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I have constantly thought the people who eat inside Sam ‘s Club, Target or Wal-Mart are a little … .odd. ( Like the people in this movie to the right. I do n’t know who they are, but they appear to be enjoying themselves. )

It ‘s foreign that these bombastic stores have restaurants inside them in the first place. They are n’t a plaza, we do n’t spend all day there – why the heck do we need weird food there ? My local Target has a Starbucks, Pizza Hut and their own branded food items in the store. Our local anesthetic Sam ‘s Club uses their own mark for everything .
credibly the most unusual thing of all is that some people go to these stores … .just to eat at the “ restaurant ” at heart. There is no atmosphere, no overhaul, and the food is mediocre at best.

We are members at Sam ‘s Club and every clock time after we pay and we ‘re waiting for our reception to be checked my wife turns to me and says, “ We should get Sam ‘s Club Pizza, it ‘s actually good. ”
In my brain I have always thought, “ That sounds disgust, there is no direction in hell I ‘m eating pizza from Sam ‘s Club. ” however, I normally say something along the lines of, “ Oh, ya we should sometime ” ( very noncommittal ) .
Be warned, what I am about to tell you following may horrify and alarm you …
finally one night she convinced me. I must have been dillusional … .but she swore it was good .
I called up Sam ‘s Club and placed our rate for one big pizza. She told me it would be 10-15 minutes – what are they microwaving these things ? sum cost : just over $ 9 ( a deal for a boastfully pizza ).

About 15 minutes subsequently, I made my way to Sam ‘s Club and walked over to the “ cafe ” area which equitable so happens to be set up right by the die doors and features beautiful concrete floors with chairs and tables bolted to the floor .
I pay the cashier and as I ‘m paying I ask, “ Is this actually good ? ” She said, “ YES it is thus good, we sell them non-stop all day hanker. ”
Whoa – a Sam ‘s Club employee getting pumped up over their brassy pizza ? Hmm … .it must be good, otherwise how do they sell so many and have customers coming back to baby-sit and consume pizza in front man of the entire store ?
once I got home I did a thick “ sniff ” inspectation before taking a pungency and it actually smelled pretty good. It looked bum enough … .hmm … could this actually be amazing ?
The pizza is compact ( deep dish like ) and the pieces are large. meanwhile, my wife is thrilled and I conservatively take my first gear bite ….

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It ‘s good … .suddenly I ‘m freaked out. logically thinking, pizza should not be full from Sam ‘s Club … ..clearly this is an anomaly .
I eat a couple of more bites … .ok not alone is this good, it ‘s better than Pizza Hut and any other chain restaurant pizza I have tried before and for less than $ 10, you ca n’t go wrong .
Ok so I ‘m a little obstruct that I ate and enjoyed Sam ‘s Club pizza … and you wo n’t be seeing me consume in their “ dine board ” any time soon. But – one thing is for sure, when it comes to pizza Sam ‘s Club knows how to do it right .