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disclosure : We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this mail. It ’ mho safe to say avocados are a staple fruit in the modern American diet—especially if you have a millennial at home ! While there ’ s a batch to love about this greens goodie, avocado have one annoy feature : they can take a while to ripen. In our old age of instant gratification, it ’ randomness no surprise many social media influencers have begun experimenting with “ ripening ” rock-hard avo in the microwave. But does this trick speed up the dampen procedure ? Before you nuke everyone ’ south fave fruit, please look at the research we ’ ve done on the subject .
Microwaving an avocado can soften the exterior skin, but it will not speed up the ripening process. A microwaved avocado may feel silky smooth, but it won’t taste ripe. If you’re most concerned about the taste of your food, you shouldn’t microwave or bake your avocados. However, if you don’t mind a slightly degraded taste, you could use this hack to enjoy a somewhat softer avocado. 
As with any other fruit, the best direction to soften an avocado is to let nature run its path. however, that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate base you can ’ thymine modify Mother Nature to your advantage. Below, we ’ ll reveal the most effective strategies to ripen and preserve your delicious avocado.

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Does Microwaving Avocados Speed Up Ripening?

Microwaving an avocado will not speed up the ripen serve. There ’ s no evidence that heating an avocado will produce more ethylene natural gas, which is all-important for ripening fruits like avocado, banana, and kiwi. Ethylene helps naturally break down an avocado ’ sulfur cell walls, which finally makes it easy .
Using microwave oven
Whether you put an avocado in a microwave or an oven, you ’ ra not increasing the sum of ethylene natural gas that ’ south produced. While the heat makes your avocado soft, it doesn ’ thymine significantly change the chemistry of your yield. Hence, when you eat an unripe avocado from the microwave, it won ’ t have the nutty and pantry relish you ’ five hundred expect from a naturally ripened avocado .

What Happens When You Microwave An Avocado?

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When you microwave an avocado, all that you ’ re doing is cooking the forbidden skin. It ’ s the heat that causes the avocado ’ sulfur peel to soften, not natural ethylene gasoline. consequently, when you get your avocado out of the microwave, it may “ seem ” advanced, but it ’ s merely slightly cooked .
For a more scientific explanation on heating an avocado, watch this video from America ’ s Test Kitchen :

How Long Should You Put An Avocado In The Microwave?

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If you are going to microwave your avocado, you need to keep a close eye on its texture. Most people who use this hack only microwave their avocado in 30-second intervals. in-between each heat session, test your avocado ’ s firmness till it feels like the tip of your scent .
You should besides consider what heat setting your microwave is on before putting your avocado in. If you can, put your microwave on the lowest possible setting the first fourth dimension you try this trick .
last, you may want to poke a few holes in your avocado ’ mho skin with a crotch. Although there ’ s no skill backing up this technique, some people claim it helps vent heat .

Can You Bake An Avocado In The Oven?

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Although “ baked avocado ” aren ’ thymine going to replace broil potatoes, there are some people who pop these fruits in the oven. however, just like microwaving avocado, this proficiency won ’ t make your avocados magically ripen in minutes. Your avocado will be softer after warming up in the oven, but they will still taste unripe .
If you are going to use this “ tip, ” first preheat your oven to 200°F. While your oven is heating, wrap your avocado in aluminum thwart. once your oven reaches the desire temp, put your avocado inside and check it about every five minutes .
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How Long Do Avocados Take To Soften?

Fresh organic hass avocados on a green background, top view with copy space, Does Microwaving An Avocado Soften It?
broadly, it takes at least four to five days for a rock-solid avocado to reach a appropriately soft texture. To be on the safe side, you should buy unripe avocado at least one week before you need them. This direction, even if your avocado ripens early, you could slow the ripen process by putting them in the electric refrigerator. Plus, having more avocados at home is never a bad idea !
If you need an avocado preferably in the week, you should buy a slenderly softer avocado at the store. A arrant avocado for eating should have a texture like the topple of your nose. Be sure to check the entire avocado to make surely the soft texture runs throughout the fruit. If the avocado only feels soft in patches, chances are it has bruises or bad spots .
pro tip off : You could besides gauge an avocado ’ mho ripen by looking at its clamber color. In most cases, unripe avocado are deep green, while good fruit has a dark out skin.

How Do You Soften Avocados Quickly?

The easiest way to soften your avocado without sacrificing taste is to place it in a paper bag with an apple, a banana, or a kiwi. All of these fruits release ethylene gas, which is essential for the ripen process. The more ethylene is in the atmosphere, the faster your avocado will ripen .
If you go through a short ton of avocado, you could besides inquiry avocado-specific repositing containers ( yes, they actually exist ! ) .

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Should You Refrigerate Avocados ?

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You should entirely refrigerate avocados that are already good. This strategy will slow the production of ethylene gas, which dramatically slows the maturation process .
however, it ’ second never a good estimate to put unripe avocado in the electric refrigerator. Since green avocados are still technically growing, placing them in a cold environment could stunt their development. indeed, according to California ’ s avocado experts, green avocado may never in full ripen if you put them in the electric refrigerator .
so, unless your boughten avocados are already easy, you should never store them in the electric refrigerator. rather, place them on your kitchen counter in a dedicate avocado jolt, container, or wallpaper bag .

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How Long Do Avocados Last In The Refrigerator?

Ripe, unpeeled avocado typically remain fresh in the electric refrigerator for no more than two weeks. To help you keep track of your avocado, be surely to mark when you put them in the refrigerator on a calendar .
For extra appliance, you may want to buy a dry-erase calendar designed for the refrigerator. This way, you could easily track all the products you put in your electric refrigerator without running all over the topographic point .

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Can You Freeze Avocados?

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You can freeze avocado for long-run storage, but kitchen experts entirely recommend freezing mashed avocado. Frozen whole avocado are typically hood to work with. Plus, these avocados tend to have a disagreeable appearance after thawing .
For the best results, peel and mash your avocado when it ’ second ripe. future, mix one teaspoon of lime or lemon juice into your avocado. not merely will this juice add citrusy flavors to your avocado, but it besides helps preserve your fruit ’ s gorgeous green tinge .
last, place your mashed avocado in a freezer-safe, airtight bag and mark the date. Generally, your freeze avocado ’ s taste won ’ metric ton significantly degrade public treasury after six months .

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So, Is Nuking Avocados A Kitchen No-No?

While microwaving avocado won ’ t injury you, it ’ s not a super scheme if you want to experience “ point avocado goodness. ” Since the microwave won ’ metric ton ripen your avocado, it will have a subpar taste as you spread it on your loaf of bread of sourdough. Please, do your tastebuds a privilege and let Mother Nature ripen your avo !