How To Melt Kraft Caramels – 4 Easy & Guaranteed Ways

Another New Recipe Today ? unfortunately, the answer is No ! In this article today, I will not guide you through any complicated recipes .

I ’ thousand certain you have already learned enough about some antic cooking tips, such as the best way to heat tamales, the justly way to use microwaves, or how to process salmon .
alternatively, I will show you the best methods to make an important component for those recipes. It ’ randomness kraft caramels, one of the delicious and alimentary additions for your dishes.

If you are pulling your hair’s-breadth out trying to figure out how to melt kraft caramels, follow this article to find out .

How To Melt Kraft Caramels By 5 Best Ways

How To Melt Kraft CaramelsHow To Melt Kraft Caramels

Thing For Preparation

  • A bag of kraft caramels (depending on how much you need, you can choose the bag with the appropriate net weight). You can buy it in any grocery store or supermarket.
  • A double boiler (or a microwave or a saucepan)
  • A measuring cup
  • Milk or butter
  • Peanuts or ground almonds (this is optional. You can use it after the caramels are melted to increase the flavor)
  • A silicone spatula

sol now, let go with detail below instructions :

#1. Melting by Using A Double Boiler

Step 1: Clean the boiler
Step 2: Unwrap the caramel-bag. If the pieces are stuck with one another, spend some clock to unravel them .
Step 3: Add approximately half or a cup of water into the bottom pot
Step 4:  Put the top kettle on the bottom pot. Remember to make sure it doesn ’ t touch the body of water
Step 5: Start off to boil the body of water on medium-high hea t. then, simmer it at lower estrus when the bubbles appear
Step 6: When the caramels begin to melt, stir it good and regularly add milk or water to the fluid
Step 7:  Continue fudge for about 10-15 minutes until it reaches the consistency that you desire. then, take the top off the below boiler. Keep stirring until it cools down .
If you don ’ t have a doubling kettle, you can replace it with a saucepan and put it on the bottom pot. even when you turn off the stove and remove the bottom toilet, stir the caramels otherwise it ’ ll scorch to the pot .

#2. Melting by Using A Saucepan

Step 1: Spray some cook oil or salted butter on the bottom of the pan. In that way, you will be able to protect the pan from being damaged by the dissolve caramels .
however, don ’ metric ton put excessively much vegetable oil or butter. There is a opportunity that the flavor of the caramels will be disrupted .
Step 2: Prepare the number of caramels you need to melt. One cup of hard candies is normally peer to half of a cup of melt caramel .
Use the quantify cup to take the total you desire, you should cook about two cups of hard yellowish brown each time to make it easier and smoother .
Step 3:  Preheat the saucepan before adding the caramel. Turn on the stave at low heat .
Step 4:  Add the intemperate candies into the pan. Remember not to add besides many of them to prevent scorching. Just use some of the first and wait until they are all melted. then, add respective others. Raise the inflame to a medium-high floor when the caramels start to melt, stir it lento .
Step 5: Add heavy cream, milk or water while stirring
Step 6: Keep stirring the caramels until it reaches the consistency that you desire ( regularly about 18 minutes )
Step 7: Take the pan off the stave after simmer it for a while. That ’ s how to melt kraft caramels using a saucepan .

#3. Melting by Using A Microwave

Step 1: Spray some cook oil on the bottom of the bowl. Make certain you use a desirable bowl for microwaves. furthermore, the fade caramels can easily reach the rim of the bowl if you put besides many pieces in it .
so, do choose a bowl with enough space to contain all of it .
  Step 2: Unwrap the yellowish brown bag. If the pieces are stuck with one another, spend some clock time unraveling them. Put your yellowish brown chewers in a microwave bowl. Make certain they don ’ t exceed the rim. Place the bowl in the microwave. then, turn it on at high heat for about 30 seconds .
Step 3: Take the bowl out .
Step 4: Use a silicone spatula to crash the warm yellowish brown candies .
Step 5:  Put the bowl in the microwave to heat it again. Set the temperature at eminent heat for 15 seconds or the medium-high hotness for 30 seconds .
Step 6: Remove the stadium. If you see any pieces left, put the bowl into the microwave again for about 30 seconds at medium heat .
Step 7: Stir the fade caramels well .

