How To’s – How to Remove a Microwave

How to Remove a Microwave

A kitchen update much requires that you remove a microwave. many kitchen designs today have microwaves installed under the viewgraph cabinets, much above stovetops and with no obvious supports. If you didn ’ thyroxine put in the one you plan to replace and haven ’ triiodothyronine installed an under-cabinet microwave before, you might be thinking, “ How is that secured in topographic point ? ”

It ’ s a big interrogate with a straightforward answer. A bracket secured to the wall sits behind the microwave. The spinal column of the microwave hooks onto j-brackets on the wall bracket, or a small sass that runs along the bottom of the wall bracket. This bracket holds most of the microwave ’ randomness weight.

Two screws or holding rods stabilize the microwave in place. The screws normally attach to the top of the microwave, through the buttocks of the cabinet above. Holding rods can be accessed through the battlefront cover above the microwave door. It may not sound like a set holds it in place, but it ’ sulfur enough. This besides means that removing a microwave is dim-witted .

When removing a microwave however, you do want to follow a bit-by-bit procedure. This will ensure you don ’ metric ton damage the appliance or yourself in the march. You ’ ll besides need a few tools .

ready ? Let ’ s suffer started .

Tools Needed to Remove a Microwave

You credibly already have all the tools you need in your toolbox. Whether fuck or holding rods are used to secure your microwave in locate, all you need are :

  • Screwdrivers of various sizes, likely Phillips-head
  • Cordless power drill with driver bits (optional, but makes things easier)

Keep in heed that disk overhead microwaves are heavy and besides awkward to remove—as a leave, you ’ ll motivation to have a benefactor who can support the microwave while you remove the screws, and assist you in lowering it down when you ’ re done.

How to Remove an Under Cabinet Microwave

You might want to wipe the surfaces, particularly the bottom of the microwave, before you get started. It ’ s not necessary, but it will help avoid a bite of a mess if the bottom is tacky or greasy .

If you ’ re doing a kitchen remodel or putting in new appliances, you can besides simplify the speculate by removing the stove/oven first. This gives you more space to maneuver. Once you ’ ve got the area prepped, here ’ s what to do .

Step 1. Determine if the microwave secures with holding bars or screws through the cabinet. If it ’ s holding bars, grab a screwdriver and remove the front empanel. You ’ ll credibly see two rods, one on the right and one on the leave. If there are screws through the cabinet, you ’ ll need to empty the cabinet first .

As part of Step 1, unplug the microwave if it is plugged in to an mercantile establishment in the cabinet above, or an release below. If it is somehow connected behind, you ’ ll have to be mindful of this as you lift and remove the microwave .

Step 2. Loosen one holding prevention. Remember the rule : “ Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. ” If it ’ mho connected with screws in the cabinet, grab your screwdriver or might driver and unscrew the first one .

Step 3. Have your assistant patronize the microwave from below. now remove the irregular holding bar or screw. once removed, lightly tip the presence of the microwave down, then elevation and slowly pull away from the wall. Feed the power cord through the hole in the cabinet as you lower the microwave .

Step off from the wall and set the microwave down. You ’ re done !