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You ’ ve got three choices for warming up your corn tortillas : frying pan, oven, or microwave .
I use all of these methods because the meal will typically dictate how the tortilla should be warmed up .
I ’ ll go over the choices below, but please keep in heed that you will ALWAYS want to warm up your tortillas before chowing down. not only does this make them easier to work with in taco and enchilada, but the heat brings out extra spirit that will make your meal taste importantly better !
Here's the recipe for a recent batch of homemade corn tortillas I made using some White Olotillo Corn. I used a food processor to grind the corn down and added in some Masa Harina to get the right consistency.

Heating Up Corn Tortillas Option #1:  Skillet

Warming up your tortillas in a frying pan or comate is the old school method and the one I use most often .
simply heat up a dry frying pan on the stovetop over medium to medium-high heat. And by dry I mean no oil required !
Give your tortillas 30-60 seconds per slope or until they get ardent and slenderly crispy .
We're using fresh masa dough to make a delicious batch of homemade corn tortillas! We also added some masa harina to the dough to make it easier to work with.
I use this method all the clock time for greaser .
Why ? Because greaser are infinitely better when the tortilla is strong and slightly crisp ! ! Better season, better texture, better everything .
But don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate precisely take my give voice for it as it ’ second best to confirm this with lots of taste testing 🙂
I know, World's Best is a big claim, but these chicken tacos are the ones I always come back to. The home cooked salsa is the key so don't skimp on that step. So good!   
I will besides sometimes add cheese, beans, or rice to the tortillas as they warm up .
And if the protein source has been sitting around for awhile I will even put that on top to reheat as the tortilla crisp up .
once the bottom is forming light brown spots you ’ ll know they are ready to be eaten .
Checking underneath corn tortilla for light brown spots.
certain, you can warm up a huge batch of tortillas in a big frying pan and plop them on the table for some self-serve greaser .
But if possible try out the “ made to ordering ” vogue where you serve up tortillas with some fixings on top ( beans, tall mallow, protein ) directly from the frying pan. It ’ s a real treat and your friends and family will be everlastingly grateful 🙂

Chopping up skirt steak into bite sized pieces

Heating Up Corn Tortillas Option #2:  Microwave

Add a stack of corn tortillas to a plate, cover with a damp wallpaper towel, and microwave them for 60 seconds or so .
This is the advanced, hurried translation of warming up corn tortillas .
14 corn tortillas after cooking on comal
The tortilla will get warm, steaming, and fictile. This works big for heating up large batches cursorily, but I about never use it for taco as the frying pan is a better fit for that job .
But I do use this microwave method when making enchiladas .
It ’ s a quick way to get the tortilla fictile and that will make them easily to roll up without cracking .
Ancho Chicken Enchiladas |
And since I always bake enchiladas for 8-10 minutes to melt the tall mallow, you ’ ll still get some semi-cripsy edges that you won ’ thymine receive from the original nuke of the tortilla .
so keep the microwave method in take care for big batches or when making enchilada. Or when you ’ re in a travel rapidly 🙂
Ancho Chicken Enchiladas |

Heating Up Corn Tortillas Option #3:  Oven

Wrap up your corn tortilla in some foil and stick ’ em in the oven — somewhere around 350-400F .
They ’ ll need about 5-10 minutes in the oven, depending on how big the smokestack is, and you ’ ll get a similar consequence as using the microwave. They ’ ll be quick and ductile, but without the crisp edges you get from the frying pan .
I tend to use this method when there ’ s not a microwave around 🙂

But if the oven is already on and I only need a copulate tortilla, I will sometimes put them directly on the oven rack for a quick heat-up .

Heating Up Corn Tortillas Additional Option:  Frying 

And stopping point I want to mention that you ’ ll occasionally see people flash fry their corn tortillas in hot oil before using them in enchilada .
Closeup of corn tortilla frying
This makes the tortillas ductile and will prevent them from getting excessively mushy if you ’ re using them in some impertinent enchilada .
I use this method occasionally, but alone approximately once per class or when I feel like doing some experiment .
Yes, it ’ sulfur great to get tasty, semi-crispy tortillas out of the electrocute pan for your enchilada, but I find them a little excessively greasy and it ’ s barely not a sustainable method acting for my kitchen .
This masa dough is a great starting point for homemade corn tortillas, tamales, and pupusas. We're taking a shortcut by using a food processor to grind the corn and so far the results are fantastic!

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Okay, those are your choices for warming up corn tortillas. Let your meal dictate the method and you ’ ll find use for all of the above options .
If you ’ re new to the frying pan method acting please give it a try erstwhile soon ! Your greaser will be therefore much better when served on warm, semi-crispy tortilla, and it will make for some felicitous faces at the dinner mesa 🙂
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