What a Pizza Cutter Taught Me About Frugality and Minimalism

Earlier this class, we experienced a culinary tragedy – our pizza cutter broke. Our initial reaction was to go out and buy a successor, but we were in the middle of our Nothing New Year challenge so we held off. A few days passed, then a week, then a calendar month. We hadn ’ metric ton replaced the pizza cutter and somehow, amazingly, we were still surviving .
The truth was, we didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate very use the pizza tender all that much. It only came out when we had take-and-bake pizza or made quesadillas and neither of those had made the meal plan in a while .
I supposed that some of this was because we didn ’ t have a pizza cutter, so subconsciously we might have been avoiding the meals that we ’ five hundred find ourselves stuck on .
After a copulate months, we had forgotten all about the unfilled quad in our kitchen drawer where our beloved pizza cutter used to reside. But that forgetfulness led us into a tough situation.

One day after work, we were all exhausted and ready for syndicate pizza and movie night. I was hoping to save a few dollars ( and had forgotten about our deplorably inadequate kitchenware situation ), thus I stopped by a take-and-bake pizza shop and picked up a couple pizza .
When I got home, I popped them in the oven and when the timer went off, I pulled them out, set them on the counter, and went to our kitchen drawer to grab our pizza cutter .
I opened the drawer and realized my mistake .
I had three athirst kids and a hungry wife waiting in the living room with the movie queued up and ready to play and here I was with two uncut, unservable pizza .
It was time to either be a champion or a huge disappointment .
As the girls escalated their queries of “ Is the pizza fix however ? ”, I fumbled through the draftsman looking for a solution .
“ Just a minute… ” I said, trying to stall .
Standard mesa knives were besides dull. Our serrate knives would make a batch of everything. I flush debated pulling out my swiss army knife, but then last I saw my solution .
Chef's knife
A chef ’ s knife was the perfective suit. The blade was sharp, smooth, and long enough that I could credibly cut the pizza without besides much difficulty .
I gave it a eddy and a few moments by and by, I was walking out to the live room with plates wax of pizza and a smile of pride on my face .
As we watched the movie, I reflected back on what I had learned about minimalism and frugality from our near-disaster of a pizza and movie night .

What I Learned From My Pizza Cutter

We fill our homes with specialize items

many of the items in our homes are fabulously specialize. I used to have an compulsion with kitchen gadgets : garlic presses, melon scoops, corn kernelers, pineapple corers and more. I was amazed at the knickknack and optimization that each of these provided .
I marveled at the design and technology behind each and the creativity, but most of these would have been frivolous purchases because we don ’ thyroxine truly need that degree of specialization .

many specialized items are pleonastic

Our chef ’ s knife cuts pizza about 90 % adenine well as an actual pizza stonecutter. ( For more accurate numbers, please send me release pizza and I ’ ll do the examination required to figure out the demand phone number )
It takes an extra moment to cut and a shred more weapon persuasiveness, but we ’ ra not precisely running a pizza target hera.

If we were, I ’ vitamin d be all for getting the most optimize pizza cutter around .
But for the 2-3 times a calendar month we ’ five hundred actually use one, our chef ’ s knife is more than good adequate .

redundancy is costly

A surrogate pizza stonecutter would only set us back $ 13, but if you consider all the excess items in your home, the sum price of redundancy is a hale batch higher .
When we registered for our marry, we had no mind what we needed, so we used the store ’ s register steer to help “ educate ” us .
One of the most absurd things that came out of this was us registering for 72 unlike pieces of glassware .
We got 8 pilsner glasses, 8 margarita glasses, 8 martini glasses, 8 red wine, 8 white wine, 16 tall tumblers, and 16 short tumblers .
All told, the cost of glassware on our register was over $ 600 and because of our generous guests, we got all of it .
But we were barely two people .
Two people that didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have any hope to host big dinner parties. Two people that didn ’ t even like margaritas, martini, or white wine .
Two people that are perfectly happy drinking beer from the bottle and wine from a regular old glass tumbler .
We got $ 500 in pleonastic glassware on our register and that $ 500 could have been put to much better habit .

Questions to help you identify and eliminate redundancy

If you want to figure out what ’ south excess in your home, use these questions as a usher :

  • How often do I use this item?
  • How well does the task this item is used for need to be done?
  • Is this item used for other things as well, or specialized for this purpose?
  • If it broke right now, could I find another way to finish what I’m doing?

Other redundant things we’ve eliminated

Using this think, we ’ ve eliminated quite a bit more from our lives, which saves us on substitution costs and on clutter. here are a few examples :
Microwave and Toaster – we have been able to heat and reheat all of our food using just our oven and stove peak for the stopping point 18 months !
Jackets – we used to have multiple jackets to cover the unlike seasons and unlike occasions ( dress-up, dress-down ). immediately, Jaime and I each own one adept, warm winter jacket that looks dainty enough .
Dress shoes and clothes – there ’ s no need to own both black dress shoes and brown dress shoes if you fair pick one color and invest. We picked black, so we were able to get rid of my brown shoes, khaki pants, and brown belts .
Can Opener – remember that swiss army knife I mentioned in the first place ? We use that alternatively for the one or two times a month we need it.

What redundant things could you eliminate from your life?

If you ’ re looking to simplify your life and save yourself from future purchases, take a look at how the things you own can be used in different ways. Consider what you own that ’ randomness excess and see what you can do without .
You ’ ll find your space less clutter and your bank accounts a act broad .
What specialized or pleonastic items do you have in your life ? Which of these are sincerely worth it to you and which ones could you do without ?