#4. Melting by Using A Oven

Step 1: Put the caramels into a cooking utensil
Step 2: Set Oven to 200º F, then put caramels inside .
Step 3: Keep it in 2 hours .
Step 4: Take it out and enjoy it .
note : This method should be applied only when you have a big number of caramels that need to be melt. Refer to the below video recording for a more detailed guide :

#5. How To Melt Kraft Caramels By Using a Slow Cooker

To melt caramel candies using a slow Cooker, you had better use a engine block of gentle caramels alternatively of hard ones. In the march of melting, you besides need some sub-additives like cream or milk to prevent caramels from being besides dry .
detail to follow :
step 1 : Put a heat-safe bowl into the boring cooker equally long as the bowl is fitted with the cooker. If you want to melt a large caramel, you should put a big bowl into it and inverse .
step 2 : Taking an unopened indulgent caramel sugarcoat and milk into the bowl. As usual, it requires 30 milliliter of milk for every 397g of yellowish brown. If you have milk no longer, you can replace it by using fleshy cream or water system to keep the caramels moist in the melt march .
dance step 3 : Pour the water into the behind cooker until it is equal to caramels .
step 4 : Cover the eyelid on the slow cooker and take it on the gas stove. then, you should set up and cook at high heat for 2 hours .
tep 5 : In the mellow summons, sometimes you stir it on if needed. If it still lumps, it means you should cook longer. In contrast, if it does not have any lumps, it is all finished .
step 6 : When the yellowish brown is all melted, you turn off the stave and put it cooler at room temperature. then, pour leftover caramel into a glass bottle and store it in the electric refrigerator. With this repositing, your caramel can be used for a maximum of up to 3 months .

Tips For The Best Dishes And Storing The Liquid

1. Use The Melted Caramels Immediately

After melting the caramels, you should use it right before it cools and hardens .
If you want to keep it at the hope consistency as longer, pour the melt yellowish brown into a warm pot or double boiler after cooking it in a microwave .
If you don ’ t find these in your kitchen, you will have to re-melt it respective times though it ’ s time-consuming does not have so many advantages for your health .

2. Consider Putting Added Ingredients

During the liquescent, you should add the extra ingredients to make the yellowish brown legato.

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Depending on your uses, you can choose among intemperate whipping cream, milk or even water as in gluey descending order. furthermore, you should consider the thickness of milk or cream types .
Things get easier if you use water, the more water you add in, the weaker the melted caramel is .

3. Protect The Leftover In An Airtight Container

In case you want to store the leftover caramels alternatively of merely eating the rest, put the melt caramels in an airtight container and place it in your electric refrigerator. That will prevent the bacteria and early external harmful factors to spoil the liquid. It can flush have an termination date up to 7 days .

How To Melt Kraft Caramels In Recipes

#1. How to melt caramel for caramel apples

Caramel apples are a fresh process suitable for gift-giving or serving on a extra occasion to relatives and friends .

  • Wooden craft sticks: 6
  • Butter
  • Apples: 6
  • Package wrapped caramels: 1 bag
  • Milk: 2 tablespoons

1. Wash, dry, and remove the apples ’ stem before pressing and inserting a craft stick on the exceed of the apple .
2. Take milk and caramels into a heat-safe bowl, then put them into a microwave for 2 minutes. After that, you can stir them together and be cool in a short clock .
3. Prepare some newspaper sheets. Roll one by one apples in caramel sauce until they are well coated with caramel. then, put them into the prepared newspaper .
When finished making caramel apples, the caramel coating seems very gooey, so you should put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour .
Before serving for 15 minutes, you should take it out from the refrigerator and delay to enjoy it .
Tip : If you still have some leftover yellowish brown apples, remember to store them in the refrigerator .

