How to Soften Cream Cheese

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Learn how to soften skim cheese promptly so you ’ re never excessively far away from homemade cheesecake .
Unwrapped blocks of cream cheese on their wrappers
The easiest and best means to soften cream cheese is to plainly allow it to sit at – board temperature. That ’ second pretty much a no-brainer, right ?
But this method normally means that you have a piece of a plan in place. If I know that I am going to baking any of my favorite cheesecake recipes early on in the dawn, I always take my cream tall mallow out of the electric refrigerator and allow it to sit on the counter for a couple of hours .
Freshly-baked cheesecake in a springform pan
however, if you ’ re at all like me, sometimes ya just get the urge to make classic vanilla cheesecake ( or other broil goods ) without a plan in place. I much find myself in this site and it can be a real bummer if the recipe you ’ rhenium using calls for yield cream tall mallow, or even room temperature eggs or softened butter .
But no worries, I ’ ve got ya covered – so the adjacent meter you find yourself staring at cold cream cheese, you ’ ll know precisely what to do to get it to room temp in no time !
Blocks of softened cream cheese in a glass bowl on a marble surface


This is my all-time darling method acting for softening cream cheese .
simply cut the block ( sulfur ) of cream cheese into fourth lengthwise and then cube into little pieces. The smaller the cubes, the immediate the cream tall mallow will soften .
Spread the cubes out onto a cutting display panel or plate, making certain they aren ’ metric ton touching. then just leave them at room temperature for about an hour or until voiced to the contact .
Depending on how affectionate it is in my sign of the zodiac, the cream tall mallow doesn ’ metric ton always take a fully hour to soften. Just check on it sporadically !

Blocks of softened cream cheese on a white plate on a marble surface


If you bake a batch, I ’ thousand bet you ’ ve attempted to soften butter in the microwave, right ? Did you know that you can do the like thing with cream cheese ?
Softening skim tall mallow in the microwave is promptly. But it can besides be crafty because if you get distracted, you ’ ll end up with a pool of melted cream cheese alternatively of a beautifully cushion block .
Ya know you ’ ve done it – and I ’ ll attest to the fact that cleaning up melted cream cheese from the inside of the microwave is a trouble in the rear. Which is why I prefer the cubing method above for softening cream cheese .
Blocks of cream cheese on a white plate, surrounded by cheesecake ingredients
But if you are truly, truly short on meter and want to give the microwave method acting a blastoff, here ’ s what I do :
Unwrap the block ( randomness ) of cream cheese and place on a microwave safe plate .
place the plate into the microwave and heat on 50-75 % ability for 5 seconds. Open microwave, give the block 1/4 act ( mean, pick it up and flip it over onto its side ) and heat again for 5 seconds. Do this on all four long sides of the block ( mho ) of cream cheese .
typically after about 20-25 seconds my cream tall mallow is perfect. This time will vary depending on your microwave – just watch it closely and keep flipping it. The flipping action will help the cream cheese to evenly soften .
Softened cream cheese whipped with a hand mixer in a glass bowl


curious about how long cream cheese can safely sit out at room temperature ?
Food condom experts with the U.S. government say that 2 hours is the soap that cream cheese should sit at room temperature. other experts recommend no more than 4 hours .
If you are fraught, aged or otherwise at a higher risk for food-borne illness, always be more careful about how long you leave foods like dairy at room temperature.

And there you have it, my not-so-technical methods of bringing skim cheese to room temperature on the fly. I hope it helps you out the next time you feel the cheer to bake up a recipe in a rush ! ( May I suggest trying Lemon Cheesecake, my salt Caramel Cheesecake or my Gooey Butter Cookies ? )
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Slice of cheesecake topped with blueberry sauce with full cheesecake in the background