Hate it when your microwave beeps? We found out how to stop it

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As a child of the 80s and 90s, the microwave has a special stead in my heart—and microwaved food, a special topographic point in my arteries. Popcorn on movie night, late-night snacks with friends, cups of noodles as a freshman in college—the beeps of a microwave are woven through most of the formative years of my life.

But as a rear of a toddler in 2018, I in truth wish my microwave would shut the sin up. I ‘ve got enough doodad, toys, and gadgets in my life sentence blaring sounds at me, I do n’t need it from my microwave, too—especially once my kid has finally gone to go to bed .
As a consequence, I ‘m the person who is constantly sprinting to the microwave, hoping to open the door before it hits zero and starts beeping like my house is on fire .

As a parent of a toddler, I truly wish my microwave would shut the hell up .
last week, I stumbled upon a random topple on-line that struck me like a bang of lightning : most microwaves have a muffle affair, you merely have to learn how to find the option in the menu by looking in the manual .
First of all : microwaves have manuals ? I do n’t know if mine did, but I ‘m certain it went immediately into the methamphetamine. Who needs a manual to operate their microwave ?
Panasonic's class-leading toaster, the Flash Xpress, is spectacular—but it cannot be muted. credit : Panasonic

Panasonic ‘s class-leading toaster, the Flash Xpress, is spectacular—but it can not be muted .
But as person who has frequently said out brassy, “ I wish my microwave could be muted ” —and never did five seconds of research to see if it was possible—this was a legitimate epiphany. Microwaves and beeps just sort of go together. It honestly never occurred to me that a mum microwave existed .
I was so stimulate that I immediately ran to try it. After some light Googling and fiddling with the menu, I finally got it. My microwave was muted. silence reigned. When I was done cook, the thing barely … stopped and sat there. It was about sad .
Do I miss the beeps ? A short, particularly when I closely set my microwave to make popcorn for 22 minutes alternatively of two. But it ‘s been a week, my house is presently not-on-fire, and I do n’t think I can always go back. if anything, I wonder why I put up with such a pain for therefore long .
possibly I ‘m barely an idiot ( entirely potential ) .
look, it ‘s entirely possible that you already know this. possibly you ‘re part of the silent majority that have already muted their microwave and I ‘m just an idiot ( besides entirely possible ). Congrats !

For the rest of you, you ‘re welcome. now enjoy your following midnight bite the way it was meant to be enjoyed : alone, while everyone sleeps, when cipher can judge you .