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How To Unlock Panasonic Microwave
Microwaves are a blessing to many of us, who love the appliance they offer and the speed they cook food .
Microwave ovens have been around for more than half a century, and there is no sign that their popularity will ever decline .
The Panasonic microwave is a popular appliance used in many homes. It provides users with all the features and functions of a high-end microwave at an low-cost monetary value. They are besides reliable and durable.

This guide will explain how to unlock a Panasonic microwave in easy steps so you can get it working again !
How To Unlock Panasonic Microwaves?
Usually, when you see the LOCK/CHILD on display, this is the child lock feature, and it has been turned on. To unlock your Panasonic microwave, hit the Stop/Cancel button three times in a row. 
After unlocking, the time of the day or the colon sign will reappear on the display screen of your microwave.

The Child Lock Feature

The Child Lock feature on Panasonic Microwave Oven is a condom lock that prevents the child from operating the oven or any unintentional operation of the microwave without your supervision .
When this feature is on, the child will not operate any of the buttons on the microwave. This is bang-up for keeping kids safe and preventing them from getting hurt by by chance opening the door while it ’ second even running or pressing the power button .

Turning On The Child Lock

To lock, press the “ start ” button three times in a row. The time display will disappear, and the “ LOCK or L ” bless will appear on the screen. No other buttons will work until it ’ s turned off .

How To Set The Time On A Panasonic Microwave Oven

There is nothing like cooking dinner and having your microwave oven not work. It ’ s the worst. normally, you ’ ll get a push of a few buttons, and then you ’ ll be able to cook dinner .
however, if it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sour, don ’ triiodothyronine panic. You can set the time on a microwave oven with barely a few elementary steps .

  1. When not using the microwave, push the [ Clock/Timer ] button twice. The colon sign : is going to blink. The clock clitoris will show 0:00 .
  2. Using the count computer keyboard, enter the time of day .
  3. Press the [ Clock/Timer ] button to finish specify, and the colon signboard will cease dart .

key points to remember ;

  • The first thing you should know is that not all microwaves are the same .
  • There are besides unlike ways of setting a specific time to start cooking your food .
  • Repeat the procedures above if you want to reset the clock .
  • a long as the oven is plugged in and power is available, the clock will keep chase of the clock .
  • The clock shows the time in 12-hour increments .
  • While the colon : is flashing, the oven will not work .

Panasonic Inverter Microwave

The Panasonic Inverter Microwave Oven is a countertop microwave with many advance functions and features, which gives it the ability to cook food faster than regular microwaves .
This microwave can reheat, defrost, and cook food, offering respective options in a straightforward interface .
There are seven preset cooking modes : popcorn, potato, pizza, beverage, vegetable/fruit, custom-made, and car cook .
The presets are the most helpful feature of this microwave because they offer excellent results with minimal effort .
This is specially helpful for users who don ’ triiodothyronine want to fuss with the complicate settings and modes .
The Panasonic Inverter Microwave Oven has a small inside, but this is coarse for microwaves in this price range. The internal size measures 0.8 cubic feet, adequate space for cooking an average meal .
The glaze turntable inside can hold up to 2 pounds of food, while the auto-cook menu will automatically rotate the food to cook it evenly .
The Panasonic Inverter Microwave has a detector that detects steam, which allows you to cook rice and vegetables without overcooking them .
This feature besides prevents food from becoming doughy or dried out, which can happen with microwaves that use besides much water .

What’s The Difference Between Panasonic Inverter Microwave And Regular Microwave?

The fundamental deviation between a Panasonic Inverter Microwave and a regular microwave is how they generate microwaves.

A regular microwave uses a little magnetron to generate microwaves, whereas an Inverter Microwave uses an Inverter arrangement .
A magnetron is a vacuum tube that converts direct electricity into high-frequency alternating current ( AC ) ( DC ) .
The process of magnetron production requires the use of high frequency alternating electric currents. For exemplar, a circuit that generates 50-60 Hz AC could create the magnetron .

How Do You Turn Off Noise In A Panasonic Inverter Microwave?

Begin by examining the control panel to see whether you can silence your microwave. Take a careful look, but first, double-check the pursuit :

  • look for a button labeled “ Sound. ”
  • Hold down the 1 or 0 key .
  • Hold down the Stop or Cancel button .

You can not turn off the beeping strait on any regular Panasonic microwave oven. When pushing buttons, there could be unintentional misoperation .
however, you ’ ll find the operate on instructions for each model in the manual and will include complete information about beep noises .

Error Codes On Your Panasonic Microwave

Panasonic microwaves have many error codes that can appear on display. Some are harmless and easy to reset, and some mean serious trouble .
You ’ ll have an mind of the problem most of the time before you evening look at the display, but sometimes it can be a little confuse. If you get an mistake code, try to troubleshoot it before calling for service .
This scout gives you a flying reference template to help you pinpoint your problem and get you on your way to fixing that microwave so you can stop standing there staring at it like an idiot .
Keep in mind that several mistake codes pertain to unlike parts of the microwave .

  • Stop using the microwave, disconnect it, and call an Authorized Panasonic Service Center if you see any of the following error messages. H00, H20, H30, H32, H39, H90, H95, H96, H97, H98, E-01, E05, E06, E08, H99 Service, U65

The messages listed below do not require serve. here ’ s a guide to decoding them :

“Fill The Water Tank”

The water tank is wholly depleted. Refill the water cooler, return the oven to its original put, and weight-lift the Start button to resume cooking .

Refer To Operating Instructions

This admonition appears when the MWO is initially plugged in. If the Microwave Oven ( MWO ) loses office ( home power outage/circuit breaker/fuse corner ) or exponent is interrupted, the microwave will default to the manufacturer ’ mho presets .
Reset the clock and do any basic setup tasks .


This implies that the fan is powering on to cool the electric components. After the fan stops, the phrase “ COOLING ” will vanish. This is standard operation .


The U90 Drain water affair has been used three times in a row


The water system tank is completely depleted. Refill the water tank and place the oven back in the oven ; press the [ Stop/Reset ] launching pad to reset .


The U50 oven has overheated .


This erroneousness indicates that the microwave did an improper operation during its program. For exemplify, you pressed an faulty release, or a button was not available in the present program – Refer to your engage Instructions for promote information .
If this mistake occurs while the MWO is cooking, it suggests an consequence with the microwave. Stop using the microwave and call a Panasonic Authorized Service Center .

“Hot Outside Or Hot Inside Wait”

Because of past habit, the oven temperature is excessively high ( the cavity is overheated ), and it can not establish an car program. You may still manually specify the Cooking mode and clock time. Please wait for it to cool down .


The child lock feature of speech has been turned on. To unlock the Child Lock, hit the Stop/Cancel button three times in a row .

E4 Error

This error is reasonably standard on Panasonic microwaves, which means the thermistor could be greasy .
Try a cold reset first by unplugging the oven for a few minutes and then attempting again. If it doesn ’ thyroxine solve the problem, the thermistor is most likely to blame .
The oven would have to be removed from the wall so that you could remove the outside wrap, and then the detector could be removed and cleaned.

A docile abrasion with the toothpick or soaking it in hot water may be effective. just make certain it ’ s dried out before reinstalling it .


These tips should be much easier for you to learn how to unlock Panasonic microwaves ! Taking your microwave aside and fixing it yourself is a bad estimate. You have to be careful when working with parts that run on electricity .
And even if you manage to get the microwave back together, there ’ s no guarantee that it will work properly or be safe. It ’ s better to call in the pros at Panasonic Microwave Repair Services .