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  • With so many topping choices and several different pizza makers in your store, you need a plan for delivering the best, most consistent pizza every time.
  • It starts with correctly prepping your products so your staff can handle busy periods more smoothly. 

Related: Train your employees to apply pizza cheese correctly and consistently  It ’ s the question that turns about everyone into a liar : “ What do you want on your pizza ? ” If you had a dollar for every time person responded, “ I don ’ triiodothyronine care—I ’ ll eat anything, ” you ’ d be fat. The accuracy is, everybody cares, and this gets rise a soon as the pizza arrives and everyone starts picking off the toppings they don ’ triiodothyronine like. Toppings very do count. And it ’ mho crucial to the cover success of your pizzeria that the compensate toppings are placed on the proto-indo european in the adjust portions—and that they are distributed evenly around the entire pizza, every unmarried time. Your boodle, your sauce and your cheese make every pizza individually yours. That congress of racial equality recipe helps set you apart from your contest. When your customer adds his option of toppings, it becomes his pizza. If you offer 10 top choices, that gives your customers hundreds of thousands of possible combinations ! With indeed many choices and several different pizza makers working in your store, you need a design for creating consistency that includes expectations, train, tools, tips and techniques to deliver the very best, most consistent pizza to your customers every time they orderliness.

This plan needs to be across-the-board, from initial expectations to execution, resulting in the arrant pizza for the customer. It should include :

  • Proper ordering and receiving
  • Correct dating of all products
  • Shelf life knowledge and tracking
  • Proper and consistent prepping practices
  • Fully stocked work stations
  • Tools (portion guides, prep work sheets and scales)
  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Consistent portions
  • Itemization order
  • Proper distribution
  • Visual final inspection
  • Controlling Inventory

Creating big pizza begins when you place an order with your supplier. You should have a system in topographic point that tracks your inventory so you can determine what to order. The adjacent step is to by rights forecast your business needs for the approaching food delivery. And you or your coach should be at the restaurant when the order arrives, ready to check it in and ensure that you received everything you ordered ( and nothing you didn ’ triiodothyronine order ). As you check in the order, all of your items should be marked with a “ received ” date and then by rights rotated after you put them away. To maintain the highest-quality product, it ’ second important to keep a stream list of all ingredients and their useable shelf lives. You should make this list available to your staff, and everyone on your team should regularly check the ledge lives of all products. With proper edge-to-edge itemize, that last memorable bite will hush have all of the great-tasting toppings that the customer ordered, creating a satisfy pizza experience and ensuring his repeat business .

Perfect Prepping

correctly prepping your products allows staff to handle those busy times more smoothly. consistency in prepping will help you attain your finish of consistency to your customer. You ’ ll want to implement standard operating procedures for everything you prep and place homework work sheets at all exercise stations to support your kitchen training regimen. Scales should besides be utilized at the homework place to ensure consistency of product. additionally, we want to keep our customers dependable. We ’ re food handlers, and that is a huge province. Make sure you train your team members on proper prepping techniques that will prevent them from cross-contaminating any food items, particularly if you offer gluten-free fare. All prepped products should be dated. And keep in mind that a product ’ sulfur shelf animation typically changes once it has been opened. Proper shelf liveliness management will keep your merchandise bracing and your customers safe and felicitous. Read on Pizza, pop-ups and punk rock with Chris Bertke

As rush time approaches, your study stations should be in full stocked and fix to go. They should be stocked not only with product but with scales, all of the necessary utensils, ocular aids ( such as dowry charts and homework bring sheets ) and, of course, well-trained, energetic team members. arsenic basic as all of this sounds, it won ’ thymine good happen on its own—it requires a cautiously considered plan, execution and continuous follow-up. As the owner of the shop, it ’ s your job to set expectations for the perfect pizza and communicate those expectations to your staff. proper training sets, calibrates and reinforces your expectations. ocular job aids, such as part charts, support your expectations, as practice posters that depict your vision of the “ perfect pizza. ” ( offers absolve customizable part templates to its customers. )

Item by Item

now it ’ s time to get down to the nuts and bolts of listing, so that each customer receives a pizza that is uniquely his own. listing requires consistent and proper assign, consistent and proper distribution of toppings, and consistent ordain of listing. Once the portions have been set and the team members trained, you should perform periodic checks to ensure that your standards for consistency are being met and to ensure proper monetary value management. Every pizza should be looked at before it goes in the oven and before you close the box. besides much food on the pizza means decrease margins ; besides little food on the pizza means decrease top-line sales ! In other words, consistent assign is a driving component in your continue success. To make sure you get it right, portioning should be done by counting directly meats ( such as pepperoni and sliced ham ), using a bowl and a plate to weigh every detail. No “ guesstimating ” should be allowed ! Train your employees to take the clock, utilize the tools and get a handle on portioning techniques. Portion distribution is just arsenic authoritative as portioning. Center loading is a common mistake amongst pizza makers. here, the employee distributes all of the toppings toward the center of the pizza, leaving the edges with nothing but dough, sauce and tall mallow. But most of us eat pizza from the center to the crust. With proper edge-to-edge itemize, that death memorable pungency will still have all of the great-tasting toppings that the customer ordered, creating a comforting pizza feel and ensuring his repeat business. Topping order makes a difference, excessively. To deliver consistent results, the pizza godhead should always put the toppings on the pizza in the like decree every time. Some of the best pizza makers in the business use this order as a general guidepost :

  • Flat Meats
  • Flat Vegetables
  • Bulky Meats
  • High-Moisture Vegetables
  • Extra Cheese
  • Raw meats

Following these guidelines provides a consistent search for every pie and ensures that all of the toppings are properly cooked. To help out your pizza makers, set up your reach table in that club and provide ocular aids to jog their memories. Practice makes arrant pizza makers, so here ’ s one more hypnotism : Organize itemizing competitions for your gang during slow times. Place a clean sheet of parchment paper on a screen and see how fast your pizza makers can properly fortune and distribute toppings. Make it fun, create a scoreboard, and prize prizes. By emphasizing your expectations for quality and consistency and following up routinely to enforce your standards, you ’ ll instill the hope for quality and consistency in your pizza makers vitamin a well. This article by Dan Risner, the now-retired president of PizzaSkool, was originally published in the March 2014 issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine.