How To Melt Semi Sweet Chocolate In the Microwave

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*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure to learn more. Can you melt semifinal sweetly chocolate in the microwave ? If you are using a microwave to prepare fade cocoa for dipping, glazing or baking recipes, then the ultimate guide to melt chocolate in the microwave will give you mess-free results in a short-circuit amount of time.

The name bittersweet doesn ’ t inevitably indicate the sum of carbohydrate in the chocolate. The designation is an old fashion term to label the cocoa .
Semisweet chocolate is iniquity chocolate made with cocoa solids, sugar, and typically with vanilla and an emulsifier arsenic well. even though it is a standard ingredient in baking, bittersweet chocolate identifies the differences with cacao share.

The cacao share refers to the percentage of cacao butter in the cocoa, the higher share equals dark tinge, stronger spirit and less carbohydrate. But, can you melt bittersweet cocoa in the microwave ?
Cut the chocolate bar into small uniform sized chunks with a knife. If you are using chocolate chips, you can skip cutting them. 

Place the semisweet chocolate in microwave safe bowl and nuke for 15 seconds on medium power level. Give the chocolate a stir with a rubber spatula, and then continue heating for 10-15 second intervals until it is silky and smooth.
When microwaving cocoa, keep a close eye and don ’ t let it overheat, burn or seize up. therefore, is semisweet the same thing as dark chocolate ?

Is dark chocolate and semi sweet the same?

According to the USFDA, blue chocolate is classified as any chocolate containing 35 % or more cacao ( upstanding or butter ) in them. Semisweet chocolate typically contains about 50 % of sugar found in milk chocolate, therefore it is much less fresh.

Dark chocolate is a category of chocolate that also includes 100% pure cocoa, semisweet and bittersweet chocolate. As a result, dark chocolate and semi sweet chocolate are not the same.

How do you melt semi sweet chocolate?

similar to dark cocoa, bittersweet cocoa is super easy to melt in the microwave. Reserve a fortune of the chocolate to stir into the mix once the bulge part has been successfully melted .
Finely chop semisweet chocolate and combine three-quarters of chocolate in a glass bowl that is microwave-safe. Set to medium power level and nuke for 15 seconds then stir well. 

Continue microwaving in 10 second intervals and stir until chocolate is melted. Add the remaining portion of chocolate, stir well and use carryover cooking to melt the semisweet chocolate into a smooth consistency.

Why do semi sweet chocolate not melt in microwave?

Semisweet chocolate comes in different shapes and sizes consisting of both chocolate bars and cocoa chips .
Semisweet chocolate has a melting point of between 86 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the melting point is affected by the cocoa butter content, and a lower amount of cocoa butter makes them more resistant to heat.
Baking chocolate chips are ideal for melting because they are already minor and uniform in shape, so they will melt a lot more evenly. Make indisputable to set aside ⅓ measure of the cocoa pieces, and stir them in after the rest of the chocolate has melted .

Things to know before melting semi sweet chocolate in the microwave

From double boiler to stovetop, there are many ways to melt chocolate for your recipe. Using the microwave to melt bittersweet cocoa is the easiest and fastest way without making besides much mess around the kitchen .
here are essential tips to know before melting semitrailer sweetly chocolate in the microwave :

  • Keep your chocolate and tools dry. If water or steam gets into the chocolate, it will seize up and crystalize into a stiff and grainy paste.
  • Finely chop your chocolate. Small uniformed size pieces melt quickly and evenly. 
  • Select bar chocolate instead of chocolate chips. The chips don’t melt easily because there is less cocoa butter.
  • Cover the cooled chocolate and let it harden. Store it at room temperature after it has been melted to reuse the leftover chocolate at another time. 
  • Adjust the power level of microwave and always start with medium temperature and shorten intervals of time.

To microwave semisweet chocolate for melting, use a heat-safe bowl, adjust temperature to medium and nuke for 15 second intervals while stirring often to make a smooth and glossy semisweet chocolate. 
Whether you are making baked goods or adding chocolate sauce over a exclusive of ice rink cream, bittersweet has rich spirit with flimsy bouquet that hits the middle point between iniquity and milk cocoa. No wonder it is and essential component for every baker .
How to melt semi sweet chocolate in microwave.