How to Reheat Pizza So It Tastes as Good as Day One

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So long, soggy slices! We found the best way to reheat pizza in the oven and on the stove.

Does the think of day-old pizza give you chills ? careless if the ‘ za came from the delivery male child or Grandma ’ s cookbook, the doubt of how to reheat pizza the right way is one that ’ mho troubled world for longer than any of us care to remember. so, let ’ s set the record straight. here are two oh-so-easy ways to make that sad-looking slice taste equally dear as new once again.

How to Reheat Pizza in the Oven

If you ’ ve tried to reheat your delivery pizza ( or just tasty pitch copycat ) in the oven earlier now, you may be shaking your drumhead at the very idea of it. While the oven can frequently result in a dried out slice of bum sludge, there is a way to get this right .

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 375ºF

It ’ s absolutely crucial that you allow the oven to heat up fully before you even attempt to reheat your tasty pizza. The stopping point thing you want is for the pizza get slowly warm and warm .

Step 2: Line a baking tray with foil

Line a bake tray with foil ( or try this pizza pan from Taste of Home ’ s fresh pipeline of bakeware ) and pop it in the oven for a few minutes. The theme is to get the tray and foil piping hot before it touches the pizza .

Step 3: Put the pizza in the oven

carefully take out the hot tray ( be surely to use an oven baseball glove ! ) and place the pizza on it. Put the tray back into the oven for around 10 minutes, checking it now and then to make certain it doesn ’ thymine sunburn. The end result should be a hot, tasty, crisp slice.

How to Reheat Pizza in a Skillet

If you don ’ thymine want to use the oven, there is another, slightly quicker way to reheat your pizza. You can use a skillet—yep, the same one you use for those tasty frying pan dinners ! It may sound a little curious, but many people swear by this method of reheating. hera ’ s what you need to do :

Step 1: Heat the pizza in the skillet

Use a non-stick frying pan ( we ’ ve got you covered with cooking utensil, excessively ) and place it on medium heat. Place the cold slice of pizza immediately onto the frying pan and hotness it for barely a couple of minutes .

Step 2: Add a couple of drops of water

adjacent, add a couple of drops of water to the pan ’ south base. Make surely that the drops are to the side of the pizza. ( You don ’ triiodothyronine want them on top of the slice ! )

Step 3: Cover the skillet

Put the hat on peak of the pan and continue to heat the pizza for a far match of minutes. The mind is that the frying pan steams up and melts the tall mallow. finally, take the slice out of the pan and enjoy the melted cheese and crisp base. Yum !
Of path, there are plenty of cold pizza lovers out there, besides, but for your folks looking to recreate that fresh pizza taste, this will get you there !