How To Microwave Frozen Broccoli

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Looking for a simple side serve, fast ? If you have a bag of frozen broccoli in your deep-freeze, you can have a delectable and healthy side dish in under 10 minutes ! here is how to do it .
Green Microwaved Frozen Broccoli

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so many people spend the clock time on cooking a delectable main dish, but when time comes to making a side dish, they are tired, and are kind of done. Because of that, they normally don ’ t flush make a side dish, or they make something promptly and unhealthy .
Enter Microwaved Frozen Broccoli. It is fix in barely a few minutes, and it requires no exploit ! Just put your freeze broccoli in a microwave safe bowl with some water and microwave, that ’ s it !
Microwaved Broccoli In White Bowl
If you don ’ t have frozen broccoli, but have fresh broccoli, you can Steam Broccoli or Microwave Fresh Broccoli .
And it is healthy, besides ! This delicious broccoli side cup of tea is vegan, Keto, low carb, Whole30, Paleo, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. If you follow any of these diets, this is a great recipe to make .
Green Microwaved Broccoli

Steam Frozen Broccoli

Want to steam freeze broccoli ? No motivation to wait for water system boiling point and then steam ! You can steam freeze broccoli in precisely 5 minutes !
It used to be a unharmed process, when I wanted to make steam broccoli. now it is a easy as taking a frozen broccoli bag out of the deep-freeze, and putting it in the microwave !
Green Microwaved Broccoli in Salad Bowl

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Green Microwaved Broccoli in Salad Bowl

How To Microwave Frozen Broccoli

Cooking freeze broccoli is very bare, here is how .
first, open the pocket of frozen broccoli, and put the broccoli in a microwave safe bowl.

Frozen Broccoli
Add half a cup of water to the bowl american samoa well. Cover the bowl with a microwave cover, and cook for 5 minutes. Depending on the microwave, you might need to cook a bit long. If it is not cooked adequate after 5 minutes, cook for another 30 seconds to a moment .
Microwaved Broccoli
serve with Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Chicken Breast and Low Carb Cauliflower Fritters for a complete Keto dinner .

How To Flavor Frozen Broccoli Florets

There are so many to flavor this delectable serve ! here are some ideas :
– To keep the broccoli vegan and Keto, sprinkle it with spices, such as italian Seasoning, Taco Seasoning or Cajun Seasoning .
– Add some butter. seriously, when in doubt, add some butter. The dish won ’ thymine be vegan anymore with the addition of butter, but it will even be Keto .
– How about freeze broccoli and cheese ? Just sprinkle some grate cheese on lead of broccoli, after you add butter to it !
Broccoli in White Bowl

More Frozen Broccoli Recipes

once you microwave freeze broccoli, you can use it in lots of different recipes :
– Use it in Keto Turkey Leftover Casserole With Broccoli, alternatively of fresh broccoli .
– Use it rather of broccoli rabe in the Garlic and Broccoli Rabe Recipe
– Make pasta With italian Sausage and Broccoli with it .
– Use it in the Garlicky Broccoli Stir Fry, to make delightful bustle electrocute side serve .
Broccoli in a Bowl

What To Serve With Microwaved Frozen Broccoli

Serve this delightful microwaved freeze broccoli florets with Greek Grilled Chicken and Instant Pot Potato Salad Recipe .

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Microwaved Frozen Broccoli

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