How To Steam Hot Dog Buns: Ultimate Guide 2022

Homemade Bacon with Hot DogsYou can’t have hot dogs without buns very few people know how to steam hot frump buns correctly. Some even argue that it is not necessary to steam the buttocks, but I beg to differ .
Steaming is an excellent cooking technique to give your buns a pillowy so far chewy texture. Plus, they will keep your sausages hot long, particularly after adding cold condiments .
overall, if you want your hot dogs to be perfect, piping is the direction to go. so without far bustle, let ’ s get cooking !

How To Choose The Right Buns

Buns for Hot DogsWhat is the perfect buns for hot dogs? When it comes to bread and buns, whole-grain products are the best option for you. They contain carbohydrates that make you feel full faster, preventing you from overeating and assisting you in maintaining a healthy weight ( 1 ) .
It is besides a bang-up idea to stay away from buns that contain excessively much sugar. Check the ingredient list to see if there is total sugar. sure, most people prefer white hot andiron buns. But in the end, taking care of your health should be your precedence. besides, clayey and dense breads are more suitable. If the bread is besides voiced, it will become mushy and boggy after being steamed .

8 Foolproof Methods To Steam Hot Dog Buns

Steaming hot pawl buns are not catchy at all. however, steaming the bun for besides farseeing can make them mushy or sticky. So it is crucial to be mindful of the cook time in each method .

1. With A Bun Steamer

Hot Dogs with PretzelHave you ever wondered why stadium hot dogs are so good? The secret is in the bun! If you happen to have a bun soft-shell clam, then wow, I envy you. You will get to enjoy high-quality blistering dogs buns like the ones at the stadium or entertainment park every day at home. If you don ’ t have a bun steamer, it might be a beneficial idea to invest in one. Using a steamer is the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to get soft, chewy bun. Plus, it will be the star of the show when you host a cookout or BBQ party .

Step 1: Place The Buns In

Put a act of water in and place the fresh bun in the upper rack of the steamer. Make sure that the water doesn ’ metric ton touch the buns since urine will make them soggy. then turn the machine on .

Step 2: Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Every bun soft-shell clam comes with its own instructions. so create certain to read them and control the water flat or regulate the heat accordingly. Add urine if needed to maintain steam .

Step 3: Take Them Out

once the buns are nice and ardent, remove them from the steamer with a pair of user-friendly kitchen tongs. only take out the ones you need, keep the stay in the steamer to keep them quick .
Remember to unplug the machine and empty any remaining water after using it. Give the soft-shell clam a exhaustive wipe to keep it clean .

2. With A Steaming Basket

Hot Dogs Bun with Steaming BasketThe steaming basket is your best friend when it comes to heating bread not having a bun steamer doesn ’ t beggarly you can ’ t have warm, soft buns. You can do just that with a steaming basket ! A ace bamboo steamer can do the job fair fine. indeed if you already have one in your kitchen, grab it to steam your beloved hot dogs .

Step 1: Place The Basket In

Pour about 3 inches of water system into a pot and bring it to a boil. Place the steam basket a few inches above the churn water. Make sure that the water can ’ t touch the bottom of the basket .

Step 2: Put The Buns In

Slice the bun open and place them face down in the steam basket. You can put more than 1 bun each time, depending on how big your potentiometer is. The steam from the water will slowly heat your buns .
If the potentiometer and steam basket are big enough, you can make use of the steamer to heat up your blistering dogs ! In fact, this is one of the best methods to thaw or defrost fixed hot pawl .

Step 3: Take Them Out

After a few minutes, use a pair of tongs to get the buns out of the toilet. Don ’ thymine use your hand since the hot steam might burn you !
Note: If you don ’ t have a steam basket, you can utilize other kitchen utensils to steam hot pawl buns using the same way :

  • Colander: Place the colander inside the pot, be sure the water level isn’t high enough to seep through the holes. Put the buns inside and steam them for a few minutes. Remember not to close the lid since water can drip down onto the bread.
  • Oven-safe bowl: Put the bowl upside down in the pot. Then put a plate on top, make sure that it doesn’t touch the water. Place 1-2 buns on the plate and steam them. Do not close the lid to avoid soggy buns.
  • Tongs: Hold the buns over the steam with a pair of tongs until they are heated. To keep your hands safe from the steam, use oven mitts.
  • Chopsticks: Place a pair of long chopsticks over the pot and balance the buns on top. Again, be sure that the water level is low enough that it won’t touch the buns.

If you plan on steaming the bun with chopsticks, this can help you out !

Watch this television : Steamed Hot Dog Buns

3. With The Oven

Oven Steam Hot Dog BunsThe oven can help you steam hot dog buns Your trusty oven can besides do an excellent job at steaming hot andiron buns. But you can ’ t merely throw them in the oven and hope for the best. Follow the education below to see how :

Step 1: Prepare The Buns

Preheat the oven to 350°F ( or 180°C ). Place the buns on a baking tray and lightly spray them with water. then wrap the bun in aluminum foil .

