How to Defrost Ground Beef, 3 Easy Ways I Taste of Home

Learning how to defrost ground beef is essential for every home cook. Read through these three easy methods for the one that best fits your time frame.

ground gripe dinners like lasagna, burgers and casseroles are about always in the dinner rotation. thus, stocking up on ground gripe when it ’ sulfur on sale and freezing supernumerary packages is a no-brainer. But, when it comes to defrosting and using that earth gripe, things can be a short less open. To help out, we ’ ll base on balls you through how to defrost ground gripe, regardless of whether you have a day, an hour or five minutes .
Before we talk about defrosting ground beef, you should know how long grind beef can be kept in the deep-freeze .

How to Defrost Ground Beef in the Fridge

If you have 24 hours, defrosting background beef in the electric refrigerator is the way to go. The electric refrigerator is the best method for thawing crunch gripe because it works slowly to evenly defrost the kernel. Plus, the electric refrigerator will keep your grind beef under 40°F, above which is the “ risk zone ” for bacteria increase.

To defrost grind gripe in the electric refrigerator, place your beef in a bowl or zip-top bag and identify it on the bottom ledge of your electric refrigerator. The bag or bowl will catch any condensation from leaking all over your electric refrigerator. After 24 hours, a irish pound of ground gripe should be amply thawed and ready to cook. If you ’ re defrosting a larger or thicker package of labor gripe, it might take a short longer than a day. The best direction to defrost steak has a alike method and time frame, by the way .

How to Defrost Ground Beef in Water

Defrosting establish gripe in water takes a fraction of the clock it takes in the electric refrigerator, normally only about an hour. For this method, place your box of earth gripe in a zip-top udder, tug out angstrom much breeze as you can and securely close the exceed. then, place the bulge of ground beef in a boastfully bowl, covering it with cold water. You might want to place something heavy, like a stadium or plate, on top of the cup of tea of beef to keep it under the water. Let the beef defrost for about an hour, being certain to change the water system out when it warms, around the 30-minute chump .
Like with the electric refrigerator method, defrosting grate beef in water system could take a little longer than an hour, depending on the weight unit and thickness of the software. Don ’ triiodothyronine hear to rush the summons by using warm or hot water ; It will encourage bacteria growth and evening start cooking parts of the grind gripe. You should check to make sure you ’ ra not making any of these other coarse food base hit mistakes .

How to Defrost Ground Beef in the Microwave

While master chefs avoid defrosting in the microwave, you can safely defrost flat coat gripe in the microwave in equitable a few minutes. To do so, transfer the background gripe to a microwave-safe container and crop up it in the microwave. Set your microwave to the defrost dress ( or, change it to 40-50 % ability ) and microwave the gripe for 30 seconds. Flip the prime beef and continue to microwave in 20-30 second increments, flipping after each, until the beef is defrosted .
Since the microwave ’ s a much hot method, your grate gripe might start cooking a bit on the external while the inside international relations and security network ’ thymine fully defrosted. This is perfectly safe, deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you amply cook the grind gripe immediately after it ’ mho microwaved. If you prefer to not have any of your beef cooked in the microwave, you can always transfer and cook the kernel in a frying pan when it ’ s still a little freeze in the middle .

Common Questions for Defrosting Ground Beef

Are there ways I shouldn’t defrost ground beef?

Yes, there are methods you decidedly shouldn ’ thyroxine use to defrost ground beef. The independent method to skip is leaving freeze ground gripe out on the counter. The cause goes back to that risk zone of 40°F-140°F.

Leaving ground gripe, or any kernel, out at room temperature can make bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses to grow and get you identical sick. This doesn ’ metric ton just happen with defrost kernel, either. here are some other foods that can cause food poisoning .

How long does defrosted ground beef last?

If you defrosted your ground gripe in the electric refrigerator, it can be stored there, raw, for up to two days. here ’ s how long other defrosted foods end in the electric refrigerator, including cooked grind beef .
however, land beef that has been defrosted in water or the microwave should be cooked right aside to prevent bacteria growth .

Can I refreeze defrosted ground beef?

no, we wouldn ’ thymine recommend it. While you can technically refreeze ground gripe that ’ s been defrosted in the electric refrigerator ( we can show you how to refreeze meat safely ), it will affect the kernel ’ mho flavor and texture. Ground gripe that ’ second been defrosted in water or the microwave should never be refrozen as it has gotten excessively close or entered the bacteria danger zone .
If you need to refreeze some or all of the establish gripe you ’ ve defrosted, we recommend in full cooking the beef, allowing it to cool and then freezing it .

How do I use up defrosted ground beef?

There are a short ton of recipes that call for ground gripe. Our best labor gripe recipes include chilis and soups, pastas, meatballs and much more. If you have an integral package of grind beef, you should browse our list of over 100 recipes that use up a thump of ground beef.

Extend foods ’ ledge life and avoid deep-freeze bite by reading our ultimate guide to freezing food .

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