How to Cook Jasmine Rice in Microwave

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*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure to learn more. Looking for ways to cook jasmine rice promptly without using a rice cooker or stovetop method ? Cooking jasmine rice using a microwave is faster and more commodious than using any other method acting .
How do you cook Jasmine rice in the microwave ? Rinse the jasmine rice thoroughly with running water to eliminate excess starch and prevent it from turning gummy or sticky. 
Place the rinsed 1 cup of jasmine rice and 1½ cups of water into a microwave-safe bowl and cover with a vented lid. Microwave on high for 5 minutes, and then reduce to medium power for 10 minutes.
After the cooking time is over, let the jasmine rice sit in the closed microwave for 10 minutes before fluffing with a fork and serving.
Microwave is bang-up instrument to reheat leftover meals, defrost frozen ingredients, or even cook rice with the press of a button .
besides, it does not require bunch of tools and extensive sum of clock to cook. however, if you have cook rice in a microwave rice cooker, it can help you achieve consistent downy results every meter .
Cooking jasmine rice using a microwave is relatively easy, however be aware of the water to jasmine rice ratio. Answered below are frequently asked questions with adept tips to help you adjust ability and cooking time. Let ’ s dive in !

Can you cook jasmine rice in microwave?

Yes, you can cook jasmine rice in the microwave. In fact, it is most time saving method can it can be done in 15 minutes compared to stove, rice cooker, and instant pot. 
Rinse the rice thoroughly under cold run water, then put the rice in a large microwavable bowl .
For every 1 cup of jasmine rice, add 1½ cups of water and cover the bowl with a microwavable hat or plastic wind .
Cook on high estrus setting for 5 minutes, then on medium heat for 10 minutes. Set aside for 10 minutes and eat up by using a folk music to fluff and separate the grains .

Is it safe to cook jasmine rice in the microwave?

Yes, it is safe to cook jasmine rice in the microwave. Always use a microwaveable dish and lid when cooking rice in the microwave to alleviate concern over cross contamination from harmful cookware.
furthermore, consider to soak the rice in urine overnight. According to the report, by soaking, draining, and rinsing the pre-soaked rice with higher come of water to cook with, can well remove 82 % of any present arsenic .
In general, jasmine rice has the lowest sum of poisonous arsenic of any type of rice. however, this may vary depending on the farm .

What is the ratio of water to jasmine rice in the microwave?

For best results, the ratio is 1 cup jasmine rice to 1½ cups water. The water to jasmine rice ratio is important because it affects the doneness of the grain and whether it gets fully cooked or overcooked and mushy.

Follow this rule of thumb water to jasmine rice ratio and you should have no problems getting absolutely cooked rice every fourth dimension .

Tips to cook jasmine rice in microwave

Microwave cooking jasmine rice is promptly and get the job done in about 15 minutes. a easy as it seems, pressing button does not constantly make jasmine rice downy .
here are microwave tips to cook jasmine rice to perfection :

  • Use a microwave safe container appropriate for cooking jasmine rice. We recommend glass or ceramic instead of microwaving plastic. 
  • Furthermore, make sure the dish has a flat bottom to promote even cooking, and high sides so that the grains have room to expand and the water does not boil over the sides while cooking.
  • A microwave rice cooker provides consistent results every time without any variability in the finished product.
  • Ensure to use a lid with a vent or lay the lid on top of the cooking dish without completely locking to allow the steam to escape.
  • Place a dishtowel on top of the microwaving bowl in case the starchy steamy water bubbles and begins to spill over the top.
  • Consider reducing water by two tablespoons for every cup if you rinse jasmine rice before cooking in the microwave.
  • Soaking jasmine rice overnight allows absorption of water and the residual heat on the surface of the grains. Thus, making the rice fluffy instead of gluey.

Best way to cook jasmine rice in microwave

Follow theses steps for the best way to prepare jasmine rice using a microwave .
measure a cup of jasmine rice, and rinse and drain until the water runs clean, then soak overnight before cook .
Pour into an appropriately sized stadium that is microwave dependable, and add 1½ cups of cold water to the jasmine rice .
Cover with a vent lid and microwave on high heat for 5 minutes, then reduce to medium heat and proceed for 10 minutes more .
Allow the fudge jasmine rice to sit for about 10 minutes while still covered in the strong microwave. however, consider microwaving for an supernumerary time if the rice is a snatch crunchy and there is still water remaining at the bottom .
Keep check after every minute until the preferable doneness is achieved .
Afterwards, fluff the rice with a fork, season to taste and serve the rice .
How to cook jasmine rice in microwave

Cooking Jasmine Rice in Microwave: Conclusion

Preparing jasmine rice in the microwave is quite commodious and will take less than 20 minutes. A cup of dry jasmine rice will be enough for 2-3 servings after cooking .
When cooking jasmine rice in the microwave, consider adding a half teaspoon of salt, vegetable oil, or rosemary to give instantaneous relish to a bowl of rice. Dried or bracing herbs are straightforward to add and pack a short ton of relish .
Rinsing jasmine rice is an important step that eliminates excess starch, making the rice turn out gummed or sticky .
Put jasmine rice in a bowl and cover with cold water. then swish it with fingertips to remove excess starch and soil. Drain through a all right screen and repeat the summons doubly until the water doesn ’ metric ton change by reversal cloudy .
besides, it is good practice to soak nightlong to make the cook work easier and eliminate any arsenic subject .
Combine the decline proportion of jasmine rice to water for a downy texture and perfect doneness. For every cup of jasmine rice, add 1½ cups of urine .
After rinsing the rice and adding the right amount of urine, ensure to place in a microwavable smasher with a vent lid. Cook on high gear world power for 5 minutes, then medium baron for 10 minutes .
Avoid stirring the rice at any point when cook.

When the fudge bicycle is completed, allow the rice to rest for 10 minutes while covered in the warm appliance to finish steaming with carryover heat .
Follow the cook procedure to end up with delightful jasmine rice every time. Consider allowing it to settle after the cook cycle is complete to acquire a downy texture .
Microwaving jasmine rice is quick and easy. Serve steaming hot jasmine rice with diverse foods such as gripe, pork barrel, chicken, vegetables, and seafood of your choice .