Ethan Badger

Ethan Badger: Domino’s Franchisee and First Recipient of Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund

“The beauty of the world lies in the
diversity of its people.”

Published : April 13, 2022
Ethan Badger
Ethan Badger is the first gear recipient of Domino ’ s Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund. He became a franchisee at the age of 25 and presently owns Domino ’ south in Metropolis, Illinois .
Ethan Badger began working at Domino ’ second as a serve washer when he was 16 years old. If you would ’ ve told him that he would own his own shop by the age of 25, he would ’ ve laughed and said, “ Yeah right. ”
Fast forward seven years and Ethan is the proud owner of Domino ’ s in Metropolis, Illinois, and the first recipient role of Domino ’ s Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund.

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Domino ’ mho created its Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund in 2021 to create a bequest that enables strong Black ownership across the Domino ’ s community and among franchise owners in detail. It was created with three things in mind : to illustrate Domino ’ s commitment to franchise diversity ; to instill that building franchisee diverseness is not an event – it is who we are ; and last, to redefine the company for generations by enabling firm Black ownership .
“ It ’ s good another reason why I love Domino ’ s thus a lot, ” said Ethan. “ This opportunity is in truth amazing and a dream come true ! I ’ m gallant to be the first recipient of the Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund, but I ’ m tied more stimulate for all of us in the initial group to pave the road for future programs that are adenine amazing as this one ! ”
Domino ’ s Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund recipients receive a scholarship to cover Franchise Management School costs such as tuition, travel and expenses. The scholarship besides includes $ 50,000 of working capital that franchisees can put towards their foremost store. Recipients besides receive fiscal and franchisee mentorship as character of the broadcast. With the fiscal help, train and mentorship provided by Domino ’ s Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund, Ethan was able to purchase his first shop from colleague franchisee Ed Razban .
“ I fell in love with Domino ’ s when I rightfully started to understand the flow of things, ” said Ethan. “ My competitive side kicks in when getting the store ready before the race to see how well we can handle it. ”
After joining Domino ’ south and working his room up, Ethan became a general coach for franchise owners Mark Ratterman and Lance Vosburgh in Mount Vernon, Illinois. While there, he knew that he ’ five hundred desire to open his own Domino ’ s store one sidereal day.

“ I would like to show the kids and people in our community that you don ’ t have to be a celebrity or celebrated to have everything you want in animation, ” Ethan said. “ Opportunities are always out there. It takes hard work and doggedness to achieve your goals. ”
And Ethan did just that .
“ Ethan has a strong work ethic, a great position and has what it takes to succeed, ” Mark said. “ He has pizza sauce running through his veins and is going to make a fantastic Domino ’ s franchise owner. He knows the hard knead it takes – and I have no doubt in my thinker, he is going to be great ! ”
sol what ’ sulfur adjacent for Ethan ?

“ I would love to purchase a irregular store in the future five years, ” he said .
Ethan, we can ’ thyroxine wait to see all the fantastic things you ’ ll do !
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