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Don ’ t precisely think of overact as a vacation meal ! Stock up when they are on sale, and store them in your deep-freeze. Keep read for some tips on how to thaw a ham .
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How to Thaw a Ham

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Most hams that you buy at the grocery store store are in not frozen. They are refrigerated, and ready to cook. ( Or are fully-cooked and ready to heat up, depending on the type of ham. But ham freeze actually well ! Around hera, we chiefly think of ham as a holiday dish, which means that we eat a lot of it in November and December, and again at Easter. But you can buy a ham or two to freeze when they are on sale, and have a ham any time you want ! The only trick is to be sure you ’ re thawing the ham safely .
Hams are like turkeys – they are big pieces of meat, and they can take a set of time to thaw. Your average ham is around 9-12 pounds, so they do take up less room in your refrigerator than a 12-18 pound turkey. But you do still need to plan ahead to get the overact thawed in clock time to cook it .
There are three safe ways to thaw ham .

Thaw Ham In the Refrigerator

This is the safe way to thaw ham, but it takes the longest. The temperature in your refrigerator ( between 34-38 degrees F, or 1-3 degrees C ) is warm enough to let your overact thaw, but still cold enough that any bacteria on your ham won ’ t wake up to have a party just so far .
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The ham should be on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator. place it inside a pan with a brim to catch any drips that might happen during thawing. ( A bake sheet like this one works well. Or if your ham will fit in a smaller pan, try a 9×13 bake pan. ) Keeping your ham inside a container and on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator will minimize the luck of any cross-contamination of other foods in your refrigerator .

Thaw Ham in a Cooler

If you don ’ thyroxine have space inside your refrigerator, you can thaw your ham inside a cooler ! home the ham in a cool, and set the cooler somewhere out of the way ( ideally somewhere that is a little cool ). Monitor the temperature inside the cool ; if it starts to rise to 40 degrees F or above, add ice packs to keep the temperature between 35-40 degrees F ( 1-4 degrees C ). I like these swallow coolers ( it ’ s how I thaw our turkey ). Styrofoam coolers work well besides. You can pop the goal of a probe thermometer right through the english of the cool to monitor the temperature. then set the alarm to alert you if the temperature reaches 40 degrees F, so you know to add some ice packs !
use a meat thermometer and a styrofoam cooler to safely thaw a frozen ham

Ham thawed in the refrigerator can stay refrigerated for 3-5 days before cooking. It can be refrozen if you decide not to cook it within that meter .

Thaw Ham In Cold Water

If you forgot to take your ham out of the deep-freeze in clock, you can besides thaw it in cold water. The urine does have to be cold. If you use warm or hot water, the temperature of the outside of the ham will reach 40 degrees F ( 4 degrees C ) and above well before the inside of the ham is thawed. Temperatures above 40 degrees F ( 4 degrees C ) encourage bacterial growth, and could set your family up for food poison .
To thaw a ham in cold water, make sure that the ham is securely wrapped in an airtight cup of tea. If the kernel is exposed to the thaw body of water, it could absorb some of that water. This will change the taste and texture of your ham. Any bacteria award in the water or the kitchen could besides contaminate the ham .
once your ham is securely wrapped, plug the slump, place the ham inside the sink, and fill the sink with cold water system. Drain the cesspool and change the water every 30 minutes .
Ham should be cooked immediately after thawing in cold water. Ham thawed in cold water should not be refrozen .

Thaw Ham In the Microwave

In a pinch, you could besides thaw a ham in a microwave. This method acting is not typically recommended, particularly for larger pieces of kernel like hams, turkeys, and roasts. The outside of the kernel will start to cook before the at heart is thawed, giving you an unevenly cook while of kernel. Parts may be over-cooked and dry, while other parts may be cooked just proper .
If you do plan to use your microwave to thaw a ham, follow the manufacturer ’ mho recommendations on your model, and use the defrost settings. Ham should be cooked immediately after thawing in the microwave. Ham thawed in the microwave should not be refrozen .

How Long to Thaw Ham

You should plan on 4-5 hours of thawing time for each pound of ham ( and astir to 7 hours per pound if you have a ham that ’ s larger than 10-11 pounds ). A 10-pound ham will take 50-70 hours to thaw, or 2-3 days in the refrigerator or in a cooler.

Using the cold water method acting, design for about 30 minutes for each pound of ham. ( So a 10-pound ham would take about 5 hours to thaw. )
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