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Your time period is just a few days off and you ’ rhenium more than ready this month because you ’ ve last mastered the DivaCup ! From insertion to removal, the DivaCup has been your go-to monthly period accessary !
however, possibly you ’ re even asking yourself some of the same questions each and every cycle. Questions such as, “ How do I possibly clean The DivaCup in a public washroom ? ” Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry. We have all the answers that you ’ re looking for ! We talked to our experts on our Consumer Care Team and they provided us with tips and tricks below on care and clean for the DivaCup .

Your first cycle

When you first purchased the DivaCup, you most likely experienced an abundance of emotions. From agitation to mild freak-outs, you weren ’ triiodothyronine in truth surely how your first cycle using the DivaCup would turn out, but you were aspirant. anxiously, you removed the DivaCup from the box and examined it, up near and personal, for the first time. Before your period started, you knew that you had to clean the cup before insertion ( because the DivaCup User Guide told you so ), but with what ? How ?

Let us explain!

Because the DivaCup is made from healthcare grade silicone, there are a few rules to follow ! Remember to wash your cup every 10 to 12 hours ( basically anytime you remove and insert it ) with our DivaWash – a wash that is plant-based, ph balanced and ideal for care of the DivaCup. If you are unable to find DivaWash at your local retailer, using a balmy, bouquet and oil-free soap is besides a adept option. equitable be certain to AVOID the surveil when cleaning the DivaCup as these have been shown to compromise the silicone of the cup : vinegar, rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, baking pop, pre-moistened wipes, dish washing soap, fragranced soaps, castile/peppermint soap or any early anoint based soap adenine well as bleaching agent or any coarse chemicals

DivaWash is Your New Best Friend

nowadays that you know what and what not to use when cleaning the DivaCup, I ’ megabyte sure you ’ re wondering how to clean it .
As we alluded to already, DivaWash is your new BFF when it comes to cleaning the DivaCup .
When using DivaWash, squeeze a pea-sized measure into your handle and run it under warm urine. Form a soap with the wash and use your fingers to clean both the inside and outside of the DivaCup, thoroughly. A good lean is to remove and clean the DivaCup while you ’ re in the shower !
Rinse DivaWash off the cup wholly – no remainder ! Although plant-based and ph balanced, DivaWash is not a vaginal wash and very all you need for a clean vagina is affectionate water .
You aren ’ thyroxine done so far. Most importantly, clean the four bantam holes located under the rim of the cup. These four holes aid in airflow and ensure the seal of the cup stays in home once inserted .
peak : When cleaning the four holes gently stretch them open and remove any leftover debris. You can besides fill the cup with water, place your palm over the cup and credit crunch. After you ’ ve cleaned the cup and holes, you can either pat the cup dry with a blank towel or you can leave some water on the cup to help with interpolation .

Cleaning The DivaCup in a public washroom! Yes, public…

One of the most normally asked questions about the DivaCup is “ how do you clean it in a public bathroom ? ” Let us tell you ! Before entering the carrel, make certain to wash your hands well with soap and water. Enter the booth and remove the cup. Empty the contents of the DivaCup in the toilet, as you normally would, and wipe the inside of the cup with some damp toilet newspaper.

tiptoe : Bring drinkable water ( safe to drink water in a water bottle ) into the stall with you ! When you get home, or at the adjacent commodious time, thoroughly clean the DivaCup using the proper clean instructions. This great television besides has some great tips ! additionally, locating an accessible washroom ( unmarried person washroom with bury and toilet ) can be very helpful for cleaning the DivaCup while out in populace .
The like instructions apply when traveling, while at a concert or an event when you merely don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have access to secret washrooms within the 10-12 hours. Her Packing list besides has some great insight on how to clean The DivaCup while at an outdoor music festival .

My period is over. Where do I put the DivaCup?

Your bicycle has ended and it ’ s time to store your favorite monthly accessory. fortunately, the DivaCup comes with a cunning cotton pouch. The pouch is bang-up for travel ( doesn ’ t take up space in your bag ), while at educate and for monthly storage. After your concluding removal, give the DivaCup a thorough clean and position into the pouch. You want to store your pouch in a place that is dry and breathable. Do not store the DivaCup in a plastic base, airtight container or a space without airflow. You besides want to be sure not to store your pouch beside heavily fragranced items like perfumes or makeup .

When to Replace The DivaCup

One of the most coarse questions we get asked is : “ when should I replace the DivaCup ? ”. As the DivaCup is regulated as a checkup device a general guidepost is to replace your cup once a class, but ultimately, it is up to you to decide when it is necessity to replace the cup. silicone is identical durable, but we recommend that you inspect your cup regularly for signs of deterioration ( such as a awkward or powdery film, severe stain or olfactory property, etc. ) or if you experience pique. If, for any reason, your cup presents the above you may want to consider replacing it. Depending on the factors unique to each womanhood, like vaginal ph, how well and much the cup is cleaned, what cleansing agents are used, etc., the life may vary .

Microwave and dishwasher safe?

Although many silicone-based products can be cleaned in both the microwave and dishwasher, we do not recommend cleaning the DivaCup in these appliances .

To Boil or not to Boil

This is frequently the interrogate. While boiling the DivaCup can help with discoloration and give your cup a more exhaustive scavenge, it is not a necessitate clean dance step. eminence : the DivaCup will naturally discolor over clock, but this will not impair its functionality. Boiling the cup is actually a personal choice. If you do decide to boil the DivaCup, be indisputable to use cooking utensil specifically designated for cup clean and keep a careful eye to ensure the water does not boil dry. Once the water has begun to boil, move the cup around for 5 to 10 minutes. Boiling your cup while camping or traveling is besides a great clean option if drinkable water system is not well accessible .

Yeast infection: can I still use my cup?

As if there wasn ’ thyroxine enough to worry about, women are more prone to yeast or bacterial infection during their cycle. If you develop an infection, it is important to not use the DivaCup until the infection has cleared wholly. If the cup was worn while the infection occurred, we recommend replacing your cup with a raw one to ensure against repeat infection.

Take Care of the DivaCup

The DivaCup takes care of you and your period, leaving you worry-free, sol gain certain to return the prefer !
It ’ s crucial to follow the appropriate wish and clean tips for the DivaCup ! mention to our Care and Cleaning web page or the instructions outlined in your User Guide .
Give The DivaCup some TLC – it ’ south well deserved !