Why Invest in a Papa Murphy’s Take-and-Bake Pizza Franchise

The iconic pizza franchise is ready for a nationwide expansion

There ’ s no better food to plowshare with your love ones than pizza. According to Pizza.com, on average, Americans eat about 46 slices of pizza each year – so it makes sense to bring everyone together for a scratch-made pizza without the attempt, correct ?
This is where Papa Murphy ’ s take-and-bake pizza franchise outshines the competition. For about 40 years, our iconic brand has found achiever by focusing on families first and pizza second. See, with our thriving take-and-bake pizza franchise, we ’ re all about capturing the moments. At Papa Murphy ’ south, we understand the only thing that ’ sulfur better than our guests eating one of our custom-built, fresh pizza is eating them with their class – however they define family. As a leave, we give our guests an experience that truly tastes better together .

“ There are many things that make Papa Murphy ’ mho unique, however, our No. 1 differentiator is that we are different on purpose, ” says Kim McBee, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience and Brand Marketing at Papa Murphy ’ s. “ It is rightfully a profit to take our pizza home and bake it. We make our boodle from strike, chop high-quality vegetables, butcher quality meat, and shred fresh mozzarella cheese casual. The best character is creating the arrant pizza for our guests who then take it home to bake at their appliance for their love ones. There ’ sulfur nothing better than spend quality prison term with your love ones over a slice of America ’ s favorite quilt food : pizza. ”

Why You Should Join the 5th Largest Pizza Franchise Chain

Since our humble beginnings of two local take-and-bake pizza companies merging, Papa Murphy ’ south has grown to more than 1,300 locations in the United State, Canada and UAE. How did we do it ? By delivering high-quality food assorted with excellent customer service and very low-cost prices. The ingredients to our business model have proven successful, as our loyal guests constantly rate us No. 1 in consumer surveys .
Although we take pride in selling high-quality food, we know our tasty pizza are tied better when shared with the people you love most. furthermore, we understand the 88 percentage of families who would like to increase the clock time spent with their class at the dinner table rather than time preparing the meal*. This is why Papa Murphy ’ s owns the take-and-bake pizza segment. Our loyal guests know that they come to any of our more than 1,300 locations and get a custom-make meal that ’ s firm, clean, low-cost and bake it at home – when they want it .

What ’ s the best part ? Our bake-at-home pizza franchise is positioned for increase in an diligence that is worth $ 46 billion and is poised to continue growing. As we expand our national footprint across the country, we want to share our success with you. Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur, a fanatic winnow of our tasty pizza, or a multi-unit operator looking to diversify your business, Papa Murphy ’ south is a knowing investment for you .

“ I don ’ thyroxine think anyone has done it quite like we have. You get to go home and bake it in your oven and smell the pizza while it ’ s bake and watch the crust raise. You get to experience the solid start-to-finish summons. ”
— Allison Kenney
Owner of Papa Murphy ’ s Franchise in Portland, OR

* A late survey conducted by Eckrich ( R ), a product of ConAgra Food

The Demand for Take-and-Bake Pizza is Only Getting Bigger

When it comes to take-and-bake pizza, there is no name that rings louder than Papa Murphy ’ south. As the largest take-and-bake pizza chain in America, we have plenty of room for growth as the necessitate for pizza, specially take-and-bake pizza, continues to skyrocket. According to PMQ Pizza Magazine, the U.S. pizza market has grown into a $ 46 billion industry and is estimated to grow 10 % in the adjacent five years .
furthermore, Americans love pizza then much that they spend $ 33 billion in QSR pizza restaurants per annum – and takeout has the largest share of spend at $ 15 billion each year, per data solicitation company Statista. At Papa Murphy ’ south, we have a tried-and-true product that our guests constantly rate No. 1 equally well as the firm following to match – all we ’ ra miss is you. As a Papa Murphy ’ s franchise owner, you ’ ll promptly come to understand why our fresh pizza franchise is a best-bet investment .
papa murphy's take-and-bake pizza franchise
How so ? not lone is the market smash, but our occupation model is easy to run and simple to scale. Unlike many of our competitors, guests come into our stores to pick up their bespoke pizza and then they take it home to bake it. Because of this, our take-and-bake pizza model requires a small footprint – we do not require any ovens, freezers or dine-in. ultimately, this not only allows for a lower cost of entrance but besides reduced labor costs as we only have one daypart : dinner. additionally, our streamline business model allows our franchise owners to focus on build node relationships and creating the best pizza always .

Papa Murphy’s is Committed to Our Franchise Owners’ Success

From the moment you sign your Papa Murphy ’ s franchise agreement, you will never be alone in business. Many of our franchise owners are patriotic guests who fell in love with our pizza, while we have besides helped many first-time entrepreneurs bring their dreams of business possession to realization. No matter what your background is, all Papa Murphy ’ s franchise owners share park traits : a desire to build relationships within their stores and residential district, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a passion for pizza and staying engaged in the daily operations of his or her business .
Whether you have industry experience or not, Papa Murphy ’ s take-and-bake pizza franchise is committed to helping our owners succeed in occupation. This is why we treat our franchise owners like family. We understand that if they are not successful, neither are we. once a franchise owner has joined our team, they will undergo our 3-phase New Owner Training Program, which will help them on their path to success as a franchise owner.

take-and-bake pizza franchise
This comprehensive examination program starts with three days of in-store coach followed by four to five weeks of operations training, and last, one week of basis classify train at our state-of-the-art Support Center in Vancouver, Washington. This includes everything from customer service, to how to prep the product, to learning how to work the POS system, to hiring and management of employees, to learning how to efficaciously market your store and more .
“ Before I was a franchise owner, I actually started out as a guest for many years, and then I became an employee of Papa Murphy ’ s International, ” says Micki Waters, co-owner of eight Papa Murphy ’ s franchise restaurants in Eugene, Oregon. “ every time I meet person who knows I operate Papa Murphy ’ mho I ’ megabyte always told about how much they love our pizza. then, when you ’ re a part of a brand that people love and you love the post, you precisely can ’ triiodothyronine serve but want to be a part of it and continue being a share of it. ”

Bring A Papa Murphy’s Franchise to Your Community

A Papa Murphy ’ s take-and-bake pizza franchise is a low-cost investment opportunity offering eminent increase potential. Join this moral force brand as we expand our footprint across the United States. initial investment costs range from $ 296,075 to $ 534,731, depending on numerous factors, including geographic areas, condition of the premises and construction costs. We have grown to more than 1,300 locations in the United States, Canada and UAE thanks to a business model built for entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a remainder in their community, bringing families together, and most of all – pizza .