5 Clever Ways to Use a Pizza Stone and Store It Correctly

When we want to bake delicious loaves of boodle and pizza, a pizza stone is one of the best kitchen tools you can find. A clay pizza stone besides called a bake stone, allows you to make Italian-style pizza and bread with crisp crusts and relish good enough to have come from a commercial pizza oven. The best fudge stones put up flush heat across the entire oven and make any baking experience a better one .
It ’ randomness essential to know how to use a pizza stone if you want to make delightful pizza crusts and move on to the bake big leagues. But what is a baking stone, and how do we use it to cook pizza ? We will answer those questions and help you get the best function out of your pizza stone .
We go over the top tips for baking stone care, and we show you how to use a baking rock to produce tasty and gorgeous broil goods. Your family will love your pizza and bread when you master your pizza stone, and we ’ ra here to get you there !
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Using a Pizza Stone in the Oven

Using a broil stone is elementary, but you need to make sure to care for it by rights. Because pizza stones are made from porous clay and are heat medium, be careful not to damage your baking stone during the heat process, and you should take worry to use the correct gear when adding and removing food items .
In this section, we look at pizza stone instructions for proper use in the oven, including during the preheat and throughout the baking serve. We take a expect at your baking stone ’ s ideal temperature range, and we examine the arrant tools for handling food around your stone .


When you work with bake stones for cooking pizza, it ’ s not enough to know the answer to the question, “ What is a pizza rock ? ” You need to know how to treat your stone to avoid damaging it and to get the most out of it. That includes the preheat, which is crucial to keeping your stones utilitarian and healthy .
Pizza stones work well in hot temperatures. If you plan to place food items directly on your rock, make surely that the stone is at least 450°F, and an oven temperature of 500° or higher is ideal .
Always heat the gem in a cold oven, as placing a cold pizza stone in a hot oven can cause thermal jolt and break your pizza stone into pieces. When making a deep serve pizza, be certain to heat a cast iron pan on top of the baking stone .

Baking with a Pizza Stone

When you bake with a pizza stone, use the proper kitchen tools to avoid damaging the stone and the food. Using the incorrect gear can scratch your baking stone or solution in ill cooked food. fortunately, many foods normally baked on a pizza stone have specialized equipment for the undertaking .
While it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate happen often, sometimes your pizza sauce may leak off your pizza and the stone onto the floor of the oven. If this happens, you can take caution of cleaning an oven without baking sodium carbonate and use another solution after the oven cools .

Baking Stone Tools

  • Baking stone
  • Large spatula or peel for pizza
  • Wooden peel for bread
  • Hot pads or gloves
  • Cast iron pan for deep dish

tb1234 Wearing the gloves, slide the pizza peel off or spatula under the boodle or pizza boodle, or remove the heated draw iron pan and place the dough in it. Open the oven door, and slide the spatula, skin or shed cast-iron pan onto the stone .
If you ’ re using a skin or spatula, use a promptly flip motion to move the food detail onto the stone, and remove the tool from the oven. Repeat the process to remove the adust item. Practice will improve your technique .

Pizza Stone Cleaning and Storage

immediately that you ’ ve used your baking rock and gotten it all dirty, it ’ south meter to clean it up to get it cook for the future go-round. Knowing the best way to clean a pizza stone is a vital skill to have and can mean the remainder between damaging your gearing and long-run regular consumption .
In this part, we give you recommendations on how to clean your baking stone while making indisputable not to cause damage. We look at the best room to clean off baked-on tall mallow and early stubborn spots, and we offer drying and storage suggestions a well as showing you how to use baking pop, which works as both a pizza stone clean and an organic oven cleaner.

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Cooling and Scraping

After your pizza stone has finished its baking duties for the day, give it a thoroughly cleaning. however, be certain to allow your baking stone to cool to room temperature before starting the houseclean march. Doing so will prevent thermal shock and will besides let you avoid burns on your hands !

Cooling and Scraping Equipment

  • 1 small plastic spatula
  • Hot pads or gloves
  • Paper towels or soft cloth

tb1234 Open your oven doorway, and delay at least a half hour or more before removing the stone. It ’ randomness best to err on the slope of caution, so you should wear gloves in case the gem is hush hot. Remove the stone, and use the spatula to gently scrape away any baked-on food .

Cleaning a Baking Stone

When it ’ south time to clean your stone, remember that it ’ sulfur made of clay and will drink up any water or other liquids with which it comes in contact. With that in judgment, never use cup of tea soap to clean a baking stone. Use only water or broil pop, and take wish not to scrub your stone with sword wool or other hard, harsh clean tools .
want to know how to clean countertops ? This bake sodium carbonate solution will work for that undertaking and other clean situations throughout the home plate, besides !

Pizza Stone Cleaning

  • 2-3 cups of water
  • 1-3 tbsp baking soda
  • 1 stone brush

tb1234 To bass clean a pizza stone, get the stone wet with the water, but don ’ thymine souse it. Sprinkle the baking sodium carbonate on rugged stains, and use the gem brush to scrub the entire pizza baking stone. Pay detail attention to areas with baked-on stains. rinse with scavenge water, and reprise if needed .

Drying and Storage

immediately that you ’ ve cleaned your pizza rock correctly make sure that you allow it to dry properly and store it safely. These steps might not seem american samoa valuable as some of the earlier ones, but proper dry and storage will extend your pizza stone ’ second life sentence indefinitely .
Allow your pizza stone to vent dry wholly before using it again. Never dry your baking stone in the oven, as sudden heat can turn the water inside your stone to steam and shatter your beautiful pizza stone. Store the stone in a cleanse, well-ventilated area, or on the bottom rack in the oven .

Dos and Don’ts

If you store your stone in the oven between uses, you ’ ll find that it provides excellent and even heat distribution. however, do not place baking sheets directly on the stone .
Most of us know that it is all-important to know how to season a cast iron pan if you have one. You can very damage the draw iron if it is not season and your food won ’ triiodothyronine taste the like. however, it is evenly crucial to never try seasoning a pizza pit as you would cast iron. alternatively of helping the stone, the olive vegetable oil and other vegetable oils will soak into the stone and produce fastball during cooking, sol avoid using them on the stone.

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never home freeze pizza on a hot stone to prevent thermal shock – cook freeze pizza on pizza pans. Do not use a pizza stonecutter on the stone ; remove the pizza before cutting it .
We hope you enjoyed the information on how to use a pizza stone. A good pizza stone will make your life easier and let you cook brick oven style pizza, indeed knowing how to use a baking stone, or even what is a baking stone, is an significant skill to acquire. With our help, your bread will be tastier, your pizza will be crispier, and your family will be happier !
Learn how to use a pizza stone without a video! We show you how to use you stone in the oven for baking homemade pizza, and we give you awesome cleaning tips on how to remove stains using baking soda and water and stain removers but without vinegar or Dawn dish soap! #pizza #pizzastone #bakingstone(evgenyb/chas53/123rf.com) Thank you for reading our guide on using a bake stone. If you thought our tips on how to use a pizza stone were helpful, we ’ vitamin d appreciate it if you would share this pizza stone care guide with your friends and family on Facebook and Pinterest .