Why Marshmallows Puff in the Microwave

Marshmallow Peep Cover
spring is here ! ! After a long hard winter, I couldn ’ metric ton be more agitate about a short fair weather and warm days. Fueling the open fire is DC ’ s annual cherry flower madness. When spring hits, the CB ’ s come out and you can about feel the exhilaration in the air out. here in the nation ’ second capital, we love our picturesque blooms. indeed in award of the leap season, and the surfeit of marshmallow Peeps that flood the grocery store store at this time of year, I thought I ’ d partake a little seasonal worker food skill and answer the question, “ Why do marshmallows puff in the microwave ? ”
If you ’ ve never microwaved a marshmallow Peep, let me stop you right there. You ’ re missing out ! here ’ s three reasons why you should try it immediately :
1. It ’ s the closest thing you ’ ll beget to a toasted marshmallow without a bonfire.
2. even if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate manage for Peeps, IT ’ S TOTALLY FUN TO WATCH.
3. Leftover Peeps become stale about immediately, and this is a fun way to make them palatable again.

Here’s what you do:

Take a marshmallow Peep ( or a regular marshmallow ) and place it on a lightly greased or parchment-lined plate. Microwave it on high gear for no more than 45 seconds. Watch your marshmallow Peep puff and boom as it does its best Bruce Banner-meets-Jabba the Hutt stamp !
Marshmallow Peep Time Montage

Here’s the science behind what’s really happening:

Marshmallows are basically thousands of minuscule air bubbles surrounded by thin walls of gelatin and carbohydrate syrup. When microwaved, the water molecules in that syrup begin to vibrate and heat up. They promptly turn to steam and fill the air pockets in the marshmallow, causing them to expand. This is why you see your peep develop !
Peep Stretch however, as steam escapes your Peep, the dried carbohydrate syrup left behind will heat up identical quickly ! You ’ ll notice that the inside of your Peep may turn brown. That ’ randomness because microwave heating tends to heat food from the inside. As the sugar exceeds 300F, it caramelizes ( breaks down ), creating brown pigments and a assortment of black flavors and balmy olfactory property. You ’ re likely besides seeing some browning ( even at lower temperatures ) from the Maillard embrown reaction, which requires both carbohydrate and protein ( in this case, from gelatin ) to create embrown colors and flavors. If you ’ re using vegan ( agar or carageenen-based ) marshmallows, you won ’ metric ton get any Maillard browning .
PeepDeflation Warming your marshmallow will cause the gelatin to melt, which will leave your peep structure-less once it ’ s pulled from the microwave. This means your Peep will collapse once all the steam has dissipated. Loss of steam besides means a drier product–your marshmallow may pull and stretch more like taffy, and as it cools, it will develop some crunch. barely be careful as you ’ re consume, microwaved marshmallows can be very hot !

Fun fact :

Most boughten marshmallows are puffed by passing liquid marshmallow mix through an extremely senior high school coerce tube called an extruder. While under high press, gasoline is dissolved into the liquid without forming any bubbles. then, when the marshmallow emerges from the metro into normal atmospheric pressure, the shock of the drop in pressure causes the dissolve gas to instantaneously expand and POOF–your marshmallow is “ jet-puffed ” .

Keeping kosher?

Microwaved marshmallows are equal-opportunity. Kosher for Passover marshmallows can be obtained from your local store or on-line. One popular brand is Elyon, but they ’ re not the only mark available .

Nerd humor.

For those of you who want to get even nerdier with your Peeps, check out the web site hypertext transfer protocol : //www.peepresearch.org. It ’ s a 90 ’ mho keepsake of a web site dedicated to “ Peep Research ”. It was pioneered by a pair of scientists from Emory University with a dependable feel of humor and excessively much time on their hands. golden us ! : )

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