How Big is a 1.6 Cubic Feet Microwave?

If you are thinking about getting a new kitchen appliance, you may wonder how boastfully is a 1.6 cubic feet microwave. The best microwaves out there could take up excessively a lot counter space so it can be prudent to understand microwave sizes. Keep read to learn about respective microwave sizes and what they are good for .

  • To measure the size of your microwave cavity, multiply the microwave’s interior length by width by height, then divide this total by 1,728.
  • A microwave with an internal cavity of 1.6 cubic feet is considered to be a medium-sized model. Many range microwaves, built-in microwaves, come in this size.
  • Microwaves come in small sizes, medium sizes, and large sizes, the latter being primarily used in commercial kitchens.

The Size of a 1.6 Cubic Feet Microwave

When you are referring to cubic feet, you are basically referring to the size of the inside cavity of the microwave oven. To determine cubic feet, multiply the microwave ’ sulfur inner length by width by acme, then divide this entire by 1,728. so, a microwave that is 17 by 14 by 12 inches is 1.6 cystic fibrosis in size. Microwaves of this size are by and large considered to be medium-sized models and appropriate for most common microwave cooking tasks. It can be authoritative to measure the internal pit of your microwave so you can know if respective microwave oven cooking accessories will fit at heart .

Microwave Sizes Explained

Microwave sizes basically boil down to three options – humble, medium, and big.

Insider Tip
standard your counter space before purchasing a new microwave to ensure that it will fit .

Small Microwave Ovens

If your microwave boasts an inner cavity size of 1.0 to 1.5 cf, it is considered to be a small microwave. These compact microwaves can only fit small plates and bowl, so are perfect for those who live entirely, such as students in a dormitory room. If you have a big family and merely own a modest microwave, you may need to look into how to dispose of an old microwave and get a new one. One benefit of compendious models, however, is that they do not take up a batch of antagonistic space .

Medium Microwave Ovens

medium-sized microwave ovens boast an internal cavity size of 1.5 to 2.0 cubic feet, making microwaves with a cavity of 1.6 cubic feet squarely fit into this category. Medium microwaves can fit large dinner plates and are a good choice for two to four-person families. Most roll models are medium-sized .

Large Microwaves

Any microwave oven above 2.0 cubic feet is considered to be large. These microwaves can fit multiple plates at once and are a capital paroxysm for big families, though are chiefly used in commercial kitchens. Before buying a big microwave, make sure you have the space for it .

How do microwaves work to properly cook your food?
All microwaves, including image microwaves, use a magnetron and heated electromagnetic waves to cook your food .
What else do I need to know about microwaves?
Countertop microwaves are extremely easy to target and install, while OTR microwaves may require a pare kit and some tools to affix it to an enclosure .
What microwave features and specs should I look for?

You should consider size, measuring how many cubic inches wide-eyed it is, and where it is to be placed. Range microwaves, for exemplify, typically rest above the oven crop in a dedicate enclosure .

STAT: many microwaves alternate between eminent and low estrus when you warm something at less than 100 % world power. ( source )