Get The Bottom Of A Pizza Crispy?

Cooking at gamey temperatures is the best way to get the bottom of a pizza crisp. That ’ sulfur one of the independent reasons you should invest in an outdoor pizza oven if you consider yourself a pizza fan. A traditional oven doesn ’ t reach temperatures that are senior high school enough to create a crisp crust. This was one of the chief considerations we took into account when reviewing the best outdoor pizza ovens. not all ovens are created equal, and if you are looking for epic stone-baked 16-inch pizza, there is no better position to start than the Ooni Karu. Of course, the Ooni Koda and Ooni Pro are both formidable pizza makers in their own rights. Beyond investing in an outdoor pizza oven, the quality of the pizza or the pizza dough besides plays a large character. Cheap pizza that is made with low-quality ingredients or a boggy dough will be unmanageable to brown or crisp up, regardless of the pizza size .

What Temperature Do You Cook Ooni Pizza?

Ooni recommends that you bake your pizza above 900 degrees because that is the temperature that will create the crispiest crust and cook your pizza the fastest. We recommend lowering the temperature down a little spot but keeping it above 700 degrees. This will be particularly helpful if you are a founder, and will be identical easy to manage if you have a propane pizza oven such as the Ooni Koda. Why do we recommend a lower temperature ? Well, when the oven is nearing 1000 degrees, you may find that it catches fire besides easily, or burns the toppings besides easily, all while you are still dealing with raw pizza boodle. In our experience, lowering the temperature results in fewer outburst, and fewer cut toppings. This besides enables you to cook your boodle thoroughly, so that you end up with crisp pizza we all love.

As noted above, the early things to try if the outburst become a problem are to cook smaller pizza, use fewer toppings, and consider pre-cooking your crust before you add all of your toppings. In our estimate, somewhere between a 12-inch pizza and a 16-inch pizza is a perfective size anyhow. There is no reason to cover the entire baking pit with pizza boodle merely because you can .Ooni Koda 16

Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Experience

once you learn the ropes, we think you will find that an Ooni oven may be the ultimate outdoor cooking have. Start thinking outside the corner, besides, because you can cook many different foods with an Ooni oven. Start thinking beyond tasty pizza. You can cook boodle or garlic knots as an appetizer, closely any type of kernel or barbecue for an entree, and even delicious pizza desserts to top of the perfect fire-cooked meal. An Ooni may be a ample investment worth doing your research on, but an Ooni Koda offers ultimate cook operate, and the other Ooni modes provide cooking options you plainly can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate duplicate indoors. once you ’ ve mastered pizza, we recommend you purchase an Ooni cast-iron frying pan as well, because your options will expand even further .