A practical guide on how to open a pizzeria

how to open a pizzeria Who does n’t love pizza ? With more than half of the whole UK eating pizza at least once every ten days, and the average american eating up to 40 pizza a class, it seems that both nations are reasonably pizza crazy. If you ‘re keen to take your enthusiasm one step further by opening your identical own pizzeria, then look no far. Within this guidebook, we ‘ll tell you everything you need to know about how to open a pizzeria business .

Carrying out market research for a pizzeria 

Before launching any business, it ‘s substantive to conduct market research. Doing so will not only enable you to verify whether there ‘s adequate demand for you to successfully open your pizzeria ( and ‘make trust ‘ ), but besides help you develop the best scheme for selling your pizza. Market inquiry will not be complete without an in-depth analysis of three key factors :

  • current industry trends
  • who your competitors are and how they’re doing 
  • who your potential customers are and what they’re looking for in a pizzeria 

The pizzeria market

Pizzerias and italian restaurants are among the most popular type of restaurants within the UK, with a report by Dr. Oetker indicating that the UK pizzeria market was worth £4.9 billion in 2017. The UK is a nation of pizza lovers, with pizza being one of the crown three most-picked menu items. American ‘s bring this sleep together of pizza one footprint further, with about one-fifth ( 17 % ) of all restaurants in the States consist of pizzeria – bringing the US pizza market to a stagger $ 46 billion in retail sales per year .
The popularity of pizza is due massively to its fair cost and versatility : it can be eaten blistering or cold, at home or aluminum fresco, delivered promptly, and reheated at home. On the business side, it ‘s a reasonably easy intersection to cook, requiring no special cognition and presenting very few contaminant risks .

Hot trends in the pizzeria market

As with the remainder of the fast-food diligence, UK consumers are looking for an upgrade from the traditional dine have. Whether it ‘s bracing or daring pizza toppings, sourdough bases or drink pair options – there ‘s growing popularity of independent pizza chains that are offering these experiences, with places such as Franco Manca and Homeslice experiencing a 25 % increase of gross in 2017. The pizza takeout and delivery market have besides seen meaning growth. An increasing desire amongst consumers to share and enjoy slices from the comfort of their homes has led to a 73 % growth in the takeaway delivery market in the end decade. The lapp traffic pattern follows in America, with pizza delivery colossus Dominos capturing 19 % of the sum US pizza sales in 2019 .

The rules and regulations for opening a pizzeria

When opening a pizzeria, it ‘s compulsory to respect the like regulations as you would when setting up a restaurant. First things first, safety and hygiene. There are several regulative requirements you ‘ll need to satisfy when it comes to food base hit. Before opening your pizzeria, you ‘ll have to register the premises with your local authority ‘s environmental health service at least 28 days before you start trading. It ‘s crucial to note that this process does n’t cost any money. It just involves allowing a local official to visit your premises to check out the space you ‘ll be using to prepare food and ensure it ‘s safe and hygienic. To register for a visit from your local authority, check out the united kingdom Government web site. It ‘s besides mandate for modern business owners to draft a plan based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point ( HACCP ) Principles. This design will ensure your food is safe from biological, chemical, and physical hazards, american samoa well as allowing you to identify electric potential hazards. You ‘ll besides be required to comply with any rules established by the Food Standards Agency – a government body providing guidelines on hygiene standards, sampling, pronounce, and traceability .
last, if you wish to sell alcohol, you ‘ll need to apply for a premises license. This will besides enable you to play be and commemorate music and serve hot food and drinks after 11 phase modulation. For more information on how to obtain the licenses above, you can visit the Gov.uk license finder. In the US, you will be required to register for a business license. You can visit the SBA web site for more details on how to obtain this. You will besides need a food service license, a food handler ’ sulfur license and a liquor license for serving alcohol. Each state has its own Alcohol Beverage Control Board that regulates the serve of alcohol. To obtain a liquor license, you must contact your department of state ‘s ABC board. You can find a home directory of ABC boards here .

Opening a franchised or independent pizzeria

now that we ‘ve looked at the marketplace research, the future stage in our lead on how to open a pizzeria is helping you decide what type of pizzeria you want to open .
Launching an autonomous pizzeria will give you more freedom in allowing you to manage it and be as experimental with your menu as you wish. adversely, by deciding to join a pizzeria chain, you can benefit from functional documentation from the beginning – ampere well as a glittering repute from an already established chain and a base of patriotic customers. Another possibility is to investigate the takeaway pizzeria market. The pizza pitch and takeout market is flourishing – and operating in this way will massively reduce your set-up costs .

