Storing Your Pizza The Right Way To Keep It Fresh And Tasty

Storing Your Pizza The Right Way To Keep It Fresh And Tasty

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Delivery pizza is a popular and tasty meal that you can often get for a great deal. Because this food typically comes in large portions, you can eat it for dinner and then for breakfast or lunch the following day. In orderliness to enjoy your pizza for more than one meal, it must be stored properly. Leaving this food at room temperature can help promote the emergence of bacteria. several of the ingredients that are normally placed on pizza, like meat, cheese, and vegetables, can harbor dangerous bacteria if it is not stored properly. The best direction to keep pizza fresh is to follow the food storage guidelines provided by the Department of Agriculture. These include keeping the food warm or cold, and reheating it by rights the following time you go to eat it .

Keep your pizza warmed up

You should store your delivery pizza in the oven if you will be eating it soon after it arrives. This will keep it strong and lower the prospect of bacterial emergence. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases says that bacteria are most probable to multiply between the temperatures of 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you leave your pizza out on the counter, it is likely to cool below 140 degrees promptly and develop bacteria .

Cool or freeze your pizza

If you have leftovers, put your food in the refrigerator or deep-freeze within two hours of delivery or preferably. Your deep-freeze should be set at zero degrees Fahrenheit, which stops bacteria growth. however, bacteria will begin to grow as you thaw this meal. You can help prevent this by putting your food in the electric refrigerator to thaw. Your electric refrigerator should be set at 40 degrees F or lower to prevent bacteria from growing while the pizza is stored .

Safely reheating your pizza

You should heat your pizza up to 165 degrees when reheating it. Use a cook thermometer to check the internal temperature of your meal. Besides making your food hot and tasty, heating it to 165 degrees kills off bacteria that grew your food before or after delivery. When using the microwave to heat your leftovers, be aware that all parts of the pizza may not reach 165 degrees ascribable to odd inflame. Make surely to check your food with a thermometer every time you reheat it.

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Knowing when you need to throw leftovers away

You should only keep delivery pizza in your refrigerator for three to four days after manner of speaking. The best way to store pieces of pizza in the electric refrigerator is to lay them out in a single layer in a cover storehouse dish. You do not want to stack pieces on clear of one another, as this creates more room for bacterial emergence .
This meal will stay well in the deep-freeze for at least one to two months, but it may start to taste strange after that length of time. If your might goes away, pizza will stay fresh for two days in a separate full deep-freeze. According to the USDA, if you do not open the deep-freeze door, pizza will stay good to eat for one day in a half-full deep-freeze .

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