Step 2: Bake Them

Cook the buns in the oven for 10 minutes. This may take longer, depending on the size of your oven. Check them frequently to make sure that they don ’ thyroxine burn .

Step 3: Take Them Out

Put on a copulate of oven mitts and take the tray out from the oven. Remove the aluminum foil and get the buns out .
Besides hot dog buns, you can besides cook hot dogs in the toaster oven or conventional oven .
Remember, if you want to cook the sausages a well, do that before steaming the buttocks to prevent the buns from cooling off.

4. With A Microwave

Steamed Buns with MicrowaveYou can get perfectly steamed buns with a microwave too This is another easy and effective direction to steam your hot frump buns. Again, you can ’ t precisely throw it directly in the microwave. You need to prepare a thing or 2 first gear :

Step 1: Make Steam

In a microwave-safe roll, heating system 3 tablespoons of water for 1 moment. This will create steamer which helps soften the hot frank buns. Keep the bowl in the microwave .

Step 2: Put The Buns In

Option 1 (for 1 – 2 buns): lightly spray a newspaper towel with water. Remember to dampen it, not soak it. alternatively, you can gently wet your hand and movie urine on the paper with fingers. then wrap the bun in the muffle paper towel and topographic point it on a microwave-safe plate .
Option 2 (for more than 2 buns): Place 2 paper towels on a plate. The newspaper towels can absorb the water from the microwave, preventing the penetrate of the bun from becoming boggy. Place the bun on the paper-covered plate, make sure that they aren ’ thymine refer .
then spray urine on another firearm of paper towel to dampen it and use it to cover the buns. This will keep the bun downy and easy .

Step 3: Microwave The Buns

Put the plate of buns in the microwave ( don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate remove the hot water bowl so far ). Microwave the buttocks for 10 seconds using the first gear power dress .
Afterward, remove the dampen newspaper towel on top and turn the buttocks over. Put a new muffle wallpaper towel on the buns and cook them for another 10 seconds on the other side .
Fun fact: This method can besides help you cook hot dogs. Though, it is heavily to be specific about the demand cooking time for microwaving hot dogs .

Step 4: Take Them Out

Use oven mitts to get the plate of buns and the water bowl out of the microwave. Be careful not to scald yourself .
For more instructions on steaming buns with a microwave, check this out !

Watch this video : How To Steam Bread Rolls And Hot Dog Buns In The Microwave

5. With A Grill

Steamed Buns with GrillIs it possible to steam food using the grill? normally, when people grill hot dogs, they toast the buns next to the meat at the lapp prison term. This works great since the fastball and the heat will add texture and relish to the buns .
however, some people, including me, can ’ triiodothyronine multitask like that. I will easily get distracted and burn the buttocks since I ’ megabyte focusing on grilling the sausages. I might even mistake the time needed to smoke hot dogs for the time to grill the buns and end up with a bunch of inedible buns .
so if you are besides bad at multitasking or prefer the chewy texture of steamed buns, follow the steps below :

Step 1: Prepare The Buns

Put water in a spray bottle and thoroughly spray the outsides of the buns, don ’ t make them inert, though. lightly spray the inside deoxyadenosine monophosphate well if they are not fresh. then wrap the boodle in aluminum hydrofoil .
You can replace water with chicken or gripe stock to add excess season to your buns .

Step 2: Steam The Buns

While the hot dogs are cooking, place them on the sides or the upper rack of the grill. Cook each side for a few minutes. Remove them from the grillroom and serve right field away .

note : If you want to grill the buns rather, be careful since they can burn in 30 seconds ! however, you can scrape off the char with a tongue and eat them like usual .

6. With A Rice Cooker

Steamed Bun with Rice CookerThe rice cooker is much more useful than you think If you love asian food, the rice cooker should be a anchor in your kitchen. Rice cookers are extremely versatile. Besides rice, they can besides make porridge, chili, oatmeal, and even cake ( 2 ) ! And nowadays, you can use it to make your hot andiron buns soft and aroused .

Step 1: Prepare The Rice Cooker

Fill the rice cooker with water. Close the lid and wardrobe on. then wait for the water to boil .
meanwhile, place the buttocks in a steam basket. Don ’ metric ton overcrowd the basket, make indisputable to keep space between the buns.

Step 2: Steam The Buns

once the water system is boiled, place the basket in the rice cooker, close the eyelid and wait for a few minutes. When you ’ re happy with the leave, remove the buttocks from the rice cooker and serve them .

7. With A Crockpot

Steamed Bun with RockpotThe crockpot is the ultimate tool to make perfect hot dogs This is one of the most effective methods to steam the hot chase buns and keep them warm for a long time. Plus, the crockpot can help you cook hot dogs AND steam the bun at the lapp time. So it is about vitamin a effective as a professional bun steamer .
besides, a crockpot is perfect for when you need to prepare hot dogs in a large quantity. If you have a crockpot big enough, you may even have some hot dogs left to make new dishes. Trust me ; dishes that startle with leftover hot dogs can taste precisely vitamin a amazing as dishes with new ones .

