How to Rebatch Soap in the Microwave!

I recently attended the first Houston Soapmakers Meetup. One of the questions that came up was how to rebatch soap. There are many ways to rebatch soap. I ’ megabyte going to share my favorite method with you .
Handmade Soap ( either in block form or shreds )
cheese Grater or Knife ( not electric one, leave electric cheese graters for cheese )
Water or Aloe Vera Juice ( or liquid of option )
Fragrance or necessity Oil ( not required, but this is what adds the scent to the soap. )
Microwavable Rice Cooker
Molds for your soap. I prefer log molds when I rebatch – more on that in a infinitesimal.
boastfully Spoon to scoop soap in the cast

Step 1. Shred or chop soap into bantam pieces. I use a tall mallow grater to get my soap into humble pieces.

Step 2. Put shredded soap in a microwavable rice cooker. You don ’ metric ton want to fill it all the way to the peak – I wouldn ’ thyroxine fill it more than 3/4 of the way entire. You don ’ thymine want it to overflow when it ’ mho fudge .
Step 3. Add a belittled total of water or aloe vera juice, just enough to wet the soap. ( 1 tablespoon at a time ) You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to get it besides wet or you will get falsify / shrunken-head looking soap. You will need to experiment with the sum of liquid to use here .
Step 4. Microwave the soap in 3 to 4 infinitesimal bursts. The soap will get truly hot when you microwave it, so be certain to use a potholder when handling the rice cooker. Open the container lento so the steam doesn ’ triiodothyronine burn you. Check to see if the soap has become translucent after the first cook. If the soap looks dry and is starting to burn, you are going to need to add more water. If you add excessively much body of water, the resulting soap is going to have a sink look besides it when it dries out. I ’ ve rebatched 2 pound of soap in two 4 infinitesimal bursts on my survive judge. You want to cook the soap in the rice cooker until it looks semi-translucent and a homogeneous look .
Step 5. Start scooping the soap into your mold. I like using log molds with a eyelid because you can use the eyelid to smoosh it down flatcar into the cast .
Step 6. Unmold your soap the future day and cut into bars. Your soap is ready to use ! Take a bath !

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