#2. How to melt caramel for popcorn

Popcorn is a darling nosh of family members at every assemble. however, do you know how to make homemade popcorn which not chewy or crunchy ? Let me show you in detail .

  •      Caramels: 1 bag
  •      Butter or margarine: 3 tablespoon
  •      Water: 2 tablespoon
  •      Air-popped popcorn: 12 cups
  •      Nuts: 1 cup

1. Turn on the oven and heat up to 300°F. then, using cooking spray to spray on a large bake tray .
2. Put the caramels, butter, and urine in the saucepan and cook at low heat. sometimes, you stir them until caramel is melted wholly and all ingredients infuse .
3. Pour nuts and popcorn into a bombastic bowl, covering them entirely with the yellowish brown mix .
4. unfold covered nuts and popcorn on the prepare bake tray and bake for 20 minutes. It would be good if you stirred them frequently until the nuts and popcorn fully bloom .
5. Pour baked the nuts and popcorn on an already aluminum. Remember to separate and let them be cool before enjoying them .

#3. How to melt kraft caramels with milk

Some people said that the yellowish brown with milk is the same as a new hot chocolate with a cryptic, balmy, and gratifying relish. This dessert beverage is favored by most kids and adults in every meal together .

  • Caramels: 1 bag
  • Water: 1/2 cup 
  • Warm milk: 1/2 cup
  • Kosher salt: 1 pinch 
  • Unsalted butter: 1 tablespoon

1. Take caramel in a small saucepan, cover the hat, and burn at medium-high heat .
2. When the caramel is melt, do not hurry to stir it on. If you see it melt raggedly, you can rotate and shake the toilet gently until the yellowish brown turns a golden-brown color .
3. When it has the required color, tủn off the stave and add the milk while stirring the blend in one direction .
4. Keep warm the concoction on low heat. Whisk the mix in concert and place on the heat for one more minute until the sauce is unaccented condensation .
5. Add the salt and blend the mix until getting the okay melted combination. After that, you should turn off the stave to put butter into them. You besides use an egg beater to mix if needed .
Make sure your caramel with milk is cooler before serving .
Tip : Add a pinch of salt will make your yellowish brown fresh .

#4. How to melt chocolate and caramel together

The chocolate and yellowish brown are inspired by Girl Scout, a big dessert, and you should try it once in your life. They combined well to make a soft, chewy, bittersweet, delightful meal that cipher can refuse .
Caramels : 12 candies
Semi-sweet cocoa chips : 1 cup
Shortening : 2 teaspoon
White sugarcoat melts : 1/4 cup
1. Take one teaspoon of shortening with the chocolate chips into a heat-safe bowling ball, then put them into the microwave at high heat. Each 15-second, we stir them one until it is 30 seconds. If you realize the concoction is fluent, it is okay .
2. Dip the caramels in the chocolate blend and take them out to put on parchment newspaper. Wait for some minutes ; the chocolate is cooler and more rigid .
3. Put the white melt caramel candies ( or white chocolate chips ) and the stay of shortening in a modest bowl to heat in the microwave. When it is 15-second, we stir them until it gets 45 seconds or the blend becomes smooth .
4. Using the sauce to drizzle over the above-hardened cocoa caramels .
Waiting for the candies is more relax, and it is ready to serve .

In Conclusion.

Have you chosen the most allow method acting to melt your kraft caramels ?

I hope that you have. Though blocks of caramel take a small longer time to melt, they are the most economical and easiest to store .
It ’ s up to your recipes ( coating or filling ) to choose a suitable method acting and added ingredients. Melting caramels is lone in a few steps and you can make delicious caramel apple dessert bars and much more .
These methods are very easy so I think you won ’ t have any questions. however, if something pops up, equitable let me know here. furthermore, if you like my compose, do share it with your friends or anyone you think that they need it. I ’ thousand sure they will love it as you do .