Finding the right location for your pizzeria

next up in our guide on how to open a pizzeria is scoping out your ideal placement. Where your pizzeria is based will have a massive impact on its flush of success – as it will determine how many customers come in and out of your storehouse .
The key is to choose a location that has adequate traffic and is in an area that attracts the sort of people that enjoy a cut or two of pizza .
Ask yourself what character of customers you want to target. If you ‘re after a young clientele, setting up denounce close up to a junior-grade educate or university would keep you from staying empty at lunchtime.

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Or if you ‘d rather turn your focus to offering a takeaway and delivery serve in the evenings and on weekends, it might be an theme to open in a residential area with limit takeaway options .
You must besides take a spirit at the equal restaurants already operating in the sphere. Ask yourself :

  • Are they popular amongst the local community?
  • What type of cuisine do they serve?
  • Do they sell pizzas?
  • What is their average price for a meal in comparison to yours? 

last, you can besides choose to take over an existing pizzeria. This will allow you to benefit from an already kitted-out restaurant and an existing stream of loyal customers. For more information, read our guide on how to successfully coup d’etat a pizzeria .

Choosing the legal structure for your pizzeria

The adjacent step in setting up a pizzeria is choosing the legal social organization of your business. Choosing your pizzeria ‘s legal form is a vital step as it will impact :

  • How much your business is taxed
  • Your taxation at a personal level
  • Your responsibility for the company’s debts in the event of bankruptcy

To help you make your choice, you can find more detailed information on the different legal forms available to you on the gov.uk template for UK business owners and SBA lead for those of you based in the US .

The equipment and staffing requirements of opening a pizzeria

once you have chosen the concept of your pizzeria, settled on a location, and figured out its legal structure, it ’ mho prison term to think about the equipment and people needed to open and run the business efficiently .
First of wholly, you ‘ll need to kit-out your premises with furniture and kitchen equipment ( including a pizza oven ) in accord with health and condom regulations. You ‘ll besides need to buy in your initial lineage of ingredients and drinks, purchase a few circuit board machines and a till, and all the resources required for the smooth management of your restaurant, including accounting and payroll management software .
besides think about market investments ( including your menu, restaurant sign and web site ) and legal investments such as employment contracts and license costs. The future step is finding staff you can depend on. The success of a restaurant depends importantly on the culinary art of its chef and the cordial reception of its waiters. When drawing up your recruitment plan, estimate the number of people you ‘ll need for each position, whether it be a kitchen or front-of-house staff, and then recruit enthusiastic people with the correct qualifications .
Launching a pizzeria besides requires you to take out insurance to make sure the restaurant is covered in the event of any on-site incidents. Depending on the size of your restaurant, you may besides want to enlist help from specialists such as a lease accountant or commercialize agency, so form sure you factor these costs into your fiscal prognosis, excessively .

Setting out the marketing plan for a pizzeria

To promote your pizzeria and build customer commitment, you ‘ll need a strong commercialize plan. There are many options at your administration here, including handing out flyers on the street, setting up a web site and social media profiles, paying for a billboard to be put up in your town center or having your pizzeria featured on on-line resources including Google Maps and city guides. The costs of these actions vary and some might be more successful at attracting customers than others, so take some clock to test different market actions out and focus on the ones that prove to be the most effective .

Writing the business plan for a pizzeria

Writing a business plan is another substantive step along the road to opening a pizzeria. The business design is the text file with which you will present your occupation idea and try to secure financing from your bank or likely investors, so you need to make it impeccable. If you are not used to writing business plans, a good solution would be to use on-line business plan software .
There are several advantages to using speciate software :

  • You are guided through the writing process by detailed instructions and examples for each part of the plan.
  • You can be inspired by already written business plan templates
  • You can easily make your financial forecast by letting the software take care of the financial aspects for you.
  • You get a professional document, formatted and ready to be sent to your bank.

If you are matter to in this character of solution, you can try our software for spare by signing up here .
You can besides have a look at our pizzeria occupation plan template if you want to get some inspiration .

Securing funding to launch your pizzeria

once the business plan for your pizzeria has been drafted up, the last gradation is to secure the financing required to launch your commercial enterprise .
Opening a pizzeria without any money is unmanageable, but with the tricks, it ‘s not impossible. To find out more about fund options available, check out our lead on how to open a pizzeria with no money .
immediately you know everything there is to know about how to open a pizzeria. We hope you found this article utilitarian. If you have any questions or queries at all please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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