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Removing scandalmongering stains from a microwave is a big concern if you want to keep your microwave clean and effective. These stains not only look bad, but they can affect the performance of your microwave as well. In this article, we will discuss how to remove yellow stains from microwave so that it remains in pristine condition for hanker. A clean and well-maintained appliance is indisputable going to stay with you for a long time.

then let ’ s first see what these tough yellow stains are and how to get rid of them. besides Read : What Size Microwave do I need ?

What are the Yellow Stains that Buildup Inside a Microwave?

When you heat food, the spills and splutters from your food may fly around to all sides, gathering on the interior of your microwave with fourth dimension. not entirely splutters but fumes of curries, oils, and the steamer leaving your food may carry small residues with it that stick to the sides of the microwave .How to Remove Yellow Stains from Microwave These residues of food accumulate with time if you are not careful about cleaning the microwave regularly. The longer you leave these stains inside the microwave, the tough they become to clean. That ’ randomness because when you use the microwave, the heat inside bakes not merely the food but it heats and burns these stains over and over until they become bully. besides Read : toaster Ovens volt Microwave

How to Remove the Yellow Stains from a Microwave?

Removing scandalmongering stains, burn food, or food residues from inside of the microwave can be easy if you know how to do it by rights. It can be done very easily with some of your kitchen supplies. You don ’ t have to spend money on especial cleaners. here we have explained the method acting of cleaning the jaundiced stains from the home of the microwave step by step .

Method 1: Use Lemon or Vinegar

This is by far the easiest and one of the most accessible .

step 1 : Loosening up the Stains

The beginning step should be to loosen up the bad buildup inside the microwave. You don ’ t have to forcefully remove the stains when it can be done well with some steam .Microwave Yellow stains For loosening up the stains, place a bowl of water inside the microwave. Add a few drops of vinegar in water to make it more effective against the hood stains. You can make use of a lemon or lime juice for this determination. It will remove any bad olfactory property from microwave deoxyadenosine monophosphate well leaving a very pleasant aroma in your microwave – here ’ s a consecrated post to that particular issue. Leave the microwave on for a few minutes until visible steam can be observed. The water in the bowl will heat up into steam which would then spread to all corners. Keep the door closed for 10-15 minutes after the inflame bicycle so that steam can soften the food residues sticking to the corners. The steam will loosen up the yellow stains or food splatters inside the microwave, which would then become easy to clean off .

step 2 : Cleaning The Interior

once food residues are soft, they become easy to clean. You can make consumption of a damp cloth to remove the stains. If the stains are muggy, you can dip the fabric in the bowl of urine to make it more effective .How to Remove Yellow Stains from MicrowaveHow to Remove Yellow Stains from Microwave If it ’ south excessively greasy, you can add a few drops of your normal dishwashing soap in the body of water american samoa well. Be affected role and carefully remove the stains from all walls and corners. Make sure to reach the obscure cavities and corners and remove the tarnish or muggy residue concealment at heart. When you are surely there are no stains left, dip the fabric in clean urine or make use of another damp fabric to clean the buttery water from the microwave cautiously .

step 3 : dry with Clean Cloth

Dry the home with a clean fabric. Keep the door opened for some air circulation. And close the door alone when it is wholly dry .

Method 2: Baking Soda

glass door how to clean This is yet another highly popular and comfortable to apply method. Baking pop is besides a coarse family detail and therefore this method is besides quite accessible like the former one .

footprint 1 : Make a paste

The first step involves making a paste out of the baking pop. Take half a cup of baking pop and mix it with so that it becomes a thick paste. Don ’ thymine add excessively much water as you want the paste to stick .

step 2 : Apply the paste

The following footprint involves applying that paste to the interior of the microwave oven. You can apply more paste at places where you spot a big number of yellow stains.

footprint 3 : Let it Sit

Leave the paste applied to the sphere overnight .

step 4 : wipe

The adjacent sidereal day you can return to your microwave and clean the paste off with a damp objet d’art of fabric. The baking pop method takes fourth dimension, but if you did not find achiever with linden or vinegar, this method may give you the desire results .

Method 3: Use Commercial Products

There are plenty of commercial cleansers out there that can be used not merely for a microwave oven, but besides for regular ovens and cooking stove. These generally do not cost much and the best part is that they combine tried and tested recipe for blot removal. This saves you from experiment yourself. On top of that, each cleansing agent comes with its own instructions making them fairly straight forward to use .

Some Tips for Cleaning Microwave

immediately that you have learned the how to remove yellow stains from microwave, it is besides deserving noting some other basic cleaning tips .

  • Make a routine of thoroughly cleaning the microwave at least once in a week.
  • Remove any visible stains right after using the microwave.
  • Even when you don’t see any stains make sure you wipe the interior with a clean cloth after using it as the steam leaving the food takes food residues that buildup with time.
  • Don’t use metal scrapers, knife, or sharp objects for removing the stains. They will leave scratches on the walls.
  • Make use of lemon, vinegar, or baking soda for tough stains. Refrain from using strong cleaning agents like detergent too often.

What are the Burn Marks Inside the oven?

While jaundiced stains are the food residues that fly everywhere when you are cooking, embrown marks on the sides of the microwave are burn marks that may occur when metal plates or racks come in contact with the sides of the microwave. The inflame surface may spark as it is bumped with the alloy utensils and may leave brown or burn stains inside the oven. These stains, along with yellow stains, are easy to remove with the methods described above .

Is Regular Cleaning of Microwave Enough?

even if you are very careful about the cleanliness of your microwave, these stains can still build up inside the microwave. That ’ second because the square shape of the microwave has corners and cavities which are difficult to clean. In a everyday clean process, we are not very particular about removing all the stains or food residues from every corner and corner of the microwave. so even if you regularly clean the microwave, you should make sure to deep clean the microwave using above methods at least once in a week .

How Does Yellow Stains Effect the Performance of Your Microwave?

It affects in more than one means .

Looks Messy

These yellow stains look despicable. They ruin the appearance of your microwave and make it look dirty and old .

Affects Performance

not only these scandalmongering stains look bad, but they slow your microwave down. The food spills accumulate inside the microwave forming a thick layer. When you are cooking or reheating, the heat waves not lone cook your food but have to cook these accumulated spills and residues as well. Microwave radiation inside the microwave works on everything. not entirely these stains are burning again and again, but they are besides consuming inflame arsenic well. It means your food will take longer to cook or heat up as microwave has to cook not only food but these food residues resting in corners and cavities of the microwave as well. not entirely does it translate to longer cook time, but besides higher energy bills over meter .


The jaundiced stains are besides very unhygienic. The stains of oil, food splutters, residues left inside the creases of your microwave may develop fungi or other microorganisms. It may contaminate your food adenine well. so taking caution of the basic hygiene of your microwave is important for cooking healthy food inside it .

Bad Odor

The yellow stains and dirty interior may develop a bad smell inside your microwave american samoa well. The olfactory property is unpleasant, and it may affect the food being cooked inside the microwave.


Learning how to remove yellow stains from microwave can help you ensure a clean and goodly appliance. Yellows stains are not just ugly looking, they are unhygienic and besides may affect the performance of your appliance. therefore, we hope that our aforesaid simple methods would come in handy .