6 Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizzas: Tastes of Chicago

The Hunt for Lou Malnati ‘s In Iraq … A dependable fib.

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During one of my fight tours to Iraq, my sister asked me what I needed because she was sending me a care package from my hometown, Chicago. I told her that I did n’t need anything, but … what I wanted was a Lou Malnati ‘s deep-dish sausage pizza. I besides told her that I would even pay for it and I would give her $ 100 for one pizza. so, she inquired at Lou Malnati ‘s in Darien and they told her, no ! Ca n’t do it ! Logistics, temperature control condition, yada, yada, yada. I was highly defeated. After all, I, einsteinium been a loyal customer since the ’80s and my favorite localization is on Wells St. in River North, not far from where I grew astir. And, I used to work at Ed Debevics, but got my pizza from Lou. so, fast advancing. late, I read a floor about a short kid that asked his dad if Soldiers were getting pizza like he is. Dad said, I do n’t know son, but imagine not. Kid asks Pops, can we send them some ? Pops says, I ‘ll look into it. next thing you know, 10,000 pizzas are coming over on a dedicate trajectory and being delivered by DHL to Iraq, just in time for the 4th of July celebration. The narrative was published in the Chicago Tribune … look it up. so, the problem was I did n’t know what camp would get them or if there was enough to go around to all the camps. I do n’t know who decided, but what I decided to do lead to quite an gamble. sol, come July 4th, I grabbed my junior justify military officer, my platoon serjeant-at-law, and one early Soldier, jumped into my Humvee, without armor protection and I drove to the chief camp where the general had his headquarters. We drove an hour through the defect and fortunately did n’t get shot at. When we arrived, we searched every dine adeptness, but could not find any pizza. It was lunchtime and we timed it right, but nothing. After search 5 or 6 chow halls, we decided to head back so we can get some kind of lunch. After we got back to our base, Baghdad International Airport ( BIAP ) we bee-lined to our regular, vicinity chow hall. To my astonishment, people were eating pizza and the chow hall was getting ready to end lunch. I ran up asking about them and they said that they served all the pizza they made. But, they did have some leave, freeze, and told me that if I want to wait that they would make four, but it would take an hour. I told mess dad to get ’em going, we ‘re not going anywhere ! So we waited an hour and had Lou Malnati ‘s after all. That ‘s my fib and I ‘m sticking to it ! now I live in Plano, Texas and the pizza here sucks ! Getting ready to holy order a few pizza .
Ely From Plano, TX