Cleaning Your Haakaa Products

Something that we get asked a lot by our mums is “ What ’ s the best way to clean my Haakaa gear ? ” With then many options, suggestions and recommendations from other parents, it can get super confusing – particularly if you ’ re a first-time mum ! But no concern – here ’ s our easy-to-follow scout to help answer all your questions about washing and sterilising your Haakaa essentials .
How do I wash my Haakaa products?
The best way to wash your Haakaa products on a daily basis is to use warm, buttery water. Although our products are dishwasher condom, we highly recommend hired hand washing to make surely you get a thorough blank.

As for detergents, we recommend our serve Soap Bar, but you ’ rhenium free to use any docile, meek detergent/dish soap if you prefer. Make sure that the soap is pH-balanced ( neutral ) to prevent any product markings or measurements coming off. Soapberries are besides a big all-natural option for eco-conscious parents !
You should not use any detergents or soaps that contain bleach-based agents as these can reduce the life of your products by causing the materials to break down faster – particularly silicone, as it will become sticky and unserviceable .
What should I use to wash my Haakaa products?

only piano bristle brushes or easy sponges should be used to clean your Haakaa products. Do not use hard scourers to scrub as they can scratch the surface or damage the materials used. We recommend using the Haakaa Silicone Brush as its soft silicone bristles are gentle on your gear. It features a detachable brush read/write head that can be sterilised on its own to prevent the spread of bacteria and debris between the bristles .
How should I sterilise my Haakaa products?

The easiest and simplest way to sterilise your Haakaa products is to boil in water for 2-3 minutes. You can besides use a steam autoclave ( although do not to put any stainless steel steel products in a microwave steam autoclave ). Do not use bleach or sterilising tablets .
We do not normally recommend the habit of UV sterilisers for our products as it can reduce their lifespans by causing the material to degrade faster than usual. however, we do have a portable UV Steriliser for handy on-the-go sterilization for little items such as dummies, teethers and toys. Our UV autoclave has been tried and tested thoroughly, with less powerful UV rays and a shorter cycle time to prevent any damage or abasement of the items you put at heart – while hush eliminating 99.9 % of germs. As this is the merely UV autoclave we have tested ourselves, this is the merely UV autoclave we can recommend .