How to Use a Brick Pizza Oven

To heat your brick pizza oven it is best to start with bum, fast burn wood like pine or cedar, whatever is local in your sphere. Be sure NOT to use laminate woods or anything that has glue holding the wood together. once your oven is heated, switch to “ thoroughly ” wood like oak. Split the wood into approximately 2 to 3 inches in diameter pieces. Do not use anything 4 inches or larger in diameter because you want to create a draw of air travel stream. The secret to a good fire is fast burning wood and a draw of air stream !

Start with putting the good wood in and pushing the fire to the back corner of the brick, exposing more surface sphere of the hearth to cook. Rake your coals over the hearth to heat the bricks as the fire builds in the back corner. Feed the fuel with good wood as you clean and sweep your fireplace. clean bricks are good ! Black oven soot is common. At 750 degrees the black soot begins to burn. After about 2.5 hours of ignition, the carbon black should burn away and leave you with a blank oven. Once the dome of the oven is absolved of black carbon black, you are ready to start cook ! Pizza in Brick Oven

An aggressive burn fuel with a flare curl over the dome with an ambient temperature of 600-750 degrees is perfect for cooking flimsy pizza – vera Napoletana pizza. Remember the flame cooks the top of the pizza while the bricks cook the penetrate ! Slip the pizza in and be sure to watch the back of the crust. Watch for the crust to start to release moisture. once you start seeing steam the pizza is ready to turn. Most pizza will be done within 3 minutes ! wood fired brick ovens can be used for more than just cooking pizza ! high heat with lower flame allows you to not merely cook dense pizza with more toppings but you can besides roast veggies, steaks and fish. An ambient temperature between 450 to 600 degrees is perfect for searing meat and browning veggies or casseroles. To roast, bring up your oven to about 700 degrees, the like temperature you would use to cook pizza. then allow the temperature to drop and the burn to burn down, but not completely out. Push the coals to the side. Your oven should have a clear dome, medium size bed of coals and a small 2 to 4 edge high flame. For short roasting times ( less than an hour ) you may leave off the oven doorway. To regulate heat for multiple hours of roasting, place the door inside the arch opening. Add little pieces of wood as needed to maintain temperature. Mild to moderate flame can be used to cook larger roasts like roast chickens and larger cuts of kernel a well as finespun appetizers. Desserts, pasta and slow roasted items can be cooked with precisely the coals. No flame required hear ! A clean and jerk hot oven without ardor or char can be used to bake boodle with exceeding crusts ! Baking normally takes place at 500 degrees and lower. To bake with your brick oven, in full fire your oven then rake the hot coals and brush out the oven. Your oven can now bake with the retained heat of the bricks in the dome and hearth. The oven can bake either one fully affluent batch of bread or multiple batches in smaller quantities. Make certain to close the door tightly against the oven open to retain heat and steam !

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There are a batch of different uses for brick ovens. From pizza to steak to dessert, everything tastes better when it ’ randomness been wood fired in an authentic Renato Brick Oven !