How to make kraft mac and cheese in the microwave? Answered.

How to make kraft mac and cheese in the microwave?How to make kraft mac and cheese in the microwave? Since Kraft rolled out the Easy Mac product which is quite far from tasty, they removed the instructions on “ how to make kraft mac and cheese in the microwave ” from their original Mac and cheese boxes. In turn, this decision makes it quite a bit difficult to make macintosh and cheese for new buyers. Because while microwaving macaroni the level of water you put in should be proper to make it neither excessively dry nor flooded in water .
Regardless of that issue, we can ’ metric ton deny that Kraft Mac and tall mallow is sol much commodious to have in your kitchen. not merely is Kraft macintosh and tall mallow cheaper than others, but it ’ s besides superintendent easy and time-saving to make in microwaves. Simply pour water into it, turn on the microwave in 3-4 minutes, and voila ! It is ready to serve .
One of the darling dinner dishes of my kids is Mac and Cheese. however, my employment is therefore busy to spend time making mac and cheese for my three little girls. sol I limit having macintosh and cheese dinner once a calendar month which disappoints my kids a act. When I found out about microwaveable Kraft macintosh and cheese, it was like the best solution for both me and my kids. At first, I ’ m a little spot fishy about how does it taste, but it comes out pretty delicious and most importantly my kids love it .
furthermore, I can besides teach my girls how to make Kraft macintosh and cheese in microwaves. Because using microwaves is much safer than stoves for children. so, I don ’ t have to worry that my child will get burn when cooking with a toilet of boiling water system. In change by reversal, whenever I ’ thousand busy with my occupation, they can feed themself their darling meal.

How to make Kraft macintosh and cheese in the microwave ? Ingredients, equipments, and instructions

a large bowl of Kraft mac and cheese cooked in microwwavesThe result of cooking Kraft mac and cheese in the microwave

Given the fact that Kraft macintosh and cheese is easy to cook in a microwave can be ready within minutes, it ’ s a quite humble single-serve meal. so, if you plan to make macintosh and cheese dinner for your entire family by using Kraft macintosh and cheese, this single-served choice is not quite a good estimate for you. personally speaking, I think this meal is a perfective choice for children ’ mho meals, but it ’ s only like a light/ agile meal that an adult should go for if you are hungry while you ’ re in the middle of something .


  • 1 1/3 cups hot water
  • 1/4 cup butter or margarine
  • 7.25 OZ (206 grams) package of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
  • 1/4 cup milk


  • 1 microwaveable bowl to contain your delicous Kraft mac and cheese. ( You should prepare 2 quarts microwave-safe dish or larger to prevent water boiling over while cooking in microwave).
  • 1 small bowl to make your cheese sauce.
  • Microwave.


  • Pour water into a 2-quart bowl, then place it in microwave to heat the water for one minute.
  • Aftern unboxing the package of Kraft mac and cheese, put a side the packet of cheese sauce. Then, put all of the macaroni pasta from the package into the bowl of water. Before putting that bowl into the microwave, you may want to stir the pasta for some time.
  • Put it in the microwave and turn on microwave at high heat. Keep it in for around 5-7 minutes. (Don’t cover it with anything). During this time, you should keep stiring the pasta in every one or two minutes to make sure the pasta do not stick together.
  • You can tell that your pasta is ready when it absorbs all the water in the bowl. You should watch it during the cooking process because it’s quite easy to be over-cooked.
  • After taking the dish out from the microwave, add either margarine or butter and mix it until it’s well-combined.
  • Take a small bowl and pour 1/4 cup milk into it. Then, sprinkle your cheese sauce powder to make cheese sauce.
  • Pour the sauce over your pasta and it’s ready to serve.

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How to make Kraft Mac and Cheese in the microwave better ?

A cheesy meal of Kraft mac and cheese with broccoli and extra cheeseMicrowaved Kraft mac and cheese with broccoli and extra cheese If the master Kraft macintosh and cheese is boring to eat, we have some recommendations that you can try to enhance the relish of your food and make it more alimentary .

  • I know there are quite a few people don’t like the blandness, so simply add a spoon of Dijon mustard and you will undercuts the flat taste of the basic cheese sauce.
  • You can also replace the margarine with cream cheese, for extra creaminess, or olive oil, for a bit of sophistication. To amp up the cheesiness, supplement or replace the included Kraft cheese packet with other cheeses. Freshly grated Parmesan adds refinement, but you can introduce other flavor notes with feta, bleu or crumbled cheddar cheeses. 
  • Adding some freshly grated Parmesan cheese will amp up the cheesiness if you like. Or you can use Feta, Bleu, or Cheddar to make a different taste.
  • For extra creaminess, other than using butter or margatine, use cream cheese.
  • A pri-mixed blend of dried herbs or red pepper flake also is great option for final touches.
  • If you want to consume some more nutritions or fiber, you can cook some frozen broccoli in the microwave as well after the pasta is done. Then, comebine it with canned tuna and a bit of sour cream. It will be a nourishing meal to recharge your battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make kraft macintosh and tall mallow without microwave ?

If you find it besides complicated since you have to open the microwave doorway a few times to stir the pasta, you can use a stove to cook the pasta. Using a stave, you need to put more urine than the amount that we recommended above into the pot of pasta to prevent it from drying. Besides that, it ’ s besides not quite condom for children to use, so you should not let your kids do it on their own .

How to make kraft macintosh and cheese in the microwave without milk ?

Yes, you can do it without milk. When mixing the cheese sauce, merely be careful about the sum of water you add in to keep the creamy taste of it. Start with less .
As Kraft macintosh and tall mallow can be ready to serve within a few minutes, so many people pick it up as a delicious and immediate meal to have while they ’ rhenium athirst but they ’ re besides in the middle of something. This article on Bourbon O shows you how to make kraft macintosh and cheese in the microwave so that you can save plenty of your meter to work or study .