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There are many problems one could experience with an LG microwave door. however, it can be quite difficult to find solutions to these problems. If you are one of the people who are experiencing some problems with their LG microwave door, you are in the right stead. We are going to show you how to fix those problems and answer some questions that may be in your mind.

LG Microwave Door Not Closing Properly

If your LG microwave doorway is not closing properly, the door latch is bad and in need of replacing. To replace the doorway latch in an LG microwave, do the following…

tone 1 : Turn off the microwave. Make sure to always do this before performing a repair on any electric appliance. pace 2 : Open the microwave door footprint 3 : Using a flathead screwdriver, lightly pry off the skeletal system around the knocked out edge of the doorway. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pry the whole frame out, barely the separate you need to gain access to the door latch.

step 4 : Lift the door latch up then take it out. footfall 5 : Get a newly door latch. footfall 6 : Hook the jump, then lift the door latch and slide the two posts into the holes at the top and penetrate. step 7 : Snap the human body into place.

gradation 8 : close the doorway .

LG Microwave Door Handle Loose — How To Fix

If your LG microwave door handle is informal, you will need to tighten it. to tighten the door treat of your LG microwave, do the following… mistreat 1 : First, unplug the microwave. This is an crucial step you need to follow whenever performing a compensate on an electric appliance. step 2 : Open the microwave doorway and pry off the trim around it using a flat sword screwdriver. step 3 : Set the trim aside. step 4 : Above and below the door latch, you will see two screws which hold the doorway treat in station. Tighten them. step 5 : reposition the door trimming and snap each corner into position. step 6 : close the door and plug the microwave back in.

LG Microwave Door Handle Broken — How To Fix

To fix the broken doorway handle of your LG microwave, follow the steps listed below… tone 1 : Turn off the microwave and unplug it from the mercantile establishment. step 2 : Open the microwave doorway. gradation 3 : Pry off the pare around the door using a flat blade screwdriver.

mistreat 4 : On the exit side of the door, you will see two screws which hold the door handle in place, take them out. There will be one at the top and another one at the bottom.. step 5 : Get a new doorway manage. step 6 : place the doorway handle on the door and hold it in locate with the two screws. step 7 : Realign the trimming on the door and snap it into place. pace 8 : stopping point the door and plug the microwave back in .

How To Replace An LG Microwave Door

To replace an LG microwave door, follow these steps…

step 1 : begin by unplugging the microwave from the release. tone 2 : Open the door of the microwave. step 3 : Pry off the trim around the door using a flat blade screwdriver. tone 4 : Set the door trim away. step 5 : Lift the door astir and pull it out. footstep 6 : Get a new microwave door. step 7 : Pry off the door trim from the new door assembly.

step 8 : position the doorway on the hinges. footfall 9 : Align the door pare and snap it into topographic point. step 10 : Close the microwave door and plug it back in. besides follow the steps above to replace an LG microwave door assembly if your LG microwave door glass is broken .

LG Microwave Door Disassembly

To disassemble your LG microwave doorway, follow the steps listed below…

tone 1 : unplug the microwave. step 2 : Open the doorway and pry off the pare around it using a putty knife or flat blade screwdriver. step 3 : Lift the door up and pull it out. step 4 : Take out the screws on the entrust side of the door which hold the doorway wield in place. step 5 : Pull the door latch out of the holes.

step 6 : Unhook the give from the doorway latch .

LG Microwave Keeps Running When Door Is Open

If your LG microwave keeps running even when the door is open, the door switch or switches are credibly defective. To fix the problem, you need to replace the substitution. To replace the door switch in a microwave, do the following… step 1 : First, turn off the microwave and unplug. step 2 : Take out the screws on the back and two sides of the microwave. There should be one on the leave, three on the right, and six at the back. footfall 3 : Lift the microwave cover up and take it out. pace 4 : Behind the control condition dialog box, on the doorway switch holder there will be three switches. Take out the one at the top and press the little button on it. If you hear a pawl, the switch is even good. But if the button is unaffixed when you press on it, you need to replace it. step 5 : Do this lapp test with the other two switches. step 6 : Get a raw door throw. step 7 : Get rid of any faulty switches and replace them with new ones. step 8 : Return the microwave cover and hold in topographic point with the screws.

step 9 : plug the microwave back in. The video below shows you how to replace the door switch in an LG microwave.

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How to Open an LG Microwave Door

To open an LG microwave doorway just put your hand at the right side of the microwave. Between the door and the microwave itself, there will be a opening. Slide your hand in there and gently tug the microwave door to open.

LG Microwave Door Error Code

If your LG microwave is displaying the “ DOOR ” erroneousness code, there may be a foreign object between the doorway and the microwave. Open and close the door strongly about 7-10 times. Do not slam the door. Afterwards, test the microwave to see if the problem is fixed .

LG Microwave Condensation in the Door

It ’ s perfectly all right for condensation to be forming on the doorway of your microwave. If you are cooking food which has a higher water subject, there will be more condensation. After a while, it will dissipate. however, if you want to speed up the process, leave the microwave door open .