The Best Food on the MOD Pizza Menu

MOD Pizza is a fast-casual restaurant chain established in 2008 by Scott and Ally Svenson. nowadays, there are over 100 MOD Pizza restaurants around the world, including 70 locations throughout the United States. The MOD Pizza menu has plenty to offer !
Thin Crust Pizza Made In a MOD Pizza The first MOD Pizza location opened in Seattle ’ s Capitol Hill neighborhood on March 6th, 2008. Their mission was to make “ better pizza ” while offering customers a station they would want to hang out with their friends and family .
With an innovative clientele model, a alone organizational manner and lease doctrine, and amazing food, MOD Pizza is decidedly a restaurant worth visiting !
One of the most stimulate parts of the commercial enterprise is the appoint itself. The term “ MOD ” stands for Made On Demand. Every individual can personalize their own pizza precisely how they want it. Their organization and culture are besides singular and aim to wow customers with the best pizza dining experience they have ever had.

today we will be reviewing the best MOD Pizza Menu items .

Best MOD Pizza Menu Items

  1. Maddy Pizza
  2. Caspian Pizza
  3. Mad Dog Pizza 
  4. Dillon James Pizza
  5. Lucy Sunshine Pizza
  6. Tristan Pizza 
  7. Build-Your-Own
  8. Cauliflower Gluten-Free Crust
  9. Italian Chop Salad

Maddy Pizza

The Maddy pizza consists of fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese, newly grated garlic, and basil. It is childlike but therefore delicious ! With the combination of all those flavors, you can ’ thymine go ill-timed. The Maddy pizza is a cheese fan ’ s dream .
cheese pizza is always a classic that never gets old. We frequently have a particular crave but have trouble deciding which pizza toppings are best .
When that happens, the best thing to do is to settle with the good old tall mallow pizza limited. Get it for the class or even as a single-serve treat that doesn ’ thymine undo your advance .

Caspian Pizza

The caspian pizza is a white pizza, which means it has no bolshevik sauce. It consists of fresh mozzarella, bacon, and gorgonzola tall mallow with a honey garlic drizzle .
The symmetry of sugared and savory makes this MOD Pizza menu item one of the best on the menu ! It ’ s a remarkable switch from the traditional tomato sauce pizza top .
If you love barbecue chicken, then this pizza is decidedly for you ! The caspian pizza is full of relish. It ’ s the one pizza you have to try precisely once .
Savory wimp, fresh barbeque sauce, and a mix of mozzarella and gorgonzola cheeses make this an unforgettable pizza .

Mad Dog Pizza

The Mad Dog is another modern twist to an old authoritative. It consists of fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, blimp, ground gripe, and loss sauce. The bolshevik sauce is vibrant and may have been one of the best tomato sauces I ’ ve always had .
The crust ’ second chewy texture combined with the meat and cheese makes for a carry through comfort meat proto-indo european. Forget about counting calories when eating this pizza. It ’ s one to have your appetite prepared ahead of time as well .
If you love kernel, cheese, and boodle, it ’ s a must-try MOD Pizza menu detail ! It is a classical meal packed into one chewy pizza .

Dillon James Pizza

The Dillon James pizza consists of newly mozzarella and asiago cheeses, topped with newly chopped basil, garlic, sliced tomatoes, and their signature crimson sauce. One thing to love about this pizza is that it ’ s a bang-up vegetarian option .
If you ’ ra looking for a light dinner or lunch, this pizza is perfect. It has all the classical ingredients that make up a bang-up MOD Pizza, but it doesn ’ triiodothyronine feel heavy .
The fresh basil leaves truly give this pizza its italian season. It is one of the best MOD Pizza menu items because it is simple however flavorful ! It ’ s a go-to for those tomato lovers out there .

Lucy Sunshine Pizza

The Lucy Sunshine pizza is a pie that deserves to be mentioned as one of the best MOD pizza menu items .
The pizza doesn ’ thymine have a sauce al-qaeda on crown of the crust. alternatively, it ’ south topped with mozzarella, parmesan, artichokes, and garlic. In the center field of the pizza are dollops of red sauce. Spread it out over your slice, or enjoy it all at once .
The choice is yours ! The blob of crimson sauce add a singular flex to the classic cheese pizza. If you ’ rhenium looking for something different or want to add a little more spirit, then this MOD pizza menu item is for you !

Tristan Pizza 

The Tristan pizza is an excellent choice for mushroom and pesto lovers. It comes with mozzarella and asiago cheese topped with roasted bolshevik peppers, mushrooms, and pesto .
If you ’ rhenium looking for something fresh and light, this salad is perfect. This pizza is another great meatless option for vegetarians .
It ’ s made with boodle, which is one of the most alimentary vegetables out there ! The combination of ridicule bolshevik peppers, mushrooms, and pesto makes each pungency entire of flavor .
Try it just once to find out why it ’ mho one of the best MOD Pizza menu items. once you try it, your perception of what makes a pizza tasty will be unlike .


If none of the menu items at MOD Pizza fit your preferences, you can constantly create your own ! The great thing about MOD Pizza is that they let you pick each component. You can get more or less of one topping depending on your preference .
That means there are dateless possibilities of combinations for you to choose from ! If you ’ rhenium indecisive, get creative and make a pizza with whatever toppings are in season !
You have three crust options ( original, gluten-friendly, cauliflower ), six sauces ( barbecue, garlic, olive anoint, pesto, loss sauce, white sauce ), seven kinds of tall mallow, 10 types of kernel, and over 30 vegetables .

Cauliflower Gluten-Free Crust

Let ’ s spill the beans about the cauliflower gluten-free crust at MOD Pizza. This is one of the best MOD Pizza menu items because it ’ s exceptionally alimentary however distillery tastes capital !
If you ’ re not into carbs then this crust is the answer. It gives you the ability to silent enjoy pizza. Believe it or not, it flush tastes just like a dilute crust .
It has an even more concern texture when dipped in your favored sauce. The cauliflower dough is baked for approximately 12 minutes, which gives it a perfect gold crispen. It goes well with any sauce and toppings you put on it !

Italian Chop Salad

The italian chop salad is a big meal option because it combines savory vegetables with piquant dress. This salad is a healthy option, so you can feel good about adding it to your meal .
It ’ s made with kale and cos lettuce. There are besides sliced radishes and chopped walnuts, adding texture to every pungency .
The veggies are topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, combined with salami, crimson onions, black olives, chickpeas, green bell peters, and zestful Roma dress. Feel unblock to add any other toppings to the salad american samoa well !
The veggies and dressing match perfectly together and make this salad irresistible. If you ’ ra looking for something fresh and filling, then this salad is the answer .

Wrapping Up

Countless MOD Pizza menu items will leave your talk watering for more. Try out each one to find your favorite ! You can never go amiss with the build-your-own pizza choice because you choose all the ingredients .
The best separate about this is that if you let your imagination run godforsaken, you can create a MOD Pizza menu detail that ’ s tasty, fill, and alimentary. many people don ’ triiodothyronine realize how important it is to eat healthy, even when it comes to ordering pizza .
MOD Pizza besides offers rewards. You get one point for every dollar you spend which helps you save money on your adjacent front-runner pizza pie.

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