Pizza Pinwheels

These Pizza Pinwheels are deeeelicious, super easy to make, customizable, have the BEST Pizza Sauce, freeze beautifully, and are absolutely irresistible for snacks, appetizers or fun meals! 

  Pizza Pinwheels are about to become your new compulsion ! AKA pillowy pizza boodle smothered in marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni/your clear of choice, showered with Parmesan and baked to champagne cheesiliciousness. You can use store bought pizza boodle and then these Pizza Pinwheels literally come together in minutes !
up close top view of pizza pinwheels with pepperoni Soooooo I kid of didn ’ thymine realize the Super Bowl was sol SOON, so I am going to be cramming a bunch together of Game Day Food into the adjacent couple weeks. If you need some Game Day inspiration be sure to check out this top Game Day Recipe Round Up and my favorite Bacon Jalapeno Popper Dip which you are going to want to serve alongside these irresistible pizza Pinwheels ! Like badly irresistible. I kept reaching for them in the refrigerator all. day. long because I couldn ’ thymine end craving them !

pizza pinwheels on a plate with marinara sauce

About Pizza Pinwheels

These Pizza Pinwheels make fabulous appetizers because who doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sexual love pizza and better so far, mini rolled pizza with layers of marinara, crisp pepperoni and cheeeeeese ? But Game Day apart, these Pinwheels make super promptly dinners besides !
I love that you don ’ t have to wait for the dough to rise if using boughten pizza dough which means you don ’ t have to plan ahead, you can simply roll out your dough and top it with the marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni trifecta or whatever early toppings you have on hand or you can flush create BBQ Chicken Pinwheels. With this basic Pizza Pinwheel making method acting, the possibilities are endless and then is the delectability !

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What dough is best for Pizza Pinwheels?

Pizza boodle is by far the best for Pizza Pinwheels.   I tried Pizza Pinwheels with crescent dough ( as many other recipes on the web suggest ) and it was a calamity ! The dough is besides thin, gets inert and tears excessively well when loaded with our overplus of toppings .
rather, you should use eitherr store bought pizza boodle or my homemade Pizza Dough Recipe. equitable be mindful that my Homemade Pizza Dough is enough for two pizzas so you will want to cut the dough or the recipe in one-half because we only need enough for one pizza .
If you use boughten pizza dough, as I used in these pictures, then your Pizza Pinwheels will be one of the easiest appetizers or dinners you ever make !

dipping pizza pinwheel in marinara sauce

How Do I make Pizza Sauce?

To make a super quick and easy Pizza Sauce, just add seasonings to boughten marinara. By adding a symphony of seasonings such as onion gunpowder, dried basil, dried parsley, oregano garlic baron and crushed red pepper to already disposed marinara, you get crazy good pizza Sauce. It is authoritative that the pizza sauce be ace flavorful because that is all the seasoning these Pizza Pinwheels are going to get.

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You can swap the marinara sauce out for barbecue sauce ( for Barbecue Chicken Pizza ), Pesto or whatever you can dream up !

What Toppings Can I use for pizza Pinwheels?

For this Pizza Pinwheels recipe, I used greens chime peppers but you can use a combination of chop doorbell peppers, olives, mushrooms etc. You can flush make one-half of your pizza with different toppings then the other one-half .
If using different toppings, it is important that they be chopped little so the pizza boodle can roll tightly and you don ’ t want much more than ½ cup entire chopped toppings so the Pizza Pinwheels don ’ metric ton get excessively fatness and can cook evenly. If you are wanting to load it with toppings, you are better off making my Stromboli recipe rather .
a far as the pepperoni goes, you can substitute it for wimp but I wouldn ’ t suggest blimp as it will make your pinwheels besides greasy.

showing how to make pizza pinwheels by adding cheese and bell peppers

How do you make pizza pinwheels?

  • Step 1:  Roll out a long piece of parchment paper and lightly flour it. Roll dough into a 12×16 inch rectangle on floured parchment.

showing how to make pizza pinwheels by rolling out pizza dough