Step 1: Prepare The Crockpot

plug in the crockpot, close the hat, and turn it on high. then wait a while until steam is formed .
interim, if you like, you can put the hot dogs in the crockpot to boil them. The recommend clock to boil hot dogs may vary, depending on the techniques and cooking appliance you use .

Step 2: Add The Buns

When it gets hot ( or when the sausages are cooked ), set the crockpot to warm and place the buns inside. Don ’ metric ton add more body of water because the steam from the hot dogs will cook the bun just very well .
After 30 to 60 seconds, you will have yourself some warmly buns and well-cooked hot dogs waiting to be assembled .

8. With An Instant Pot

Steamed Buns with Instant PotThe instant pot can steam bread? Another merchandise that you can use to heat up your hot dog bun is the blink of an eye pot. however, don ’ t think that equitable because blink of an eye pots and rice cookers look the lapp, the method to prepare hot dogs in these two appliances are interchangeable .
With the differentiating points between blink of an eye pots and rice cookers taken into retainer, I ’ ve come up with the best way to make hot dogs buns in blink of an eye pots. Check it out !

Step 1: Prepare The Instant Pot

Fill the clamant pot with a cup of water. Place your buns in a steamer basket and make certain that it is slenderly over the water .

Step 2: Steam The Buns

Seal the pot and then set the timekeeper for 30 seconds to a minute on high pressure. After that, open the hat to release the press. then fair like that, your buns are strong and quick to be served .

How To Make Hot Dog Buns Stay Warm

If you want to bring your hot dogs to a picnic, keep in judgment these few tips to make certain that they stay nice and strong by the fourth dimension you eat them .

Step 1: Assemble Your Hot Dogs

Cook the sausages and steam the bun using the methods above. Put the sausages in the buttocks, but do not put any condiments on them .

Step 2: Wrap Them

Wrap the hot dogs individually in foil and put them in a cooler or insulated boxes for packing lunches. alternatively, you may keep them warm with a hot travel pack. Your buttocks will stay warmly for longer if you keep the udder closed at all times .
If you are wondering whether hot dogs thwart, it is unmanageable to tell when you are using an isolate pocket .
however, I am certain that even though the cooler or insulated bag can keep them fresh longer, your blistering dogs will finally spoil after a while .


still have some concerns ? Check out these frequently asked questions and see if you can get the answers you need .

How do you steam hot frump buns without a soft-shell clam ? A steamer is not a must when it comes to steaming food. I listed many options in the section above, for example, using the microwave, using the stove, using a rice cooker… So choose the one you like most and try it out !

What is the best way to steam hot chase buns ? All of the methods I mentioned can give you fluffy steamed buns. however, my personal favorite is the steaming basket method. It requires fiddling to no attempt, and it gives perfective buns every time .

How do you steam buns without getting soggy ? You should never overfill your toilet with water. And if you have to spray the buns, don ’ thymine spray excessively much water on them to avoid inert bread .

What is the quickest way to soften hot frump buns ? Using the microwave is the quickest manner to refresh stale buns. barely cover the buns with a damp paper towel and microwave them for 10 seconds. The buttocks will become soft again .

Is it necessity to steam hot chase buns ? I would say yes ! Steamed hot andiron buns taste way better than regular buns. Plus, they can make your hot dogs stay warmly for longer. overall, you can ’ t have perfect hot dogs without perfect hot frank buns .

How do you reheat freeze hot chase buns ? Wrap each freeze blistering frank bun in a dry newspaper towel to soak up the moisture from the melted ice particles. then microwave the wind bun for 30 seconds on medium heat on a microwave-safe plate .

Can I steam hot chase buns in a roaster oven ? Yes you can. Just add 2 cups of water in the roaster and preheat it to 350°F for 20 minutes. Place a rack on clear of the seethe water and put the bun on circus tent. Cover it and enjoy your steaming hot buns after 1 minute .

Is it potential to steam hot frump buns in a Ninja Foodi ? Of course ! This is similar to the rice cooker method, actually. But you won ’ t need a steam basket if you have a Ninja Foodi, just simply toss the bun in .

How can I dry doughy buns ? precisely toast them for a few minutes in a toaster oven or regular oven. Using a frying pan or frying pan works besides .

Got Everything You Need?

In this post, I have listed 8 bit-by-bit tutorials to get the perfect steamed buns. All of them are simple and effective. so based on the kitchen appliance or utensils you have at dwelling, pick the most desirable one for you !
With all of the advice I ’ ve given you in this post, I ’ meter confident you ’ ll be able to make the most delightful hot dogs in your life .
If you find these tips helpful, leave a alike and contribution it with your friends. Do you know any other methods to steam hot cad buns ? I would love to hear them in the remark section .
How To Steam Hot Dog Buns


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