How To Steam Spinach In Microwave – Can You Microwave This?

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Steamed spinach on white plate on wooden table
It ‘s no secret that spinach is beneficial to your health as it ‘s a power food ready to protect your bones, eyes, brain, heart, and a lot more. With essential nutrients and antioxidants, spinach can fill out your diet, and you can cook it in the microwave !

Does Spinach Retain Its Nutrients When Cooked in the Microwave?

Microwave ovens use energy waves that are comparable to radio waves but shorter. These waves are highly selective, affecting barely water and other electrically asymmetrical molecules ( one end positively charged, the other negatively charged ). Microwaves induce these molecules to vibrate, promptly generating thermal ( inflame ) department of energy.

The optimum fudge method acting for retaining nutrients is one that cooks quickly, heats food promptly, and uses ampere little liquid as possible. Microwaving satisfies these requirements. Microwaving food with a little total of water steams the food from the inside out. This preserves more vitamins and minerals than practically any early cook method acting, demonstrating that microwave food can be alimentary .
Some people prefer to use a fictile bag with a seal but ensure the plastic is microwaveable for safety. While cooking spinach in the microwave is safe, not all plastics are safe for the microwave. Furthermore, do not put melamine in the microwave either. unfortunately, melamine and fictile often look very exchangeable .

With or Without a Steamer Basket?

Fresh spinach in white bowl and scattered on wooden table
You can use a steam basket or skip if you prefer. Silicone or microwave-safe plastic steam baskets work best as you can not microwave metal. however, as you will wash the spinach first, simply do not wring the water off, and that will be enough liquid for steaming. Some people prefer to use a dampen newspaper towel or a microwave-safe eyelid and bowl .

Cleaning and Preparing the Spinach

Clean the leaves of any crap and trim them for less work after and for extra tenderness. It ‘s quite normal for the leaves to have some dirt on them whether you ‘re using impertinently selected spinach from a grocery shop class, farmer ‘s market, or if you grew the spinach yourself. Remove any soil from the leaves by rinsing them under lukewarm water and lightly rubbing them with your fingertips.

If there are any long, hempen stems, clip them off using a knife or a pair of kitchen scissors. You can keep the stems if you prefer, as they are beneficial and edible, but some people do not like the stems. Leave the water on if you are not using a steam basket, or pat them dry with a newspaper towel. alternately you can wash the spinach in a bowl of water .
You can cut the spinach or break it up into smaller pieces while it ‘s hush cool to prevent burns. Shorter leaves are a lot easier to eat and get onto a fork or mix into a meal. Chopping the spinach will not affect the time or the season but decidedly make it easier to eat !

Steps to Steam Spinach in the Microwave

Hands setting up microwave
identify the leaves in a microwave-safe bowl while they are still damp to steam spinach in the microwave. There is no need to add more urine if the leaves are distillery besotted. Use a microwave-safe hat to cover the smasher. If you prefer, use a dampen paper towel over dry leaves to provide the necessary moisture to steam the spinach. Longer bowls solve better if you are cooking larger portions of the vegetable. If you use a formative bag, do not seal the bag completely but leave a little gap to ensure the base does not explode from the press .
Microwave spinach on high until all of the leaves is dark green and wholly wilted. Steaming a 1/2 irish pound of medium-sized spinach leaves takes around 3 minutes. Smaller amounts of spinach will only take two minutes or less. Allow the spinach and container to cool and finish cook before removing to eat. Make certain to use potholders to prevent burns. finally, drain the excess body of water ahead seasoning as desired or adding to a serve.

Keep in mind that microwaves come in different wattages. Higher wattages may need less time by about thirty seconds. One thousand-watt microwave may take only a infinitesimal and a half to cook a half-pound. Check the leaves before removing them to gauge the tied of doneness .

Tips for Steaming Spinach

Try to avoid opening the spinach to check, as this can affect the fudge and texture of the spinach. Always let the spinach rest after use to avoid scalding food in your mouth. If you are microwaving bombastic amounts, then consider doing it in batches to avoid problems. The leaves will be wilted when they are done, but if you overcook them, they can oxidize and turn excessively dark. last, do not reheat cook spinach in the microwave ; just toss it in the methamphetamine .


As there is no need to add water when microwaving spinach, more of the water-soluble vitamins A and K contained in spinach are preserved. Microwaving besides demands very shortstop cook periods and gets dinner on the mesa faster, saving you time. Start adding steamed spinach to your diet and enjoy all the health benefits from this exponent food .